5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World

This informative article lets you know about some of the best guest posting services in outreach world.

So starting it from what is guest posting?

Guest posting is basically means contributing with your writing skills on other blog or website. In order to do this, both parties enjoy their own benefits from it. But main advantage of doing guest post is getting backlinks and authority. Featuring on someone else’s website or blog can make your authority shoot up and also building relationship is an inevitable part of guest posting.

Well, there have been questions raised over the working of guest post that whether it still works?

Is it still the best possible way to build links and gain authority?

The answer is a big ‘Yes’.

Guest posting is one of the finest way to reach to a large audience and earn authority.

Also, Guest posting has its own significance even today. As it is an understood part that guest posting technique also has SEO benefits.

There might be some rumours about the guest posting, that it is now no more a feasible option for search engine rankings. It can also be considered as a better way to promote brand awareness as well. In other words it means writing articles or blog posts for some other websites. These days there are innumerable website which requires authentic and relevant content along with the originality in it as well.

Best Guest Posting Service in 2019


Loganix are one of the guest post outreach service, which is best in business and helps it’s user to get the benefits of the services.

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 1

They have a genuine site with ample amount of traffic. Having an experience of more than 10 years they are specialized in SEO.

The team selects the best possible and relevant domain for the site and let you know about it. Providing an option of approval or asking for replacement gives you and option to make any changes if necessary. Links are only placed in the content for maximum quality and thus impact the rankings.

The service provided by them has as assurance of placement. If a contributor fails to deliver on a guest post blog, an equal or better link will be provided to the customers. Customer satisfaction is their first priority and they know well how to build relationships with them.

They are different from manual blog outreach services as they are the one who have already done the outreach and built relationship already. They have worked with the blogs for more number of years and making use of their relationship they guarantee getting a post placed.

Next comes up the

Process of Guest Posting in Loganix

Placing Order & giving Input

This is the very basic and foremost step in the guest posting in which you have to purchase your guest posts and then supply it to the owners of blog or site. Just put up the desired URL and the required anchored text which is needed to be placed within the post. This is enough for getting things started.

Match Making & Writing

The team will review the text and anchor text to determine the most relevant blog for the posts. The list of choices will be shared with you and the option will be given completely to you select the best for you. Once done with this process, information will be passed to the contributors for the write-up and delivery of content.

Publishing & QA

Once the article is published, team does the manual check of the work in possible ways in order to find any shortcomings (if there). The verification part includes the placement of the link as ordered. Only if the content passes the entire test a white label report is sent as an acknowledgement along with the link which signifies the purchased guest post.

So after going through the above points we are finally going to approach towards the best guest post services, but prior to that do we know why to go for Guest posting service agency?

Let’s know the answer for it. Even being an expert in blog posting there is a need to spend a lot of time for learning the a-z of guest blogging. The main thing which is most important is the amount you time and efforts you are going to put sincerely into it. So just like Loganix, let’s look after some best guest post services available currently.

Traffic Crow

Traffic Crow guest post service offers standard guest blogging outreach services. They are also considered as one of the best in this domain due to their huge amount of experience. They also claim about their extensive database with appropriately connected blogs. Traffic crow provides many services which includes the likings of scholarship backlinks, link building and expert round up services. So in one line they are very reliable and complete package for SEO.

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 2

Few Highlights of Traffic Crow’s Guest Posting Services

While blogging it is necessary to be cautioned right from the scratch. Starting from the prospecting to placing the links everything is taken care by their services. All of this requires a lot of caution and attention. Traffic Crow is also known for its reliable and timely delivery. They have a separate set of English writers working in-house, with their help they always guarantee the quality of content which matters the most in this domain.

Traffic Crow has its manual outreach process, which makes you comfortable and less worried about irrelevant content or unnatural links. Once the orders are executed, they provide us with the complete reports which can also be used as reference or in other ways it can be shown to the clients as well. These reports can also be used for detailed analysis on the performance of page or website of yours which gives a helping hand in guest posting services.

Traffic Crow is very particular about placing links on real blogs or websites. They don’t have control over blog where your blog is posted or where placing your link. Each blog or website from its database belongs to different blogs in multiple zones.

As discussed above traffic crow has no control over blogs or websites, the links undertaken by it are assured for a period of 180 days. If there is a removal of link or change in attribute then the money is refunded back to customers based on the specific reason. If there is no possibility of refund then the team will replace your link on some other relevant blog or website within a reasonable time.

Traffic Crow is one of the best guest post service providing company existing in the blogging world among SEO agencies. The main reason of their expansion is due to their pricing plans for agencies.

The Hoth –Guest Blog Service Providers

They are specialized for tools and SEO services. The entire process includes link building using SEO services, press release and also the distribution services. Among all the other features what is most exciting is service for the guest blogging. Guest blogging is their premium feature. They achieve it via manual outreach and well organized content creating team.

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 3

Along with the services they have a very structured pricing plans which are basically based on the domain authority of the websites or blogs where links are to be placed. Pricing plans of The Hoth also offers some discount which is dependent on the amount of order they receive (in terms of volume).

One of the best things about their service is their team prospects the placing of relevant content and based on it they place the links. Once things are done, it can be acknowledged by label reports.

Outreach Mama- Well known for Backlink Services

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 4

Well it is quite clearly

understood from the name that they are basically the organization which is best known for outreaching. They provide services like content writing, link building and outreaching as their main stream. They also have a separate team which looks after the content creation and post publishing of the links. Outreach Mama is known for their high quality contents, they also claim to have a decent audience base and some reliable commitment for the customer’s orders.

So using their experience in this field they get instant approval for guest posting easily. They have a great relationship between the various communities which proves too helpful for them in terms of providing good services to the customers.

To be very honest and transparent unlike other services Outreach Mama shares guest posting tools and SEO outreach as well. They are best suited for the cost effective guest posting in all aspects.

Submit Core- Digital Marketing & SEO

Submit Core services are the most reliable services for the guest blogging outreach. They are also famous for SEO services. Undertaking services like social bookmarking, blog commenting, article posting, etc. Above all they also provide Google penalty recovery services. Indirectly their services don’t lead to any penalties and hence it’s very useful.

In case someone is trying for shooting up their website they must keep Submit Core as their top priority. There is an option to buy guest post blogs as well which can help to gain some consistent SEO results. Like all other guest posting services their price plans also depends on the volume of the order they get, team of Submit Core can directly be approached if there are more number of tasks to be performed.

Lovetolink- Guest Posting

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 5

LoveToLink are popular service providers in guest posting service. Their mainstream work is to execute bulk order within a very short span of time. The website of LoveToLink displays the list of guest blogging sites in their portal. Their category of details include,

Based on the above mentioned list the choice can be made by the users. This service is mostly suitable for the start-up companies as they need more number of backlinks for their new website. As mentioned above it is well suited for huge orders and fast execution.

Submit Shop

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 6

Founded in the year 1999, Submit Shop are the organization who works for their client and for all such institutions which maintain trade requirements. They provide digital services like Organic SEO, Local Business citation and other web based SEO services to the clients world-wide. Blogger outreach is also one of the services provided by them. The main purpose of this company was to provide assistance to the other companies for their online existence.

Mergisoft Limited

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 7

Mergisoft are a UK based leading digital marketing company. The company is registered in England and Wales and their main work is to provide a vast range of IT service across United Kingdom since 1999. They also have a wide range of expertise and experienced staffs, which are available all day long to help out their customers. Mergisoft is one of the leading blogger outreach service provider, they help you to connect your brand with bloggers to obtain the best possible outcomes.

This is a never ending list and we can still find many guest post outreach services which proves very helpful for the bloggers. Mentioning few of the best services present in today’s world of content writing might have given you an idea about the current scenarios and guest posting techniques, benefits and all other related aspects. The information present in this content is present in order to make the readers aware about the outreach and way to approach the blog or site owner. Remember you have a great chance to do the guest posting and get links and recognition for you blog in the best possible way.

So, the final advice would be, Be Wise and Always Rise.

Why Guest Posting is must in Your SEO Campaign?

So here I am with a few reasons which describe importance of guest posting;

Best Way to Build Links and Relationships

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 8

Guest Posts really prove to be fruitful for the guest bloggers as it helps them to build authority link which not only gain them supporters but also paves a way to promote they. This scenario is a no loss condition for both the parties (your site and the site for which you are guest posting) as it attracts good amount of traffic after publishing engaging content. At the same time you have the opportunity to establish some good relationship with the bloggers for whom you post or who posts for you as guest bloggers. This will make you gain more readers for your website and your influence will have a stronger case on any platform.

Look around Yourself

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 9

We generally do not have a habit of looking something which is present around us. The moment you decide the area of your interest and the bunch of crowd you are targeting, trust me half of the game is won there. The major part is the analysis about the section of audience you are trying to attract. Once you are confident with this phase then look forward for the relevant sites which can provide you opportunity for blogging.

So, always have a habit of seeing things which can be beneficial for your zone of writing or what suits your style.

Social Media is not Just Meant to Scroll

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 10

Yes my friends, in today’s world the most powerful platform what an individual can get is social media. The time has gone when loads of paper work and hard effort was required to promote your work. Now it is just a matter of seconds in which you can share the valuable information to a large number of people at a time, so why not to make a better use of it.

In case you are completely new to blogging, even in that case social media does not disappoint you, as you can search for the guest post and get the details regarding the sites which can provide you with work.

So why to wait when it’s there for the taking.

Two Way Traffic Drive Slow and Wise

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 11

It’s not just about making guest posts on other’s websites, at the same time you also need to look for the bloggers who can do the same for you. Many a times it becomes a tedious task to maintain your own blog, at that time this guest bloggers works for you as a helping hand.

To make this success, you can create a separate section in your site notifying the need have guest bloggers/posts which will definitely give you chance to get some guest bloggers. However you have to take care about the experience of the guest blogger and other constraints, so that the quality of your site is not compromised in any situation.

Congratulations! You are on Google Now

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 12

When you go for guest blogging, the host will certainly link your blog in the post for the reference of readers and you might not realise without experience that these links adds good amount of value for your blog on major search engines like Google, MSN and many more.

So more you work as guest blogger the more chances you get for your blog to be visible on search engines and social media as well.

Make a Plan and Move Step By Step

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 13

Before starting anything new you must have some basic idea about how you are going to make it feasible for you.

So it is always advised to have a plan in your mind that, how will you achieve the targets which are there striking in your mind. Once you are cut clear with the things involved in guest posting, you will find that it has increased your chance to find the suitable blogs for working as a guest blogger.

Apart from this, it also teaches you to tackle situation which involves good planning and step by step execution.

Next phase involves some good content writing skills, which is the very basic and foremost requirement for the content writer to reach to the audience swiftly. With the digital world on expansion at daily basic there are a number of tools available to target the audience and find the bloggers to work with. The only thing what you as a blogger need to have is an alert mind.

At the end of the Day what really matters is the business and the profit. We all are keen for it and alongside if we gain some new and helpful experience, anyone would grab it with both the hands. Just the thing what should be there in the mind of blogger is taking the right step at the right point of time.

Always follow the field of interest and the area in which you are most comfortable. Once you think you have mastered it, you may go for some new challenges out of your zone. In today’s scenario of Survival for the fittest there is something called guest posting which shows signs of competitors walking hand in hand for their own benefits.

Guest posting is equally beneficial for both the post publishers as well as the blog or website owners. Both have their own advantages from it.

As a blogger or website owner what we expect is we should have some decent amount of views per post and as a guest post publisher the expectations goes for the branding.

Since both the parties are equally getting benefits from this technique so, it is a no loss situation for both.

Guest posting also helps to improve the quality of content writing, as the world of content writing has ample amount of opportunities but at the same time it is really very competitive to establish yourself as a guest post publisher. Once you start getting authority and branding along with the backlinks, opportunities start expanding for you and your career.

Guest posting is an art of reaching to the targeted audience in an easier manner without much effort. Only the quality of the content matters each and every time. Writer profile gets a huge shoot up once you start appearing on authority blogs or websites, as it boosts the SEO.

But, always work in the niche you are well aware. Never post something which is untrue or has no relevance to the topic. Quality of the content you write must always go linearly high post by post.

As it’s all about understanding the persona of the content what you are going to present.

So, be very careful regarding this. So both the parties enjoy their own benefits at their place with guest posting.

Advantages For the post publishers

and owners can be

  • It exposes them among a new audience.
  • Provide them the opportunity to promote their blog or brand and to get more shares and links.
  • While, the owners of the blogs or websites who promote guest posting on their blogs have a serious advantage of getting good quality content at no cost actually.
  • They get some new viewers and visitors to their site with new exposure to the social media users.
  • Moving further towards our topic we must know about some good practice to make guest posting successful
  • It is not always easy to get an opportunity to publish and write content as guest publisher, so in order to do so here are a few strategies to deal with

How to get great Guest Post opportunities?

Choose wise always rise

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 14

Knowing your niche always select the best suited blog or website for publishing post. Once you are done with the selection phase then move towards adjudging the nature of the website you are going to post based on the previous blogs which are the best reference.

Be active get attractive

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 15

It will not be a difficult choice for the blog owner to reject requests of new faces or strange writers in one take. So in order to avoid this scenario you need to make your face (profile) known to the blog owner. This can be done by being active on social media and sharing the posts through your various social media platform which includes proper tags.

Better Template or please wait

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 16

Email template should be given more importance in such a way that outreach format must say more about the blog owner. Mention your suggestions, areas of interest on the particular topic. These all are a few basic guidelines what needs to be followed. Along with this make sure to not just talk about you, discuss about the benefits of the blog readers and best possible ways to make it feasible.

Go for Quality Not Quantity

5+ Best Guest Posting Services in Outreach World 17

In all fields of life it’s always about the quality more than quantity, so always good content on blogs are expected. Posting good content on a regular basic is not an easy task. In order to achieve it, you must go through more number of blogs of your niche which will certainly help you to write good quality content.

There are many number of benefits of guest posting, a few of those are;

Opportunity for exposure

Making guest post has its own benefits and one of the best is getting exposure to the targeted traffic, the only thing as a publisher need to be done is post contents for the audience’s interest. This is how audience is built in content writing arena. Just manage a top quality post and there after starts the flow of traffic to the site which is going to help in all possible ways.

Enhance Personal Network

Once you start guest posting then networks automatically starts to build, enhancing own network of people is a really good idea which helps in further development of your career. Contribution to other’s blog or website is never going to go in vain. It also gives a chance to collaborate with other co-authored writers and post.

Social Media Following

Guest blogging has a positive impact on boosting followers as it not only shares the content, but also creates chance to make your brand more visible to the audience. This is very good for the purpose of making name in front of followers as a good and well established writer. Once the audience develops confidence over a writer, they start following all their contents on regular basis.

Brand Name

Making use of guest blogging the brand awareness can easily be achieved. But the best way is to try and share practical tips that are not followed anywhere around. Once the authority gets established, the opportunities start to increase gradually too. Make use of the opportunity and let the people know what is your brand or company about, spread awareness and get rewarded.

Feedback and Backtrack

Getting feedback from the community is never a bad idea. It always helps in being interactive with the audience. This can be done via trying to add some review questions in the conclusion part of the article or content. These valuable feedbacks help to introspect the mistakes and backtrack if needed. Once the feedback part is successfully completed, the success of a writer is determined using this parameter.

Online Authority

Online arena is all about marketing nowadays. It is sometimes very difficult to convert viewer or audiences into permanent long time subscribers even after writing best quality content. But by contributing to other blogs which are highly followed by the people, it rather becomes easy to make audiences realize that you are the one who works for a recognized blog or site and hence you are a good writer. This holds the key value for the authority using guest posting.

Skills for Marketing

Guest posting has the requirement of all possible ideas of the marketing in order to be successful. Contents published should be researched well and there must not be any chances of errors or untrue facts.

However, a writer needs to identify their target audience and write accordingly to maintain the follower’s base. And it’s always said that the best way to learn the skills of marketing is to put you into it. Taking all the chances possible and determination proves fruitful for the publishers in marketing aspect.

Outreach is the way to approach the site or blogs which offers guest posts and this can be done via emails, phone, social media, etc.

The most important thing before an outreach is you must get the name of the person to who you are going to approach via any communication medium.

It is a general observation that a bloggers email is completely filled with many outreaches, so you must stand apart from the crowd in order to get an opportunity.

Generally emails have a good and faster response time than any other communicating medium.

There must be a section at the end of your email which declares your contact information or end it in a questioned way that increases the chance of getting back response from the blogger.

An ideal format for an outreach may go like

Hi xyz,

I would love to work and write an article for you about ‘abc topic’. After finishing my write-up how can I post it to your site?



Remember not to include too many links in your request; this may lead to send you in spam section.

The approach for outreach must be in a positive and confident way such that the blogger never refuses to permit you.

Most of the cases the blogger would only see your title of the content and first few lines and may reject the entire content based on these two factors, so make sure that the start are completely perfect and the title of the content is catchy and crispy for the blogger to read content.

Always go through the requirements of the site and make sure the format in which they want you to post you are following the same, in case you miss to follow the basic guidelines it will dip your chances of getting the successful response from the blogger.

Be wise before choosing your style of writing, your style of writing must not be common for every blog and niche, content world expects versatility from you, so be versatile and accordingly choose the style of writing based on the blog/content type.

Make a practice of sharing of content via social media, remember social media is the biggest platform which is available to you, and make use of it in the best possible way.

If you have worked for some site or blog previously, do mention about your work, this gradually increases your chances of response as the bloggers always look for the one who are experienced one in the content writing zone rather than trusting someone who is completely new to the content world.

In the world full of competition you must have a different approach in order to be better than others. In order to achieve this, the content what you have in your site matters the most. Try to show up some creativity in your content which may include presenting content with the help of related pictures and videos. Generally, people like pictorial content more than just the written one.

Moreover, the quality of the content matters as well. Your content must not be just for the sake of content; it must be more than that which focuses on originality and creativity. If this step is taken care seriously then it would certainly prove worthy.

Even after all hard efforts there might not be positive results for you. The may be be because your rivals of the same zone are also writing contents regularly. In order to outclass your competitions you must write on a regular basis which will keep you to head level with your competitions. Remember your first competition is you; always try to be better than previous time. This will enhance your chance as well as your level as a writer.

What to do after getting a Guest Post link?

Optimize Your Content

Once you get a backlink via guest posts make sure to optimize your content and website as much as possible. Make sure that there are all the vital things present over there and at the same point of time you need to verify that nothing extra or useless is there to disturb the visitors in any way. Along with this, the website must be good enough to be opened in computers as well as mobiles. The majority section of the audiences would access through mobile phones these days. Hence the structure and design of the site must be mobile friendly.

A few checks could help you out in this regard. For example, the image you are using can be optimized so that it consumes less data and users can access it at a faster rate. Similarly, Browser catching technique can also be used to store the website cache on the user’s computer for a faster access next time.

Remember only send your work if they ask for it, never go too early too fast in order to be on the safer side.

Instead of sharing the documents one after other choose a wiser option of sending your G+ account’s link to it, upload all your works over there. This gives blogger an opportunity to select the content which he wants to view of his choice. This creates a positive impact about you and your confidence level.

Share the Article on Social Media

What a blogger basically expects from you is more traffic to their sites, increase in number of audience, and social media shares. The very basic thing what you must do is identify the interest of the blogger for whom you are going to work and then work in a planned way in order to achieve all the requirements.

Try to appreciate good works of the blogger on his blog, but keep in mind don’t flatter, just be genuine to the blogger. Say what you like the most and praise the praiseworthy contents over there.

Be Thankful

At last once you get the opportunity be thankful and show some good gratitude in order to build up a good relationship for future.

The main target as publisher for you must be getting an opportunity i.e. getting response; links must be secondary to your mind.

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