How to Choose the Right Business Phone System

The telephone system of a company is the lifeline of its customers, world, and suppliers. It is among the easiest communication ways within and beyond the company walls. Choosing the best landline phones can have operational and financial repercussions for the company.

How to Choose the Right Business Phone System 1

Choosing the right system means planning and looking ahead in a similar way that you were purchasing furniture for the office. Before purchasing the phone, you need to ascertain if you require physical landline phones or virtual phones that rely on mobile service providers and not just the traditional phones.

You will also have to know the phone service you need; whether it is the traditional landline service or the VOIP system.

And when you settle for the VOIP system, will you host it at the business premises or the service provider?

Set your goals from the beginning

When choosing the right VOIP phones for your business, it is crucial to possess defined goals in the mind. You need a clear picture of the requirements of the business, the requirements of the business, and the budget. In case you do not know what you want from the landline phones, then you will not benefit from them.

You need to do an in-depth consultation with the staff to get a feeling of what is important for the organization.

Could call transfers be easy?

Will it be useful to sync call with the CRM?

Can you poll the clients and find out how to use the phone to make them satisfied?

Can they benefit from the call routing feature?

Consult professionals

In case you are struggling to choose VOIP phones for your business, it is worth consulting a professional. You might find it tricky to wrap the head behind the technicalities if your business does not have an IT department. A lot of service providers will gladly walk you through their products if you give them a call. You could also choose to employ a consultant to take stock of all resources and goals and come up with a solution that takes everything into account.

Consider future growth

You need to choose the best landlines phones that will serve you now and continue serving you as the days go and as business grows. You need to consider what you are wishing for your business in terms of expansion and choose an option that will assist you work towards the goals. In case you desire having a large scale, reliable, and solid system, you need to be keen to choose something that will last in your business.

Do you have a staffing plan?

You need to look at the plan of your business and decide on the number of staff members that will require the landline phone in four years. A simple landline has the capacity to support five staff with ease, but if you have a plan of hiring additional staff, this solution will be unacceptable.

You will also have to examine the geographic location of the business. Multiple locations require VOIP phones that are different from those found in one office location. The landline phones require hardware solutions in each location. If the size of the location varies in size, you might be forced to purchase different system types for each office.

Choose the communication technology

PBX or private branch exchange system place their technology on a hardware piece that accepts the lines of the phones from the utility of the phone. When someone dials your number, the system will route the call to the right individual or department. VOIP phones or voice over internet protocol phones do not have a central piece of equipment or phone lines. These systems are expensive and hard to program. However, they scale well because additional handsets are quite affordable. These systems are easy to use and spread across different areas, but every handset is expensive and can prove pricey for large offices. Long-term planning and staffing is crucial when choosing between the PBX and the VOIP systems for your business.


When you settle on the best landline phones, it is crucial for you to test them to determine the ease of programming. You need to learn how to add novel lines, remove old employees from the system, and program new features. Many phone systems are tricky to program with firms being forced to employ technicians to program them.

It is vital to choose a system that user-friendly to reduce on costs. It is crucial to ask the vendor of the landline phones of choice to see how the system is performing on the market. Do not make a decision before weighing the growth of your business.

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  • I like that you mention how many service providers will walk you through their product if you call them. This would be a great way to get information on what they offer in order to determine which telephone system will work best for your business. In order to get the provider’s information, you’d probably want to check out their website so that you can learn about their telephone system and get their phone number so you can call them to talk about their product as well as ask questions.