How 3d printing technology can save live?

3d printing is now going to be a real blessing for the world. It is vastly helping healthcare models and surgeons to save the life of people. Okay! Let me give it a pause and allow me to say few words about 3d printing.
3d printing is creating objects with the help of a printer.
Basically it is a transformation of digital world to real world. We do all mapping , software work on the computer program and 3d printer does the rest of the work.

You might be wondering how can it even be possible?

If you are new to 3d world then let me tell you. A 3d printer uses plastic as an ink. It can also use heated metallic to make physical object.

A 3d designer can create a variety of images that can be plotted on the imaging software. I would not say that 3d printing technology is 100% perfect. But it is certainly a revolutionary technology. If you use various 3d printing pens along with it then you can literally create wonders.

Re-imaging medicinal images

3d printing has given a huge contribution in the field of medical. Let’s talk about images first. We can further analysis the data received by CT and MRI scans to make some replica plastic models. 3d printer can make precise structural parts for surgeons to practice upon. Size and compactness of the organs doesn’t matter much to a 3d printer because it can literally make replica of everything it has data of.

You can practice and make experiment on the real life like models in lab for further development of medical science. The recent example of such a 3d printing is the ovarian cancer cells that are printed onto a gel in a lab dish.
Surgeons can check the effect of drugs on the provided model. If they found it suitable for use then they can test it on the real patients. In an another example of a 3d printing is in 3D mammography.
In 3d mammography or digital brast chemo synthesis, 3d printer can make clear view of overlapping of breast tissue. It will help doctors to detect the cancer earliest.

Replacing tissues and organs

3d printer can make real life organ with appropriate raw materials. It can produce a real life body parts that can be used inside a human body. It really avoids the delay for organ donation. A special type of a 3d printing can be used to produce jet living cells with the help of scaffolding. A bio 3d printer can be used to print skin, bones, joints etc. In recent development pelvis of man is created successfully. Organ printing has certainly change our thoughts about the 3d printing.

There are number of people in this world who are waiting for a organ transplant. 3d printing can be handy in these situation. We can make bones, muscles structures and other body organs to make them available for organ transplant. If we have surgical guides, plates and titanium implants then we can create, whole face of a patient.

Designing medicines

You will be shocked to know the fact that..

More than 50% people don’t take the medication as advised.

You can find many reasons for it like bitterness of products, disliking etc.
But with a 3d printer we can make adjustment to the traditional pills. We can make them in the form of liquid. A simple sip method will work here. You willn’t have to swallow the pills. FDA has also approved the first 3d pill anti-epilepsy drug.

A 3d printer can manufacture pills of any size, colors or flavors. It has a great control over the dosing of a pill. So if your child doesn’t like eating pills then you can make use of a 3d printer pills. Your child or younger people not only, will take the pills but also demand for more 😛

These method will indirectly allow manufacture to make production which are better to their consumers i.e. patients.
Orthopedic supports

If this terms sounds to medic to you, then let tell you a little bit about it.

Orthopedic medicines deals with correcting structural anomalies in a skeletal system.

So here what we can do with a 3d printer?

We can make a 3d image of patient’s bone.

Then we will create a physical 3d model of the skeleton with the help of a 3d printer.

Not only this we can also can create various 3d architecture model with the help of a 3d pen. Recently Microsoft also launched such surface studio.

It will help doctors to carefully examine the individual patients structure and help them to take a better decision at a faster rate. The doctor can then make the surgical procedure with the help of 3d printing. They can then install orthopedic supports in patient’s bone disorders. As these are specifically designer for that particular patient so patient recovery will also be pretty fast.

Cancer Treatments

3d Printing has also touched the world of cancer treatment. With the help of 3d printing we can increase the accuracy in radiation therapy. Recently doctors have created a phantom tumors with the help from CT scan results. This phantom tumors can be used to test for radio-pharmaceuticals. Radio-pharmaceuticals are radio active material used in cancer treatment. Doctor insert this substance into the body by direct insertion into veins or orally.
This type of treatment is best for thyroid , bone, nerve cell cancers etc. 3d printing gives an exact idea to the doctors for maximum efficiency in treatment.

Educational Tool

Education sector is also not left by 3d printers. If you are teaching then 3d phantom model can be used to explain things more effectively. Specially for the medical students it should be necessary. Medical students can make practical on them and get themselves more ready for real life surgeries. They can get an exact idea of the situation and can give more precise results in actual treatment.


3D printing has a great potential to be helpful in many sector of human lives. Specially for medical community it is really a blessing. I wouldn’t say that we will not face any problem by using them. But if we make a talk on them we can certainly come out with an effective solution. Like in medical sector if we insert 3d print object inside a human body then there might be some concern.
Overall, I can say 3d printing has everything in it to make this human world better.

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