10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 1

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet

Internet is thing that every person use, especially young people are 100 percent involved in it. You might have heard that many people have become billionaire such as Mark Zukerberg through internet, some have become millionaire. Internet is not only a place to have fun or do some other important stuff but it is also a platform for you to earn good money. So here we present 10 easiest way to earn money through internet :

1.Paid to Click Sites

You can register at some of the best paid to click sites. Here, you just have to click some links that these websites tell you and you will be paid for this and make money. Internet is full of frauds so don’t directly search on internet for paid to click sites, but read reviews of other people before joining any Paid to Click Sites. Some of the top Paid to Click sites are:






2. Blogging

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 2

If you have knowledge about some domain and want to share with other people then blogging is the best thing you can do to earn very good money. Your money will depend on the number of visitors at your site on daily basis, how much popular is your blog among users.  Also check out All About Fiverr In Hindi . You can also advertise about your blog to increase visitors at your blog. Many websites provide free platform for blogging, some best blogging site are :




If you have passion for some particular thing then why not you share it with the world and inspire other people.

3. Selling product on ebay.com or olx.com or quickr.com and many more popular sites

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 3

Do you have some old stuff that you don’t want now, you can easily share it on Internet and sell it , then earn some profit through this. You can also sell you stuff that’s in you shop in bulk.There are many sites that offer free platform for selling your product some of them are:







4. Share videos on Youtube, Dailymotion, Blip and Break

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 4

You can prepare some videos that users might be interested in such as giving Dance tutorials, making funny videos, some educational videos etc and share on Internet and you will be paid for every view you get. You will not only become popular but also earn lot of money if you can make videos that people are liking and sharing very much.

Some of the websites that provides platform for uploading videos and earning money as per views are:





5. Freelancing

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 5

If you are good at writing but doesn’t have too much time to write blogs then you can also write articles for some websites that will pay you for it. Some fields of freelancing are journalism, event management, website development  and many other topics are there. Some of the best freelancing websites are:



3. elance.com



6. Amazon associates

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 6

Amazon has some Associate program for site owners and bloggers. They will place their adds on your Website or Blog related to your content. All the purchases made through website or blog you will earn some share of it.

For more information click here

7. iTunes

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 7

If you have some thing unique to share such as your music compilation, your books, your videos, your podcasts or other worth sharing thing, then you can sell your work on iTunes. Your work will reach millions of users and if they like it they will buy it, so you can earn very nice money through this.

For more info about this visit here

8. Have some big project but less on money then kickstarer can help you

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 8

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. But here you should be able to convince people to donate to you Kickstarter project(it’s not easy but it’s not impossible also).

9. Become  an editor at Wikipedia

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 9

Yes, you can become editor at Wikipedia as you know editing is not that easy task as it spells but it requires brain and intelligence. If you’r comfortable editing contents then become at editor at Wikipedia and earn.

10. Get job or hire person through searching on LinkedIn

10 Best ways to earn money through Internet 10

LinkedIn is a social site for professionals. Here you can get connected to customers, clients, businessman and other types of professionals that can help in your career. You can have great opportunities calling you if you maintain your LinkedIn profile.

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