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Top 15 Sites for Programming That CS Students Must Know

In the present world of technology advancement in the field of computer and internet, it is very essential for every students to have a good programming skills. All technology and sciences are slowly moving towards to totally depend on computers. If we know programming we can make computer to work like the way we want it to. Many Educational courses are also going online courses too.

In the present world of rapid technological advancement in the field of computer and internet, it is very essential for every students(CS must) to have a good programming skills. All technology and sciences are slowly moving towards to totally depend on computers. If we know programming we can make computer to work like the way we want it to. Many Educational courses are also going online courses too.

So there are lots of option for a student to learn programming even if he or she is unable to join the courses off-line. In the present internet world, many websites are presenting courses free which we can join and Most of them are free. You need a laptop with working internet connection and some fully dedicated hours which you have to devote to your study; otherwise, there is no use of study.

Here is a list of website that are presenting online courses and some other stuff that will to become a good programming professional for free and are very helpful in becoming a good programmer from the ground level.

1)Stack Overflow

It is basically a community of programming geeks which has answers to thousands of problems on all types. Whether your problem is related to programming, math or something else. We can also answer to question but for it we have to first gain some points.

Go to Stack OverFlow

2) Code Academy

There are a several courses available in the code academy. These all courses are well structured and present an interactive material for study. The courses present in the code academy are HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP and apis. The main beauty of code academy is well interactive user interface which gives users to same opportunity to interact with the course material.

Go to Code Academy


Tutorial present here are text-based having a great quality content and well understandable. It provides tutorial on major topics on programming and computer concepts which will help you a lot to gain a good knowledge of programming skills. Tutorial are easy to learn hence in a less time you can easily become one of a geek of your programming field.

go to

4) The Code Player

The code player is mainly dedicated to show you the power of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Code player helps you understand how the 3d form and 3d hover effects for thumbnail and images. Which you learn step by step. The code made here can be implemented in your own website.

Go to The Code Player

5) Code School

If you have gone through code academy you will surely want to go in code school for improving your ability of coding skill to a new. It has very good quality content and it is also free. The level here is high which makes you a programming expert. The courses provided by the code school are: Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,   and IOS.

The challenges here are bit tougher than code academy, so if you are a beginner than I recommend you to first go through code academy before coming to code school. Hopefully hints and answers are also available to refer. Although courses are free but if you want to take some extra challenges you have to spend $25/month to get access to those challenges.

Go to Code School

6) Code Avengers

The main focus of code avengers site is to present the matter in precise manner and not to include critical knowledge which is necessary for newbies. It offers courses of html5, css3 and JavaScript. Each course material is effectively designed in way that you will forget the fair of coding because in the end of each lesson code avengers provides a mini game. You will start playing with the codes.

Go to Code Avengers

7) Learn Python The Hardway

It is a serious tutorial-type site and does not give an interactive learning environment. Python course is being divided into 52 exercises. The courses can also be purchased, but if you don’t have enough bucks, you have to devote regular time to this site.

Go to Learn Python The Hardway

8) Khan Academy

This remind us our school days and colleges if you have left them. Anything you missed out earlier on your days and want to learn again you can easily visit this site.

Go to Khan Academy

9) Learn Street

This site is for beginners. It provides courses of java, JavaScript, ruby and python but only to beginner level. This site also has interpreter so you can check output of your program.

Go to Learn Street

10) Udacity

The main feature of Udacity site is to offer the best video tutorial of courses which are provided by industry professionals. So there is no reading here, only watch the video lectures, fully understand them and off-course programming demands practice. The courses provided here are HTML5, java, python algorithm, artificial intelligence. Tutorial presents here starts with beginners and take you to advance level. So udacity is the complete package to learn programming. Quizzes are also there to give you the feel of interactive environment.

Go to Udacity

11)  SQL Zoo

Structured Query Language (SQL) if you want to study this language from basic than this place for you. This is the site which provide a highly interactive user interface and a good quality content for feeding your coding skills.

Go to SQL Zoo

12) Mozilla Developer Network

This network is totally dedicates to web programmers to develop their coding skill and move them to a new height. Courses presented by Mozilla developer network are:

HTML [hypertext markup language], CSS [cascading style sheet], JavaScript, APIs etc. It has a good collection of tutorial with their demos and of course. All they are for free.

Go to Mozilla Developer Network

13) Topcoder

This is best website of programming. I am not just saying but it meant a lot. There is hardly any website that offers as much as Top Coder do. You can challenge yourself to enhance your programming skills. If you win a challenge you will get real money here. More features are algorithms, recommendations.

Go to Topcoder

14) Learneroo

 It enables us to learn the java programming, algorithms etc. it teaches us by solving new challenges. This site is to master java programming in almost every aspect.

Go to Learneroo

15) Talent Buddy

Best feature of talent buddy is it’s built in editors which provide you to see the result of your program in a pop window. It has a large collection of courses, including C, C++, C#, java, JavaScript, Clojure, CoffeScript, scala, PHP, Perl, Python, etc.

Go to Talent Buddy

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