Benefits Of Using VPN For Torrent Trackers

We all have those tiny sins that do not make us bad people. Some of us lie to their friends, the others hate cats, and there  are people like you and me who use pirate content.

There were times when we could find all we needed and download it via torrent trackers. Now finding the right resource is hardly possible. They either are banned or have too low speed.

Internet pirates transfer their files to new servers, but in our location they have almost disappeared. What to do? There is a way out. What if there was a trick to cheating on system?

This is why we all need good VPN services. They give us absolute power over all Internet resources making invisible for everyone. They work fine when it comes to Torrents or other downloads. There are thousands of companies that offer such services.

But you should consult professionals  from before choosing one. Although most of such services offer similar packs to their customers.


Although additional features might differ, here are basic functions each it has:

Anonymity and Accessibility

It practically guarantees your privacy for any period spent on the web. It works with your IP by hiding it and giving you new virtual address. As soon as you connect VPN server no logs are recorded. Even your Internet provider cannot track your history.

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Feel free to visit any website you want without being tracked. No one can check the amount of incoming traffic and you are free to download anything. Take care of free space at your SSD in advance. VPNs can make any content available for users even if they are blocked by the government. User receives an IP of another country where the given website is available. For instance, if popular Torrent platforms are banned in your location – use VPN to cheat on system and get unlimited access to any materials there.

Traffic control and Protection


VPN apps give us absolute power over incoming or outcoming traffic. They can made data transferring channel wider or increase connection speed. This trick lets us download more wasting less traffic and reducing the sums in our Internet bills.

If you hate waiting – boost your computer’s productivity with one of proven these services and enjoy super fast downloads. This is the main function of Virtual Private Networks. They were made to protect our private data from leaking. Hackers never sleep. They search for new ways to crack our bank accounts or even steal our identities.

VPN creates a tunnel that hides us from any incoming threat. They make us completely invisible for criminals. Even the passwords we use to enter various accounts are hidden from everyone.

Still doubt if you should buy a VPN pack? There many companies in your location that offer such services for free.

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  • Avoid NordVPN if at all possible. Service is cheap, but you get what you pay for in this case. Speeds are ridiculously slow. Customer service doesn’t exist. No option to cancel service on your account options page. Terms of service says “You have a right to cancel your account at any time by contacting us.” Too bad they don’t even give you a phone number to cancel service, you have to use a form on their Contact Us page (the email support referenced in this review) and I am still waiting on a response. I guess if I don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time I will have to cancel my credit card to avoid being charged again? This is a dirty way of treating your customers. Avoid NordVPN at all costs.