Benefits of Upgrading from Free Gmail To Google Business Email


Are you still using the free edition of Google App for your official work?

Want more business features to use?

If answers to these questions are yes, then use GSuite. It offers many benefits to its users, ranging from basic Gmail account to paid Gmail storage and fully secured Google Apps which are preferable for Business Accounts only. The biggest benefit of upgrading from the free edition of Google App to GSuite is that you will get your business’ email address, which looks like

With this email address, you can operate your business’ email activities more professionally. This article would be quite helpful for you to learn about the incredible advantages of upgrading to Google Business Email!

Group Email Addresses

As mentioned above, GSuite gives you professional business emails, like As per business requirements, you might require sending emails to the groups. With Google business email, you can easily route emails sent to to multiple people. There’s no additional charge that means you are free to add as many group email addresses as you want.

File Ownership

For business operations, you or your employees would require creating Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Any company with GSuite gets access to use numerous features that are only offered to GSuite users. Google Drive has all such features that are offered by cloud backups, and that’s among the foremost reasons why it’s used as an alternative for Dropbox Services that augments the mode of sharing files between laptops, PC, Smartphones and other devices. If you want you can create company policies that bound employees to backup their files and folders to the company’s Google Drive.

Thus, in the case of an employee’s termination, you would have full access to the business files stored by the particular employee. With Google business email you have the authority of File Ownership which you can source and use as per your requirement.

More Storage

If you are a user of Google products, then you’re probably aware of the default storage facility of your Gmail account. With the free Gmail account, you get a storage capacity of 15GB by default. For different business operations, you would require storing and sharing large files which would definitely exceed the default storage capacity. With GSuite you can increase the storage capacity to 30GB, 1TB or more as per your business requirement. GSuite offers you the flexibility to upgrade the storage capacity.


With GSuite, you can facilitate teamwork creatively with real-time collaboration. You can easily collaborate quickly and bring together employees located in different geographical locations. This helps the team to move faster and get the work done easily. With this feature, many employees can work on the same file simultaneously and see real-time changes.

Official Email Ownership

It could be dangerous if your employees use their personal account for dealing with your clients or customers. A company must own the email accounts used by the employees to avoid any unexpected business disaster. With GSuite you have the authority to provide email accounts to your employees and if any of the employees leave the company then you can change the password and once again obtain complete access to the official email account. With this feature, you can also access the email history of your employees! Official Email Ownership is a vital requirement.

Additional Security

As used for business operations, GSuite offers additional security. This additional layer of security can be imposed for the users depending on the decision of admin. This additional security layer is also known as 2-Step verification. This upgraded feature helps you to access the GSuite account securely.


Opting for Google business email is indeed a smart option. Upgrade to GSuite rather than free Gmail services. The integrated features are exclusively helpful in business management and growth. You can select the package as per your business requirement. Move fast together using smart cloud-based apps and collaborate them anywhere in real-time!

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