How to learn fast Using Einstein Secret Technique 1

How to learn fast Using Einstein Secret Technique

In this fast pace world things move fast. Especially in the world of Technology something that is relevant today might become irrelevant tomorrow.
So, you gotta be on your toes every moment. The only way to stay relevant in this world is to keep yourself updated with the new technology.

How to learn fast Using Einstein Secret Technique 2

But we mortals simply don’t have enough time to get mastery in every subject. Moreover after sometime it will become irrelevant too. So, what options does we mortals have?

Abraham Lincoln said :

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and i will spend the first four sharpening the ax.

This quote might be old but it is very relevant even today.

Solution of above problem is not only to Learn but Learn Fast.

So how can we learn fast?

Here is the method I would like to share with you Einstein’s way of Learning Fast.

This video discusses about how Einstein used to learn fast and also how you can use same techniques and principals in your life to learn anything quickly and gain mastery in it.

Here is the brief summary of the video for my readers :
( Watch video to know some easy tips about how to use it in daily life )

In his letter to his son Einstein said that

“The way to learn fast is to learn it with such an enjoyment that you get completely lost in it”

Einstein said that he himself used to get so wrapped up in his work that he even forgot about his meal.

We all have experienced this in our life haven’t we?

Especially playing video games :p .

The above mental state that Einstein described is known as “Flow” in psychology.

This was term was coined by Hungarian Psychologist Mihay Csikzentmihayi after  studying dozens of artist, scientist and athletes for decades who experienced similar state when they were practicing or learning new stuff in their field or when they were performing their  best.
In Indian Philosophy book this state of mind was known as “Rasaananda”

The secret seems simple right?

To learn everything with enjoyment and passion but then why everyone can’t achieve it?

Why is this mental state not constant and is always in flux ?

Why despite having all the interest in the subject matter we start loosing all the excitement and joy when we start learning it ? 

How can we achieve this mental state regularly ?

Is there any specific mental exercises which help in reaching this state ?

Do certain types of people are better able to achieve this mental state of “flow”?

Is it also dependent on profession or nature of job ?

Does it also depend on the nature of the person ?

Well I can’t briefly answer so many questions but answer of all these questions have been provided in the video.

PS : For those of you wondering Meditation is the best mental exercise which will help you in achieving “Flow”

All of this might seem difficult or overwhelming at first but it’s very easy if you start practicing it 🙂