Access Blocked WebSite Anywhere… 1

Access Blocked WebSite Anywhere…

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What’s up? I hope you all are fine.In this article we will learn how to browse the sites which are blocked.It has been observed that in some places like govt. institution websites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. are normally blocked to prevent any user to access them. In these places there is no problems of netspeed but the problem is, people who want to entertain themselves or want to access them for other purpose cannot do much due to lack of popular attractive sites.

Today I will tell you the solution to access the blocked websites.

Trick 1.Using website’s IP address

Each website has its own unique IP address. An IP address stand for Internet Protocol, is a combination of 4 number separated by a dot. Each number ranges from 0 to 255. Any website can be accessed by its name as well as its IP address. If the websites are blocked only by their name than we can access them through their IP address.

Now the point is how to know a particular website’s IP address?

For knowing please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Type cmd in window run and hit enter.

Step 2:

Now if you want to know any website’s IP address. Type the following command and press enter.

ping WebsiteName

e.g. ping

You will see a window like this.

Knowing IP address from cmd

Step 3:

You will get the ip address in the above step. Enter this IP address in your browser’s address bar and press enter.

All done friends. If websites are blocked only by their name, than these websites can be accessed by this trick. However if the websites are blocked with their IP address also, than you should have to follow the second trick which will certainly work in most of the cases.

Trick 2: Using proxy websites:

You need to open the proxy websites first. There are many proxy websites some of them are


After opening any websites written above, type the address of the sites in websites page’s address line. Press enter.

That’s it. Now you can easily access the blocked sites here.

Some browser like tor also provide you the facility access the blocked websites.

I hope this trick will certainly help as it is becoming a common problem these days.

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Thank you.

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  • Wow thanks for sharing. It was really frustrating for me in my college, I Couldn’t access youtube. But Now I found a way. Thanks techgeekers.