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Tips to Choose the Best Android Spy App for Monitoring Your Kids’ Smartphone

The development of internet technology now plays a significant role in shaping children’s characteristics. Researches show that children now spend most of their time with their gadgets.

How do parents deal with this problem?

What they can do to minimize the risky behavior caused by the internet and social media?

Android spy app might become one of the best solutions to opt by parents to monitor what their kids do with the internet.

How to Find the Rightest Android Spy App?

To find the most suitable Android spy app that will meet your requirements, there are some things that you need to consider well.

Secure Monitoring

Security is the most important aspect of every monitoring activity. Make sure that the application you choose will send all the monitoring logs taken from another Android phone to your own email. This is important to prevent the targeted device user from finding out what you do.

Discreet and Tamper Proof

The discreet and tamper proof should be another thing you put into consideration when selecting the spy application for Android. You need to be sure that there will be no one to get access to the application without your permit. The software chosen should be protected and it will be better if there is a customized access code, password, or URL required to get the access.

Log Everything

The spy application should be able to log everything. There should be key store logging features to enable the users to view the activities of all the applications on Android. This is to make sure that your kids will not get any chance to perform risky behavior behind your back.

Provide Remote Control Panel

A good spy application for Android should have a remote control panel to enable you to do remote monitoring. In this way, you will not need to be worried about how to check your kids’ online activities when you are not with them. The remote control panel will enable you to switch on and off the monitoring from a remote place.

The Best Android Spy App to Choose

If you are looking for the Android spy app with the best performance, there is no better one than iKeyMonitor. This is a family-friendly application that can be used to log records SMS, photos, call history, capture screenshots, keystrokes, media social chats, and much more. Parents will find it very easy to control their little ones’ social media activities by using the application. There are many interesting features provided include mail app spy, app blocker, screen time limit, and more.

To use the iKeyMonitor application to monitor your kids’ cell phone only requires simple steps.

Tips to Choose the Best Android Spy App for Monitoring Your Kids’ Smartphone 1

Sign Up

First, you need to sign up. You can register a 3-day free trial account provided by the application to find out how it will work for you.

Log in Cloud

The next thing to do is log in the cloud panel. It will allow you to download the application on the Android phone that becomes your target.

Install iKeyMonitor

Once you finish downloading, you can start to install the application. When it gets finished, make sure to input the license key so you can register to iKeyMonitor.

Start Spying

After finishing the registration process, you can instantly start spying your kids’ activity when online.

iKeyMonitor Android spy app is a very useful tool to help parents increase children’s safety in the virtual world. Controlling the children’s online activities becomes much easier by using the application. Parents will easily check who makes online interaction with their children. In this way, any risk might occur in the future caused by the internet could be prevented and iKeyMonitor comes with the best features to benefit the parents.

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