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  1. Niki Kidman says:

    It looks like a little complicated…Wow, Thanks your post … Download privacy protection app is the best way to protect our privacy! My boyfriend always snoops my phone!!! Very embarrassing… Among all of apps I had used, prefer LEO Privacy much better…Because it not only provided with boost, virus detection, but also with privacy protection features… If you have any other applocks to recommend, please leave message and give some comments!

  2. I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. Hexlock is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~

    1. Hello Minmin
      Thanks for landing by.
      Yes Hexlock is a great app locker for android.

      But let me check how LEO Privacy is.
      I will tell you later about my opnions regarding it.
      Keep visiting

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