Top 8 Programming Blogs to Follow

In this blog post we will talk about some of the best programming blogs in the world that every curious mind should follow. Behind every blog there’s is a programming personality and we’ll briefly discuss the people behind blogs.

These are the blogs which will make you a much better programmer and that you should follow on a regular basis as they contain highly helpful tutorials and coding tips. Some of them stick to one blog post per month, some to one post per week.

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I’m personally following some of these blogs and they’ve made me a better programmer. If you’re also looking for some blogs to keep yourself updated in the programming field, these seven blogs will help a lot.

So let’s start with the top blogs for every programmer to follow.

1. Catonmat

Catonmat is the one of the top blogs in the world with more than a million visitors. I’ve been following this blog since 2010 and the depth of articles always surprise me. Started by Peter Krumins, this blog is over ten years old and focuses on how to become a better programmer, getting things done in command line, hacking for fun (and profit), software reuse, new software ideas, and software security. Peter has recently started a tech startup, Browserling that provides a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform and has received a seed funding from Silicon Valleys’ top angel investors. You can find more about his startup in this Browserling review. His blog lately also features many articles about browsers and his company. I’m really curious to see where Peter takes his company and blog.

2. Coding Horror

Coding Horror is also one of the old blog for programming and related technologies. This blog focuses on higher level overview of programming art, hardware and management. The author, Jeff Atwood, is co-founder of Stack Overflow, together with Joel Spolsky. Stack Overflow is online forum that has all programming answers and questions.

Jeff is passionate about Windows programming and if he writes more technical articles then they’re about C# and Windows. This blog is more than ten years old blog and it’s a great resource for every programmer.

Also check out Programesecure

3. CSEstack Portal

CSEstack – Programming portal is one of the most prominent portals for computer science students. This portal is started by Aniruddha Chaudhari, student of NIT Trichy. He is master of Computer Science and passionate Python developer. Through this portal, he shares his own coding experience.
I find it very useful, where you can get various computer programming tutorials (C/C++, Java, Python…). If you are preparing for placement, many of the candidates have shared their interview questions and placement experience.
It is all in one portal – from programming skillset to shine your career in IT industry. I would recommend and you should visit.

4. HDFS Tutorial Blog

HDFS Tutorial Blog is a blog for data scientists. The main topics include dealing with big data related technologies, such as Hadoop and its components – Hive, Pig, Sqoop, HDFS, and HBase. The blog also shares tutorials about business intelligence related tools, such as Tableau, and case studies related to big data and Hadoop. If you’re new to data science, this blog is definitely a follow.

5. My Programming Blog

My Programming blog is everyone’s programming blog. Started by Anatoly Spektor, a web developer, this blog contains many newbie friendly articles as the author himself started the blog only when he got into programming. As a result this blog is also a journey as author learns new topics and explains these topics to others. Although this is a multi-niche blog, it’s still worth following for programming tutorials, especially if you’re beginning programming.

6. NSHipster

NSHipster is a blog created by a bunch of hipsters. This blog is so hip that you just have to follow it. Objective C with moustache, glasses with no lenses and clothing from 1940s is how these guys roll. This blog focuses on Objective C, Swift, and Cocoa coding. The blog is getting updated pretty much every week and it’s the best resource for Mac OS programmers. This is a multi-author blog and has wide ranges of tutorials. Even you will find many e-books published by the site’s authors.  

7. David Walsh

David’s blog is just great. I’ve been subscribed for many years and I always learn about new emerging web technology on his blog. David calls himself an imposter but it’s far from truth. He’s always the smartest guy in the room. You will find solutions to all the web problems you ever come across. Ajax, HTML5, Canvas, SVG, the video tag, Angular, React, he’s got it all covered.

8. Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich’s blog is famous for assembling a team of programmers with very strong communication skills. Ray’s blog is no longer a blog but a company. Most of the tutorials on this blog are in audio and video format and they’re very easy to follow. You will find many tutorials related to mobile technologies like iOS, Mac, Android and other trending technologies. The site is pretty old, the first tutorials are from January 2010. If you’re an audio-visual person and don’t like reading too much then this blog is a must subscribe. Most of the resources are available free of cost while they charge for some premium stuffs.


Programming blogs are very helpful to keep yourself up to date with latest trends and technologies. They’re especially useful when you can learn a little bit about authors behind the blogs. I hope this post about world’s best programming blogs was helpful to you. These really are the best blogs you should follow to get hold of recent technologies and examples.

And let me know the blogs you follow in the comments!

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