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7 Useful and Free Apps for Students

It’s customary to scold modern technologies: the Internet disconnects people, everyone sits with their hands on phones, and mobile games are the main enemy of academic achievement.

But the developers did a lot to make life easier for students. In this material, you can find seven useful applications that can be downloaded for free.


There is a huge number of electronic diaries, however, they are usually created for work, and not for study. But the simple and beautiful Timetable app targets school and university timetables. In it, you can not only add the time of lectures and additional classes but also enter, term papers, tests, and exams.

It is useful if you have a lot of homework and essays to write — you can just add them to the Timetable.

If you use such helpful platforms as RapidEssay, you can also set the assignment deadlines in the app. Under each subject, they suggest indicating on what days and where the lectures are, when the exam is scheduled, and even what the teacher’s name is.

MyScript Calculator

Endless calculations and long multi-level formulas are a sad reality for any student of a technical university. If you use a conventional mobile calculator, calculations have to be carried out in several stages, with inevitable errors and recounts again and again.

This problem is solved by MyScript Calculator — a handwriting-based calculator that allows you not only to write down the whole calculations but also not to worry about adding degrees and radicals but to write in the same way as in a notebook.

7 Useful and Free Apps for Students 1


During studies, one often has to use library books, which can be studied only in the reading room, as well as manuals, one for three people. In a situation where you need to quickly copy a large amount of text, the Scanbot scanning application will be better than the camera of a mobile phone.

Scanbot allows you to immediately sort the photographed documents into different albums so that you don’t get confused later on, you can upload the resulting image to the cloud or convert it to a PDF file. The paid version of the application also has a text recognition function.

Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a simple and effective timer built on the famous “tomato” technique, in which periods of intensive work are replaced by short breaks. In the classic version, this ratio is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, which helps the brain switch and relax, but the application allows the user to choose the number of time intervals. You can also adjust the number of “tomatoes”, the duration of a long break that occurs after passing several cycles, sounds at the end, etc.

Working with a timer, on the one hand, motivates you to work with concentration and without distraction, and on the other hand, reminds students who are interested in learning about the need to rest and, thus, not be lazy or overwork.


ToDoist is a simple scheduler with an intuitive interface that allows you to record in a couple of clicks an unexpectedly scheduled appointment or a transferred lecture. It is suitable for quick short notes about affairs and events when there is no time or ability to record in detail.

At the same time, the scheduler is quite functional: things can be divided into groups and monitor the progress of each project, view tasks according to the urgency of implementation, importance, etc., set reminders. For each completed task “karma” points are awarded, which motivates to continue to work.

In the paid version, the application can be synchronized with the Google calendar.

Nike + Training Club

Students often forget about it, but to study well, you need to keep fit: if the body is too tired, the mind also stops working well. For breaks (especially during the exam week) exercises are great. Nike + Training Club is a good free sports app. It has many workouts of different orientations: stretching, strength, cardio. All of them are accompanied by detailed explanations and video instructions of famous trainers.


The main disadvantage of smartphones is that they constantly distract us. Messages from friends, notifications about long-fed fish in one game or a completed castle in another, reminders about grandma’s birthday and that it’s time to drink water. Applications make life easier or make it a little more fun, but don’t let concentrate.

To help focus, AppBlock is great. At the hours you set (for example, allocated for preparing for exams), it will block distracting applications so that at this time you won’t be able to enter them, and notifications will not come, which will allow you to work more productively.

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