Blogging for Money that Can Make a Difference 1

Blogging for Money that Can Make a Difference

So spoiler alert – this isn’t one of those freebie giveaways that can help earn you an extra 10c a day, so if you’re after just small change then look away now. Rather than write about the millions of unprofitable websites online that post about their favourite pet pictures or talk about what shoes they wore to school the day before, we decided to focus on spread betting review sites, where anyone with a willingness to learn the subject and with a penchant for writing and blogging can earn up to $700 per referral!

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An average review site in the industry can have as few as 10 pages, since there are only a few reputable sites that spread bettors will be tempted by, which means those lengthy blogging projects that most of you may shun, won’t be a problem here. It’s also incredibly easy to find things to write about – with most information freely available on Google News or just by following the currency charts at one of a number of websites. For example:

  • The recent vote in Britain to leave the EU, or Brexit as it has been commonly referred to, sent the stock markets into pandemonium – with currencies falling and indices tumbling across the world; while on the flip side, commodities like Gold and Silver shot up as people sought safe havens for their cash.
  • Alternatively – the big Volkswagen scandal around their emissions tests saw their stock price fall rapidly and was widely covered on Google News and in the local press.
  • If you had managed to write a piece about this at the time and stick it on your Twitter feeds and Blog roll, anyone who decided to take a gamble on how far it might fall or when it might recover, could have paid your rent for a year.

So what’s next – well setting up a website is easy and if you’re struggling to get started on the content, just have a look at what some of the other industry sites are writing about. Know more on Internet se paisa kaise kamaye.  If you do it right, within a week you could be boosting up your new blog and hopefully within a few months, making a nice income on the side thanks to the affiliate channels that are publicly available from all major providers.

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  • Blogging has become one of the hot career option in India as well. I think it is good for a country where so much talent is available. I came across many college students who are able to make decent income from their blogs. Thanks for writing such useful articles here. Keep up doing the good work.