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15 most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts that works on all browsers


Whenever we browse internet, we use mouse to control our surfing but if we use keyboard shortcuts for some tasks then you can do you work more quickly and effectively. Most of us generally ignore the keyboard shortcuts as you have to memorize them but still there are some very useful keyboard shorcuts that all of us should be aware of.

1.Navigating the Opened Tabs



It opened the next opened Tab, moves in cyclic order.

2.Navigating to a particular Tab


eg. Ctrl+2 opens 2nd Tab

3.Reopen Recently Closed Tab(most useful)


4.Close Current Opened Tab

Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W

5.Creating New Tab


6. Opening New Browser Window


7.Do Private Browsing in New Window

incognito window


In Private browsing your history and cache will not be saved when you close your browser window.

8.Automatically Adding www prefix and .com suffix to a website name


eg.If you type Google in Address bar, then after pressing Ctrl+Enter you can the url will automatically convert to “”.

9.Deleting Cache for a particular Website only

This is known as Cache Override, when you are surfing a particular website and you want to delete the cache of that particular website then you can use following key combination for that.After that the website will reload without having cache.

Firefox: Control + Shift + R

Chrome: Control + F5 or Shift + F5

Internet Explorer: Control + F5

10.Open Clear Browsing Window

clear browsing history


11.Bookmark Current Website


12.Open Download History


13.Focus on Address Bar

we have may shortcuts for this:F6 or Ctrl+L or Alt+D

14.Opening the website in new tab


eg. If you type “” in address bar and press Alt+Enter, it will open in new tab.

15.Zooming Web Page

Increase Zoom: Ctrl and + or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel up

Decrease Zoom: Ctrl and – or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down

Default Zoom Level i.e 100% zoom level: Ctrl + 0(zero)

Full Screen Mode:F11

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