Earn Your First Dollar Online by Shortening Links

Shorte.st is a URL shortener that let’s you shorten URL’s and make some money in the process! And yeah it’s a review, so don’t proceed if you don’t want to make money, or are already rich.

But if you aren’t, and are in desperate need to make some fast cash, without a website, then this is the thing for you!

Let me start from the baby steps, Shorte.st is an URL shortener platform, something that makes your

http://www.yourwebsite.com/article/3131/3131313 into www.sh.st/2312.

And the best part? It’s free to use, but it pays you instead for using it!

What is Shorte.st and How it Works:-

It’s a platform that let’s you shorten your URL’s and pays you for getting clicks on the URL.

How it works?

There are groups of advertisers, who might want their site advertised, right? So shorte.st is the platform they trust for the job.

Shorte.st takes in the contracts, and then whenever you shorten an URL using it, it shows the ads on the shortened URL for 5 seconds, after which the users can land on the target site.

Well it has number of benefits too, first, using this shortened URL as an intermediary page keeps your page safe, because the ads are displayed on this site and not your site, right?

Shorte.st shares the commission with you, and that’s what makes it unique because it shares one of the highest commissions in the whole of the URL shortening industry.

So yeah it’s clear right? Shorte.st pays you for shortening URL’s and getting clicked! And that you can do even from your Social Media Profiles, Email or wherever the hell you want to!

The point is, you need clicks simple as that.

But just in case you have a Website, Shorte.st has some awesome little tools to help you out:-

Mass Shrinker :- It has a Mass Shrinker! It allows shrinking as many as 20URL’s at the same time! So just shrink 20more URL’s, spread them out and start earning money, no degree in marketing required!

Shorte.st Pays You for Not Doing Anything:

As absurd as it might sound, but it’s true! Shorte.st pays you for not doing anything! They have a super awesome Affiliates system in place. Which pays you 20% of whatever any guy you’ve referred earns, forever.

And no the person who was referred by you, receives 100% of his commissions, it’s just that this 20% keeps rolling in from Shorte.st’s side to your account, forever!

So all you have to do is, refer some guys, and hit the bed. They’ll do all the hardwork you just have to take away their 20% without causing any problems or deductions in their earnings either! Ain’t that great? I know it is.

Advanced Features Shorte.st Boasts Of:-

Website Script:- This website script comes in with a lot of advanced options, well to start with, just copy pasting this script will start making money for you from the next instant.

Everytime  a user lands on your site, he’ll be shown an ad and you’ll be making money. I know you might now like the automatic popping up of the ad, and thus advanced options like Time control, Capping & Exit Intent are made available to you to make your job easier!

Make money on Blogger Comments:- Who thought of monetizing this, right?

If you’re on blogger, this little script turns every comment on your blogger blog into a money making link! See? Could it get any easier?

How much Do I get Paid?

This question is totally legit if it’s striking up in your mind, so let me tell you, as I already said shorte.st has one of the best payouts in the industry!

So yeah you can expect the commission anywhere between $10-$15/1000 clicks! Now that’s a big claim. Not every company out there is equally generous huh?

How do You get Paid?

Well, you’ve the liberty to choose with Shorte.st! Shorte.st lets you collect your payment via Paypal, Payoneer or even WebMoney so see? You aren’t ever going to get stuck with taking the money out!

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Final Words:-

We all use URL’s one form or the other, why not use them in a shorter version, and make some money in the process?

No it won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but yeah it does pay off your bills and some extra cash is always welcome isn’t it? Cause I never met a dollar I didn’t like!

So, just head over and Signup at Shorte.st right now! (If it proves to be a waste of time, you can blame me later!)

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