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Class 8 Hindi Exam: Best Books To Follow And Tips To Study

School exams are a way to judge the understanding and knowledge of children. However, some children find it difficult to deal with the stress of exams.

Hindi is an important subject.

However, some children fear studying Hindi, as they do not focus much on this subject.

Hindi is our national language and it is an important subject for scoring a higher overall percentage.

  • A few tips are given here to study for the class 8 Hindi exam so that students can score good marks.
  • Go Through Chapters Thoroughly – It is very important to read all chapters thoroughly. Reading every chapter will help students understand the story. It will also help them answer the questions correctly. In class 8 Hindi, there are three books – Sanshipt Budhcharit, Bharat Ek Khoj, and Durva and Vasan. Along with literature books, Hindi grammar is also included.
  • Practice all Answers Given at the Back of Each Chapter – In the class 8 Hindi book, questions are given at the back of each chapter. They can also refer to the Hindi Vasant class 8 guide to check the answers. They can use a physical copy or download a copy from the internet by searching Hindi Vasant Class 8 guide download.
  • Practice Sample Papers – Sample papers are a good way to know the pattern of the exam. Students can practice class 8 Hindi sample papers to know the important questions. In the sample papers, they can find the correct pattern of the paper as well as the important topics. Check the NCERT syllabus because most questions are asked from the NCERT book. Solving sample papers will also help them know the marks for each question and the length of the answer they need to write for scoring the maximum marks possible.
  • Avoid Writing Unnecessary Information – In the Hindi exam, many students tend to write long answers, thinking they will get more marks. This is not necessarily true. They should read all the questions carefully and try to write only relevant points in the answer. Writing unnecessary information in the answer will give a bad impression. For example, if the question is for 2 marks, students should write two to three important points in their answer for getting good marks.
  • Consistent Study – Some students study Hindi only a few days before the exam. Doing so can lead you to forget what you’ve learnt when you give your exam. Hence, consistent studying is important. Make a schedule and give some time to Hindi every day. It will reduce their burden at the time of the exam. They can read one chapter and practice their questions every day.
  • Extra Books – Students can also refer to extra books for practising Hindi grammar questions. Hindi grammar is important because it can help them score good marks in Hindi. They should practice Hindi grammar consistently. They should try to understand the concepts of grammar so that they can remember them easily. CBSE has recommended four books for students of class 8. Apart from practising questions from these four books, students can refer to other grammar books for practising at home. A few books include: New Saraswati Main Aur Mera Vyakaran (Hindi Grammar) and APC Vyakaran Sopaan (Hindi Vyakaran).
  • Practice Writing – In Hindi, writing is important. If students practise writing their answers, they can spot if they are making spelling mistakes. Therefore, writing answers will help them to improve their spelling errors and enhance their speed.
  • Focus on Important Lessons – The weightage of some chapters is more as compared to others. Two or three questions may be asked in the exam from these chapters. Hence, students should know the important lessons and can focus more on them, as compared to the others.

How to Attempt the Class 8 Hindi Exam?

A few tips given here will help students attempt the class 8 Hindi exam well and get good marks –

  • Before they start writing the answers, students should read the question paper completely and mark the questions that they know well.
  • They should start from the grammar and writing section as it can be solved quickly.
  • After finishing the grammar and writing section, they can move to the literature and reading part. Also, make sure to answer all questions in a sequence.
  • Avoid leaving any questions. Move from one question to another. If students do not know the answer to any question, they can leave some space and solve it in the end, after completing the paper.
  • If some time is left after finishing the paper, they can go through the paper once or twice and check if they have attempted all questions or left out any.
  • Keep the paper neat and clean. Leave space after finishing each question so that the teacher can identify from where the next answer is starting.
  • It is not good to cross the word limit. Children should write as many words as asked. Overwriting an answer will not give them any benefit. They will not get any extra marks for writing more than the specified word limit.
  • Students can practice Hindi grammar from any book. There are so many different Hindi grammar books available on the internet and in the market for class 8. Practising Hindi grammar regularly is a good strategy for scoring good marks in the class 8 Hindi exam. Students should understand all grammar concepts to score good marks in the class 8 Hindi exam.
  • The time frame taken for revising the complete syllabus will vary from student to student. If they read Hindi regularly, they can complete the syllabus in a few days. Some students start studying Hindi just a few days before the exam. In that case, it would take more days to complete the syllabus. Therefore, students should study Hindi right from the start, to score high in exams.

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