General Overview of CISCO Certification Levels CCNA

Computers are the future of the world. To connect computers is to make them capable of communicate. This can be achieved through networking. One of the highly renowned networking mechanisms is Cisco.

Cisco networking mechanism isused in business enterprises, large organizations and slowly progressed to the small internal areas such as homes and small businesses. It is highly efficient as it produces an advantageous and versatile network platform. To use the Cisco Network, it must be installed, and its usage and installation is done at different levels.

General Overview of CISCO Certification Levels CCNA 1

These levels are the network certifications with each level being used in a different network area and requiring a separate piece of hardware. Five levels are assigned in the certification of Cisco Network; they include the entry, associate, professional, expert and, finally, architect levels. Each of them has a different outlook, their own areas of use, merits, demerits, etc.


The first level in the accreditation of the Cisco ExamSnap is the Entry level. This is the starting point for the Cisco Network. It is the baseline of Cisco certification and the beginning step in the journey to the architect level. This level is usually associated with the personnel working on small networks such as homes, small shops, stores or small enterprises.

The skills of an individual at this level involve necessary networking skills with not so much apparent expertise in networking. Qualifications may include diagnosis, restoration, repair, and replacement of critical Cisco systems at the specific customer enterprise.


Associate is the second level in the certifications. It is the foundation of dealing with the Cisco Network with skills of the individual ranging from the troubleshooting of faulty Cisco networks to the installation for the equipment required for new or damaged systems to the operation of the Cisco networks.

The individual at this level is usually involved in the small business as their expertise can be beneficial at this level since the area of study often covers basic networking with no apparent difficulty in small networks. Although individuals with the associate level certification can be used in larger corporations for specific skills and not entire network operations.


The third certification level to be attained is the Professional certificate. At this level, individuals have achieved an advanced level of certification indicating a higher degree of expertise in networking with more top skills and more in-depth knowledge on networking, its properties, the equipment known and the tricks on networking.

At this level, an individual can deal and use top technology devices that are used in the field of networking as well as interconnecting cisco networking devices. This level of expertise gives the individual the capability to work for different classes of enterprises since the degree of network understanding is on a different level than the levels below it. Individuals can begin working for big corporations since they have a wide array of skills.


The Expert level precedes the professional. It is the second highest certification attained. It is easily the highest degree of networking expertise in the Information Technology industry. It is one of the highly respectable levels of certification accepted worldwide. Individuals at this level have top programming skills that are nearly unparalleled with highly in-depth knowledge of the technology used in networking.

The programs that are designed at this level are the highest possible degree of networking programs and set the landmark for internetwork programs. Individuals can work at any if not all levels of networking are giving them a very high and large accessibility platform.


The Architect level is the highest level of accreditation that a network designer can attain. At this level, the network designers can be able to come up with newer methods and evolutionary mechanisms that can push the field of networking to a unique level. This level of certification indicates that the individual knows new technology and programming skills that are required by every and any corporation at this point.

At this level of certification, the candidate is untethered in the knowledge that they have on the skills of networking at this point. It is the pinnacle of the skills that are required for individuals in the networking industry.


The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 200-125) offers the platform upon which individuals interested in networking are recognized regarding the knowledge they have acquired and where they can apply learning at their level. Once candidates have acquired the knowledge they can test their skills from sites like PrepAway Cisco CCNA 200-125 certification exam dumps and avoid wasting the exam fees. This enables a perfect methodology for mapping out individuals as per their skill. It also enforces upon the working environment of individuals as well as the equipment to work with based on the level of knowledge that the individual has attained.

The CCNA 200-125 system offers specialized certifications as well which involve security, wireless connections, routing and switching, data assimilation, etc. These specialized certifications are CCNA Cloud, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security, CCNA Industrial, CCNA Routing and Switching. All of these areas of specialization study different areas with all of them following the same staircase system in acquiring the knowledge required as stated above.

The plenty of websites offer the CCNA 200-125 examinations for all individuals interested in advancing in their knowledge of networking or those who want to work for given corporations. Some of the websites with the available expertise are stated below in the reference section. Most of the sites like prepaway are very informative about Cisco and are very helpful in the preparation of the CCNA exams.

In conclusion, the CCNA as a system is quite useful, providing the individuals with skills and knowledge to be able to work with computer networks. As seen above, there are many specialized certifications for the CCNA 200-125 with each one of them moving through a hierarchy or a step by step process to be able to attain the highest degree of knowledge in that specialized field.

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