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  1. Victoria Tegg says:

    Thanks for this, i use Ad Block Plus and it works great (firefox) We need to find a way to use hotspot shield elite somehow, i remeber one program that resets trail period for programs but this one uses internet identification for it so no can do

  2. Ashley Jones says:

    The information you have given is basic. I am well aware of these simple steps to block pop-ups. Unfortunately, the pop-up adware has gone way beyond such simple remedies. It even disables the “delete” button on Firefox. Quickheal is HELPLESS in dealing with this problem.

    I have a longstanding complaint about it with Quickheal. No one has been able to solve it. Sadly I bought a 3 year version of internet security from Quickheal which is unable to even locate this malware. It always gives a clean report while I constantly get atleast 5 browser pages open when my PC is idle telling me to click the ad and I have won a car or a lottery or to do shopping at Myntra. Quickheal is not capable of dealing with this.

    1. Just use the extension on chrome.
      Thants it.

      It will block all facebook ads too.

      Hope that helps.


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