How to Shutdown your computer with your Mobile Phone by sending SMS 1

How to Shutdown your computer with your Mobile Phone by sending SMS

Sometimes it happens that you are busy with your phone so much that you don’t remember to shutdown you PC that you have left on or sometimes you want to amaze you friends that you can make your PC shutdown by simply sending as SMS, whatever be the reason you will learn how you can easily Shutdown you PC with you Cell Phone. So let’s start,

Difficulty: Easy

Thing that you will need :

1.Windows PC ( hope most of you will be having it)

2. A Microsoft Outlook account and an e-mail address configured to it.

3. An account at ““. This account will allow you to send e-mail to you e-mail account whenever you SMS it through your phone.

4. A phone that supports SMS.(Remember: your cell phone charges will apply here)

Let’s start the proces:

1.Create a shutdown.bat script file

Script file allows to perform some operations by simply clicking it.

all you have to do is make a Notepad file and type “c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00“(it’s not o but it’s zero at last in the command) without double quotes and save it anywhere in your PC as shudown.bat.

The command written in the Notepad file tell the OS to shutdown forcefuly(-f) with zero waiting time(- 00).

It’s an easy and simple process, i don’t think there will be problem doing it.

2.Set up you email for doing POP3 interactions

Most of the emails used today are POP3 based such as,

 You can use to make free email account and then you can use following process to enable you account to interact using POP3 protocol:
1.Login to your account in and then click “Settings” in the upper right corner.
2. On the page that opens, click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
3. You just select “Enable POP for all mail” and save your changes.

3.Add a POP3 email account into your Microsoft Outlook

Set you e-mail account with Microsoft Outlook, if you haven’t set up then follow the steps described below:
1. If you are opening Outlook for first time them, it will automatically start e-mail wizard. If it doesn’t, then go to
Tools->>E-mail Accounts -> Add A New Account -> POP3
2. Now setup you POP3 account by entering you email credentials.

4. Make your account at

Open and make your account there, basically this website generates and email response for each SMS it receives. If you can directly send Email to you Outlook account then you can skip this step.

5. Set up an Outlook Rule(Most important step)

The step is most important as it will set up rule that when it receives an e-mail containing a certain subject line then it will launch the “shudown.bat” file that you created in previous steps. Here are the steps for it:
1. Go to Send/Receive option in Menu and select “Send/Receive Settings” and then go to  “Define Send/Receive Groups”.
2. Tick on the box that displays “Schedule an automatic Send/Receive every” and then set the number box to “1 minutes” so that it checks for new e-mail messages after every minute and then you just click “Close”
3. Now go to Tools menu and select Rules and Alerts.
In the widows that appears there you select “New Rule”.
4. Select “Start from a blank rule” and make sure it’s set to “Check messages when they arrive” and then click Next.
5. On the next page you will have to select the conditions, so you want to check the box that says “with specific words in the subject line” and move forward.
6. Now at the bottom of the window, click on the “specific words” link and now you have to enter the subject line that you want it to look for. In this instance, we want it to look for the Kwiry e-mail that we will be sending it. The subject line of that e-mail will be “your kwiry – shutdown” so enter that as the specific words and click Add and OK. Then click Next.
7. On the next page, we have to select the action we want it to do. Here, we want to select “start an application”.
Click on the “application” button at the bottom of the window now and select the shutdown.bat file that we created.
Note: You will have to change the File Select filter from “Applications (.exe)” to “All Files”. Now click Next and Finish.

6.Now last step is to Send SMS through your Mobile

Now from your cell phone send a text message with the words “shutdown” to 59479 (which is your Kwiry account).

And Then your PC will shutdown if all steps are followed correctly.

Note: Make sure you have an Active Internet connection on you PC.

So that’s it in this post , till then just “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”  as said by Steve Jobs.

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