How to download torrent files with IDM

How to download Torrent files with IDM?

It is a well-known fact that torrents are mostly used to download big files like games, videos, movies link etc that are available on torrent site. When you download files using Torrent, the speed depends upon the number of seeds and peers etc. At times the speed of Torrents gets too low due to low seeds. This definitely poses a serious threat when it comes to downloading huge files in India. But fear not, in times like this Torrent to IDM comes into play

In this post, we will be discussing simple yet effective tricks to download Torrent with IDMHow to download torrent files with IDMThis post will explain to you how to download Torrents with IDM and the other advantages that it offers. IDM or the Internet Download Manager gives you 10 times speed than regular Torrent Download Manager and works faster than any other IDM optimizer. Let’s first dig into some words about the torrent. 

What is Torrent?

Torrent is nothing but an extension to download your favorite files with ease.

Why we download torrent files with IDM?

IDM is the perfect tool to be used in schools and offices where Torrent Websites are often blocked. You can use these tips to download Torrents with IDM bypassing the restriction on Torrent downloads. For getting more info about how to access blocked sites check the article. 

Internet Download Manager, not just downloads things like free mp3 songs and other things for you but it also helps you in scheduling your downloads. As an IDM user, you can also manage the number of files you want to download simultaneously. 

Methods for Downloading torrent with IDM

Moving on to this post, we bring to you the top online tools that will help you to download Torrent files with IDM. You can find famous sites of various categories in the best torrent or torrenting sites.These online BitTorrent clients will first cache Torrent files to their server and then let you download Torrents with direct download link. This will eliminate the worry about Seeders or Leechers and it will increase torrent speed. If you buy a premium membership then your file will be stored to your cloud dashboard in a minute. However if you need best torrent or torrenting sites.

These online BitTorrent clients will first cache Torrent files to their server and then let you download Torrents with direct download link. This will eliminate the worry about Seeders or Leechers. If you buy a premium membership your file will be stored to your cloud dashboard in a minute. However if you need the traditional method of how you can download torrent with another torrent client then check these best torrent clients.

1. Zbigz

Zbigz is one of the best Torrent caching sites that are currently available on the internet. There are two versions of Zbigz available, the first one is free and second one is paid. For the paid one you will require paid premium account. Downloading Torrent files with IDM is easy by Zbigz or you can say it is easiest Torrent to IDM method.

zbigz torrent caching system

To download Torrent with ZBIGZ follow these steps.

  • First, you will have to download Torrent file which you want to download with IDM.
  • Once you have got your Torrent file, open
  • Now Sign up for a free account or get a premium account of Zbigz from their site.
  • Click on Upload .torrent file and Select your torrent file and Click on Go.
  • Wait some time till caching of your files get completed.
  • Once the caching is completed, click on Transfer button.
  • Your torrent file will get downloaded in IDM.

2. OffCloud

Of cloud gives you a 7-day free trial. You can download 50GB+ torrent files with one day trial. But for this, you have to verify your email. Wait for some time and a verification link will be sent to your email, just click on it to verify your account.

  • Visit Off Cloud. I have put a link at the end of the section.
  • Sign up and create an account.
  • Now copy your favorite torrent’s magnet link.
  • Paste this link on the Offcloud/Quick Torrent Dashboard.
  • Offcloud will upload the file to your account within minutes.
  • Now you can download torrent files with IDM using the direct download link.

3. ByteBX

Bbytebx download torrent to idmyteBX is another best tool for Torrent to IDM downloading. With ByteBX you can download your favorite file in Torrent. ByteBX has similar versions for its users like Zbigz. You get a free version while you have to buy premium account of ByteBX to enjoy it fully. To Download Torrent files with ByteBX just follow these easy steps.

  • Visit the website of ByteBX at
  • Sign up for a free or premium account.
  • Click on upload torrent option and browse your .torrent file.
  • Wait till the caching is completed.
  • Now you will be provided a direct download link of the torrent file.


PutDrive also gives you the direct download link of the Torrent file. But PutDrive has some limitations. You cannot download files larger than 10 GB. It is just perfect for users who want to download mp3 songs, movies and games of small size.

putdrive torrent downloader

  • Visit the
  • Register yourself for a free account.
  • Upload your Torrent file and wait till it gets cached completely.
  • Once, caching of the file is completed you can download the torrent file at high-speed in IDM.

5. Torrent Handler

Torrent handler is one of the faster clients available to download Torrent with IDM. One of the biggest advantages with Torrent Handler is that it doesn’t require any preinstalled software. It provides a secure downloading for your Torrent files.

torrent handler

  • Upload your Torrent file
  • Wait for the file to get cached, it will take some time.
  • You will be required to put your email address.
  • Once the file is cached, the download link will be sent to you email id.
  • Click on it and download it via IDM – Internet Download Manager


Boxopus is a Torrent caching site which uploads your Torrent files on their private servers. This provides unmatched high-speed downloads. The best part about Boxopus is that it provides all its services for free unlike to other torrent caching sites like Zbigz , ByteBX.


  • Open
  • Sign up for an account using your e-mail.
  • Upload your torrent file on this site.
  • Wait till the caching gets completed.
  • Simply, download your torrent file in IDM once caching is completed.

7. Filestream:

Filestream Cloud storage is currently the most reliable and fastest way to download Torrent files with IDM. Filestream allows users to paste Torrent link or .torrent file on their website and generate a direct download of your files.

  • Visit the website of Filestream and sign up using your Email id.
  • Verify your Email Address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your Email Inbox.
  • Paste the link to your Torrent file to Filestream dashboard
  • Click on Download Button and IDM will start downloading the files from the torrent to Filestream server.
  • After the caching process is complete you will get options to download the file.
  • Click on the Download button that will appear on the right to your filename.
  • If the download does not start then right click on the download link and copy the download link.
  • Open IDM and paste the download link.
  • If you download torrent frequently then use Filestream premium subscription to get your file cached fast.
  • Usually, Free users get less priority. So though you will get faster speed while downloading torrent using Filestream the premium accounts get the top priority


How to download torrent file greater than 10 GB for free?

If you are a torrent lover then you might be irritated with that low speed downloading with uTorrent or Bit torrent due to less seeders and leechers available, hadn’t you?

Download torrent with Idm

Well then here is something really interesting thing for you. Now, you can download your torrent files with the Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other download manager. Have you ever wonder about it? Let’s discuss step by step how to download torrents with IDM.


Step – 1: Find your torrent files that you want to download on any torrent sites like Kickass, Torrentz etc. And then Copy the magnet link of the torrent or download the torrent file.

Copying torrent Address

Step – 2: Now go to the and Paste the copied magnet link in appropriate area or upload torrent file that you already downloader, And then click on go button Wait for moment while your torrent file get cached

Seeding of torrent


Step – 3: Then click on the Download button

Downloaded file from seeded torrent

Step – 4: That’s it. Enjoy the super fast torrent downloading with Internet Downloader Manager.

File is being downloaded through IDM

GetMyTorrent Features

This site is for free torrent downloading that allows its users Superfast torrent downloading experience without any seeders and leechers limitations. And many other features compare to any premium torrent downloader without any restriction on the user.

Following are the Features of GetMyTorrent:

Ø 10 GB Torrent Storage

Ø No Speed Limitations

Ø Resume capability

Ø Archiving before download

Ø Simultaneous downloads: Unlimited

Ø Downloaded files available for 7 days

Ø Unlimited bandwidth

Specific User Capability:

For Unregistered users:

o   Torrent size limit: 2GB

o   File available for download: 2 Days

o   Resume Capability: Yes

o   Speed limit: No

For Registered users:

o   Torrent size limit: 5GB

o   File available for download: 7 Days

o   Resume Capability: Yes

o   Speed limit: No

For Registered + Referral users:

o   Torrent size limit: 10GB (512Mb per reference)

o   File available for downloading: 7 Days

o   Resume Capability: Yes

o   Speed limit: No

o   Maximum referral Limit: 10

Best ZbigZ Alternative – GetMyTorrent

GetMyTorrent is simply the best site to download your favorite torrent files at super fast speed. GetMyTorrent has very responsive User Interface which you can easily access from any PC, Mobile or Tablet. Download torrent files with your iPhone, Android Devices or Windows Phone with ease. It gives blazing fast download speed, resume support, 100% secure connection to your Torrent download needs. Your ISP, Office or University Network Administrator can’t trace your online activity thanks to GetMyTorrent Secure account for every single user.

Do you have a .torrent file link or magnet link?

Then simply paste it on the GetMyTorrent account and your file will be ready within few minutes which you can download directly from your browser or Download Manager or IDM.

You will get Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Speed for your torrents.

Compare this free service with ZbigZ premium.

Overall I am pleased with GetMyTorrent Download Speed, it gives me the maximum download Speed my ISP allows and 10 GB storage which I haven’t find on any other similar sites. No matter how Big your Torrent file is, GetMyTorrent will download it in within a few minutes and you don’t need to worry about seeders and leechers anymore

So, this sums up all about the various tricks to download a torrent file with IDM (torrent to IDM). We have tried to share the best torrent caching sites which you can use for free download movie apps, software, games and many other. We hope you got the answer of questions on how to download the torrent file using IDM.

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