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7 Best Torrent Clients 2016 for faster torrent download

You can find a variety of great torrent clients that can work well for your download needs. It will work better when you can find a proper option that is efficient enough for the requirements you might hold.

There are many useful options worth trying out as you are looking for a quality torrent client. These options will help you with getting the most out of your setup with a faster download that will be easier for you to utilize.

best torrent clients

What are Torrents files?

Torrents are basically files that people share over the internet to download. These files can be of any type like Software, Movies, Games etc. For identifying torrent file, we can see .torrent extension in the filename. You can download torrent by this file. If you are facing ad problem in utorrent then don’t worry, you can remove Ads From uTorrent too. For downloading, you will need some best torrent client 2016 which provide great downloading speed.

How does Torrent Works?

Torrent concept was first introduced by Napster in the year 1999. It works on peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) protocol. You can check this article about best torrenting sites to get detailed information about the torrent concept.

Advantages of Torrents:

  • Torrents are useful to download paid content of any type like movies, games, software and many other for free.
  • You can think it as of Wikipedia of paid things.
  • You can also share your own file with the world for downloading.
  • You can upload and download files from top torrent sites with a lot of ease.

Disadvantages of torrents:

  • Most of the torrent sources are unreliable and they contain the virus. It becomes difficult for a newbie to identify a good torrent.
  • A hacker can exploit the information stolen from your computer. They can first upload the torrent with the virus and can ask users to download it.
  • You will not get good torrent downloading speed even if you have high-speed internet connection.
  • The funny thing about the torrenting site is that these sites are itself are not illegal(considered) but downloading paid files from these sites is considered as an illegal activity. Socked 🙂 I guess you are.

But don’t worry you will never get caught for doing these stuff. Most of the time torrent site owner get notification from the copyright holder about removing their content. But site owner also plays games. They simply hide their whois data to hide their identity. Then it becomes like a black box. Nevertheless, let’s dig into the best torrent client available for getting maximum download speed.

Top Best Torrent Clients 2016 For Windows, Mac, and Linux | Best Torrent Software

Before going into the best torrenting client software available in the market lets get knowledge about what actually these torrent clients are?

What are Torrent Clients?

Torrent client is simply some application or software which we can download and run on our PC. It’s good to have best torrent client software otherwise, we will not get high downloading speed.

Now I will tell you about the best client for torrent download. Enjoy!!

1. Utorrent

utorrent logo best torrent clientUtorrent is a good choice to find when looking for a way to get torrents. Utorrent is popular for offering a lighter body that is not too complicated. This is easy for you to use when compared with many other options. In fact, this works with Magnetic URL downloads to go with other commonplace options. This should be efficient enough for most of your download needs thanks to how crisp and clean the program is.

This program is a simple option that has clearly labeled buttons and links. It also lets you identify individual files and lets you select what parts of a torrent you want to download versus what needs to be skipped. This may be used for many functions to create a smarter organization that is easy to handle and utilize. This can certainly add a good design to your torrent setup and should be easily used with enough care for whatever it is you want to download for any specific purpose.

Download Link: 

 Utorrent for Windows   |   Utorrent for Mac   |   Utorrent for Linux   |   Utorrent for Android  

2. Vuze

Vuze is anothvuze logoer option that is available in many forms. It is available in a free version as well as a paid option that offers antivirus protection, the ability to burn files onto a DVD and much more. This can even stream torrents as they are being downloaded.

This can also link to RSS subscriptions and download new files from them automatically or by prompt depending on the option you choose. This also offers a web remote feature that lets you download items by different clients or setups depending on what you might prefer to utilize when making this work.

Download Link:

Vuze for Windows  |  Download Tixati  |  Vuze for Android 

3. Bitlord

bitlord logoAnother popular choice to find when looking for a faster torrent download is BItlord. This option is best suited for managing larger downloads. It can work with new torrent files that you can create. It is also supported by a stronger encryption system to keep the data in your torrents clean and free from any outside threats that might potentially get in the way of your program.

Download Link

 BitLord for Windows  |  BitLord for Mac torrent client

4. Transmission

Those who are looking for a torrent client for both desktop or mobile use can consider the Transmission client. This option is a remote-controlled choice that is suitable for a variety of devices and can even work with a Raspberry Pi computer module.

Transmission works with a variety of particular distro packages. It can also be downloaded through dedicated client programs that are designed for servers. This allows for a server to link to many different computers with Transmission working to get many torrents ready for different computers in a spot. This, in turn, makes it easier for more people to get their downloads managed properly.

 Download Transmission 

5. Deluge

Deluge logoDeluge is a choice for your torrent needs that can make a difference in how you are downloading files. Deluge works in that you will get proxy support and can even set up passwords for different downloaded files. This allows you to manage your setup quite well while making it easier for you to get a torrent loaded up properly. For best proxy site check this article.

Download Deluge Torrent Client

6. qBittorrent

qbittorent client

The next choice to see is qBittorrent, an open source choice that is lightweight in terms of its size. It is easy to install onto your computer quite easily. It is also supported by a vast variety of operating systems.

The simple physical arrangement of qBittorrent helps you recognize what files are being loaded up and data for individual files as they are being downloaded. This helps you get a closer look at what is going on within your computer as it takes care of the downloads that you are working with. This, in turn, establishes a better control that is easy to follow and should be rather simple for you to consider.

 Download qBittorrent 

7. Tixati

tixati best torrent client

The last choice for you to look at is Tixati. This is a popular torrent client option. Thanks to how it uses a basic user interface. It can forward torrents to different download ports and works with magnetic links to connect to more computers when needed. This is a reliable option that will download torrents quickly when configured properly.

Tixati even comes in a special build option that can be loaded onto a USB drive. This allows you to quickly load up the program onto a portable media drive and get all configuration files ready for use in any case. This, in turn, establishes a smarter organization that should be rather easy to manage. If used right, it will help you get more items downloaded rather quickly.

Download Tixati client

These are good choices to find for your torrent client needs. Be sure to check on each option’s website to learn more about each choice and to see which option is the best one for your demands.

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