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Top 30+ Best Torrent Sites 2021 (New Torrent Websites)

Everybody likes free stuff, we all are using a lot of software that are by default very expensive but we use their cracked version for free. The most common example is Windows OS, for personal use almost nobody buys the genuine version of windows but we get the cracked version of it.

Most of us get it from our friends,  but do you know where does this premium content comes from and that also completely free.

The answer is “Torrent sites“.Let’s try to explore what is Torrent what are the things you can do with it.  These list includes torrent sites to download movies, music , private , BitTorrent.  Hope you find them useful.

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2 Top best Torrent Sites 2021

What is a torrent?

what is torrent sites?
The general meaning of Torrent in English is the Strong fast-moving stream of water. I don’t know why they have kept this name but I think by torrent, they mean.

“We have a fast moving stream of water and  pure water(mineral water) is available to us for free in the same way  Torrent sites provides valuable content(pure water) for free”.

I don’t know that whether I formulated it right but this is what I think. If you have a different opinion then you are welcome to comment your opinions below.

Technically speaking Torrent is basically a link to trackers. Trackers are the elements which either are after that same file. I will explain seeders and leechers before explaining about best torrent sites.

We have “Seeders”, these are computers which already have the file present in them and they are providing the download link to us and therefore file will be uploaded from their computer and “leechers” are the computer which are downloading that file.

Therefore, “Seeders” increased download bandwidth of the file and “Leechers” decrease download speed of file. In simple words more “Seeders” is good for us as they increase our downloading speed and more “Leechers” is bad for us as they reduce our downloading speed. You can check for the router settings and any configuration needs, this guide will help you solve all the network connection problems.If you have downloaded the file then you will automatically become a Seeder” but your internet upload bandwidth will be consumed. However, you can stop being a Seeder manually.

I hope it is making sense.

How torrent download site works?

Torrent download sites work on the concept of Peer to peer. This method was invented by Bram Cohen. He is also the founder of BitTorrent.  Also check out Dream11 Android App Download . The data simply get transfer from one pc to another and help users to download premium stuff for free.

This video explains pretty well how torrent sites works. Watch out.

Well, this was the theory part, now lets move onto some practical stuff about torrents

Let’s take look at:

Top best Torrent Sites 2021Top best torrent websites

[box title=”Recommended Torrent Sites” style=”soft” box_color=” #f66464 ” title_color=”White” radius=”10″]


1. KickAss Torrents – World’s Best top Torrent Site

KickAss Torrent sites is ranked on #1 among best torrent sites 2021. It has millions of uploads to choose from.

Features of KickAss Torrent:

  • Alexa Global Rank: 79
  • It’s very popular among music lovers as it provides a large collection of music torrents and is updated very frequently.
  • Due to premium content, KickAss Torrents sites is on the watch of many anti-piracy authorities and the site is down from time to time. But they escape from it by changing its domain from .ph to .so to .im to .cr and now to .to domain.
  • The site is good for all kinds of stuff such as latest movies, songs, TV Episodes, Ebooks and Softwares.
  • It has its own user community in which you can request your own torrent. I have used it for getting ebooks and in most cases they provide us with the file that we need. That’s why I love it.
  • No pop ads therefore, no irritation and nice user experience.

2. – Best Torrenting Search Engine

It is not a torrenting site but is basically a Torrent Search Engine i.e it shows all torrents available by scanning through all popular torrents and provide links to the appropriate torrent site. You can have some trouble accessing the site, therefore, you can use proxies for accessing the site. If you aren’t sure which site to use for getting the best sites then this site is for you as it displays torrent links to other sites in order of quality of torrent sites.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 212
  • Best Torrent Search Engine for torrent sites.
  • Provides with latest available torrent in every category such as Music, Video and Ebooks etc.
  • Good for Novice Torrent users
  • Its has Pop Up Adds, therefore, can be frustrating sometimes

3. ThePirateBay – World’s Best Torrenting Site

ThePirateBay is one of the best torrent sites for 2021. It has lots of stuff available for free therefore it has been under serious trouble by piracy checking authorities.

The Pirate Bay was founded by Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde in 2003.  This is the most preerred bittorrent downloading site for all torrent lovers. In the year 2009, all cofounders were arrested and found guilty.

It has many version but the best one among them is .

Features of ThePirateBay

  • Alexa Global Rank: 258
  • Its mostly used for downloading songs, softwares and latest movies.
  • The site is available in 30 languages.
  • No Pop-up Ads
  • Nice User Interface
  • Good Search Engine for finding appropriate torrent sites.

4. ExtraTorrent – One of the Best Torrent Site

ExtraTorrent has been one of the best torrent sites for quite a long time.It is another site for getting all kind of premium stuff for free. The site has run into many piracy issues and has violated policies of many sites and has changed its extension from .com to .cc. It shows Health Meter of a torrent which tells about the condition of this sites, therefore, it becomes easy to choose appropriate torrent.

Features of ExtraTorrent:

  • Alexa Global Rank: 472
  • No Pop Up Ads but has other types of adds
  • It has Live Chat feature that enables chatting among other members of the community
  • It has its own community for help
  • Provides with latest and best premium stuff for free

5. – Best P2P Torrent Site

This is recently developed torrent sites but it has become popular in very less time. It’s on the recommendation of many experienced torrent users. The cool thing about this website is its strong P2P experience which allows distribution of work among peers i.e many peers contribute to make torrent seed better therefore giving better download speed.

It was started as Bulgarian Tracker but is now accessible in many countries.

Features of –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 985
  • Good P2P experience
  • It has lots of content including Movies that are shown categories wise like Action, Drama, Old etc, Games, Music, Ebooks and much more.
  • This also shows news about latest movies and video on its homepage


It’s very popular torrent site in the UK(United Kingdom). It has very large Community which helps in providing premium content by providing the torrent that is in good health. This torrent site is one of the safest torrent downloading sites and has many many virus detections and FakeTorrent checking mechanism. This is a torrent site to download movies and shows.

Features of 

  • Alexa Global Rank: 1,167
  • Best torrent site in the UK
  • All Torrents are safe and verified
  • Movies available in High Quality as well as Low Quality
  • Huge Database of videos, music and games.
  • This is also a very good music torrent sites to download premium music.

7. – Best Torrent Site for Movies and TV Shows

EZTV is torrent search engine specially for downloading latest Movies and Tv Shows for free. It shows some TV Episodes that you might not find in any other Torrent sites. It also had some privacy issues and has changed its domain name couple of times. You can visit their forum for requesting any TV series.  You can easily download files from this

sites using BitTorrent.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 1,457
  • Best Search Engine for downloading TV Episodes for free
  • Good Community support
  • Has unique content that may not be available on any other Torrent site
  • Simple UI and fast website access

8. BitSnoop – Most Advanced Torrent Search Engine

BitSnoop now has the largest collection of torrents available among all the best sites in the world. The user interface is Cleaner and handier having minimalist looks.It has an outstanding 19 million torrents in their website. You will not be disappointed with this site, its cool site to try out some cool stuff for free.

Features of  BitSnoop –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 4,791
  • Upgraded searching algorithm with more options
  • SafeSearch: Don’t Like Adult Stuff, one can use this to remove all adult stuff in results on website
  • It has more filtering with separate daily, weekly and monthly ratings.
  • Has automatic torrent validation and FakeSkan for checking fake torrents on this torrent site.

9. YIFY Torrents

Its also called YTS, the YIFY team is instantly popularized among torrent sites mainly because of their extensive participation in Movie Torrenting. They have a very large original collection of Movies. The site is mainly for downloading moves in high quality. You can check this torrent site for mac too.

Features of  YIFY Torrents

  • Alexa Global  Rank: 2,422
  • Safe Torrent Site for downloading High Quality Movies and Songs
  • It has Chat Area where you can chat with other community members
  • Best Site for downloading new movies and songs for free
  • It has huge collection of Hollywood Movies
  • All Torrents are virus free and also has FakeTorrent checker
  • Simplified UI for fast loading

10. Monova was established in 2005. It’s emerging as popular torrent site and provides torrents that you might not find in any other torrenting site. The best part of this torrent site is that it allows users to upload the torrent and make it available to users around the world.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 2857
  • Large number of Movies, TV shows, software and games are uploaded daily
  • Easy to use interface
  • It has option of downloading videos through torrent
  • Comments are available on every torrent to check authenticity of the torrent
  • Responsive Website
  • Has irritating adds and Ads Pop Ups
  • This is one of the best available software sites for torrent.

11. – Best Torrent Site in Design and User Interface

It was built as a replacement to piratebay as piratebay was being taken down quite frequently. Interestingly, the people behind are the same ones behind the tnew “”. From its development, the site as evolved as a success and is very popular. Although it’s not as big as Piratebay but still is have pretty huge fan base. The “” was turned down and “” was developed afterward which is currently working perfectly. Iso hunt torrent site is suitable for BitTorrent.

Features of :

  • Alexa Global Rank: 3,679
  • Beautiful & Modern UI
  • Multiple categories like Animation, Softwares, Movies, Music, Others etc are available
  • Provide latest and top torrents list in various categories like Music and TV Episodes
  • Healthy Torrent are displayed otherwise the torrent will be deleted from site

12. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is another good torrent sites of 206 and is bound to be taking part in any torrent search that you perform. Although it has not run into any legal issues therefore its domain is safe till date. This site can be counted on for average torrenting needs.

It has been for a long time and is absolutely trustworthy. It has good user interface and responsive site.

Make sure to give it a try. is safe till date. This site can be counted on for average torrenting needs.

It has been for a long time and is absolutely trustworthy. It has good user interface and responsive site.

Make sure to give it a try.

  • Alexa Global Rank:3,195
  • Has over 8 million torrent
  • Absolutely Safe for downloading torrent
  • Responsive Site
  • Good User Interface
  • Virus Scan and FakeTorrent detection support
  • Popular searches are shown in HomePage

 13. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents has come into the list because of its many cool features, some of them are Quick Search, All Torrents are divided categorically as Movies, TV Series, Games, Music, Apps and much more.

Features of Lime Torrents

  • Alexa Global Rank: 98,048 (old rank: 4,374)
  • Quick Search Feature
  • Torrent Files categorized as Movies, TV Series, Games, Music, Apps and much more.
  • Has Responsive search bar


SeedPeer is one of the best torrent site and is one of the best torrent search engine as well. You can search for your favorite file and it will display most appropriate and safe torrents in the results.

On the Home page of the website, you will get Best Torrent Downloads for Movies, TV Shows, Music and much more. I like the name of this website seed peer, directly stating what its meant for. You can download your favorite music through this torrent site.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 7773
  • Safe Torrents
  • Top Torrent download list displayed in every category such as TV Shows,Music, Games etc
  • Users Comments on every torrent help us identify authenticity and usefulness of content in torrent

15. Tor Lock – Best Torrent Site for multiple niches

TorLock is the best torrent site and stands in 15th position. This site is completely free from fake torrents. Fake Torrents not only waste our time but the files in it can damage our PC as they contain trojans and viruses.

Therefore, for security purpose, this Torrenting site is the best.

It also provides with the option of reading users comments, therefore, help the user to check review about the torrent and its ranking.

Tor lock is private torrent sites to download premium content.

Features of TorLock

  • Alexa Global Rank:  8,316
  • All Torrents are secure and genuine
  • Authenticity of Torrent can be checked via user comments
  • Simple UI with minimum interface and no Ads
  • Home Page contains Top Torrents in every category such as Games, Movies, Music and Animation
  • Popular Searches are also shown on the top of the website


TorrentFunk is again one of the best Torrenting Sites. You will get verified files which are trusted by downloaders and TorrentFunk Team. All Torrent files will be malware and virus free. On Home page, you would find top torrent searches and Top 50 Torrents list.

Features of TorrentFunk

  • Alexa Global Rank: 3558
  • Virus and Malware Free Torrents
  • Top torrents list shown on Home page of website
  • All torrents are Trusted and Verified

17. – One of the best Torrent Site

TorrentReactor is great Torrent Sites and is pretty famous for its nice and royal User Interface. On the Homepage, you would find your favorite torrent files based on categories such as movies or Games. You can search your torrent files in the Search Bar located on the top of the website.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 8,590
  • Top torrent files are shown in categories like Softwares, Games and Music

TorrentReactor is one of the top sites with polished User Interface which you must check out.On Home Page of this site, you can find your favorite torrent files based on different categories like Animes, Softwares, Games, Music etc. You can also find your favorite torrent by search bar located on top of this site.

18. is the newest and best torrent website for downloading premium content for free and safely. You will find many categories of the file on their websites such as Movies, Music, Games and Animation. Many files are added daily to the website thus this website is updated very frequently.

It provides torrent with magnetic links also. Magnetic Link directly opens the torrent client and your files are queued for downloading the torrent client such as BitTorrent or Utorrent. Just try this site for one time and definitely you would not regret.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 3,002
  • Large Collection of Torrents
  • High-Quality Torrent which has plenty of seeders and FakeScan Checker also.
  • Good for downloading high-quality movies for free

19. – Best Russian Torrent site is one of the best torrenting sites but it’s in Russian language but using Google Translator one can convert it to English. It has various categories such as Games, Music, and Softwares.

  • Alexa Global Rank: 3,049
  • Its has many categories for movies such as Foreign Movies, Soviet Movies, Best Drama movies or Mobile Videos
  • Good site categorical organization
  • Good Website interface


Demonoid is one of the best torrent hub. It has many good features which include FakeTorrent Detector, Advanced Torrent Search. It has clean files which are virus and malware free.

Features of –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 25,361
  • Fake Torrent Detection
  • Clean and Malware Free files
  • Good Community Support
  • Shows Top Torrent List
  • Can upload your own torrent

21. GamesTorrents – Best Torrent Site for downloading Games

GamesTorrents is one of the most popular torrent sites which provides games for various platforms such as PC, XBox360, PS3, WII, Mac etc. Basically, this site is very popular in Spain and has 771 rank there. You can download games related to various genres such as Action, Strategy, Sports, Fighting, Love etc.

Features of –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 5,880
  • Free HD Games for various platforms such as XBox,Windows,Mac, PS3
  • The site is in different language maybe Spanish but you can change it to English using Google Translator
  • Various Categories of Games supported such as 2D, 3D, Action, Fighting, Strategy etc
  • Simplified and Polished Website interface


In spite of having annoying ads this site contains a large collection of torrents, therefore, it has become popular among the Torrent community. While going to particular torrent there could be annoying pop-up ads, therefore, this could make things complex for the new user.

Features of

  • Global Alexa Rank: 4069
  • Large collection of unique torrents
  • Quickly Growing Torrent Site


Btstorr is another P2P Sharing environment i.e it supports downloading files through Torrents. It has many advertisements and the pop-up, therefore, the website is a bit annoying. It has a huge library of torrents to choose from. Good browsing experience for the user because of polished and impressive UI. Suitable for BitTorrent torrent sites download.

BTScene is another long time participant in the P2P Sharing environment. Of late, it has become a hub of advertisements and pop-ups.  Nevertheless, it has got a huge library to choose from and has a good browsing experience for recent torrents. is currently ranked at #13,680 globally, on Alexa.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 22,537
  • Seeds available for most of the torrents
  • Huge library of torrents to choose from
  • Good browsing experience

24. – One of the best Torrent Downloading Site is one of the emerging torrent site. It has lots of Spanish Content in the form of Torrents. But here your can find English torrents also. The UI of the Website is impressive and elegant. I would like to recommend it in music torrent sites for you.

Features of –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 31,105
  • Huge Library of Torrents to choose from
  • It has the minimalist home page and is very impressive to look at.
  • It generally focuses on Spanish content but there you can find English Torrent also.


IPTorrents is another upcoming site for downloading reliable torrents. It has got lots of content to download from. It has highly popular and is emerging very fast.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 3411
  • Huge Content to choose from
  • High-Quality Content
  • Good and Polished UI
  • Easy to understand site interface

26. – Best Torrent Downloading Site without any TorrentClient

Basically it’s not a torrent downloading site and nor it’s a torrent search engine. ZBigZ allows you to upload torrent files into it and gives you the direct download link for the file you want to download.  You can also try other best torrent clients to download torrent file. This is the must know method to download torrent file.

Therefore, you don’t need any Torent Client such as BitTorrent or uTorrent. Zbigz is highly working torrent client sites.

Features of –

  • Alexa Global Rank: 11,890
  • Getting Direct Download link to your torrent files via uploading Torrent or Torrent Download link in the website.
  • It has free as well as premium version
  • The free version lets you download files up to 1GB with some ads.
  • With premium version, you can download torrent files of any size without any annoying ads.

27. – One of the best Torrenting Sites

Mininova is one of the decent torrent sites for users. It has some pop-up that may be annoying. The good thing about the website is that they provide some alternative for downloads such as the direct download of files.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 40,766
  • It has many options for downloading torrent
  • It has good user Interface and design
  • Categorywise division of Torrents for faster access to appropriate torrent

28. – Best Torrent Files Downloading Service is the most famous 3rd party based torrent downloading service.Its same as, where you need to place your torrent link first to get your direct download link . After the download link is generated you can download your file using IDM or any other download manager. This type of service is useful where using Torrent Clients is prohibited. Examples of such devices are iPhone,iPad and iPod. Also, it is the best torrent for Mac.

Features of

  • Alexa Global Rank: 54,574
  • Up to 2GB cloud Storage on free version
  • Get direct download link by uploading torrent on the website
  • Premium version supports torrent files of any size and you will get a single direct download link for files


This torrent site is popular for getting content as soon as it is released, therefore, the site is updated very frequently. Great quality content in the site. You should definitely checkout this one.

Features of – It is one of the best torrenting sites

  • Alexa Global Rank:15,382
  • Providing freshest content as soon as the content is released
  • Large collection of torrent
  • Great quality content

30. – 30th Best Torrenting Site has more than 4 million quality uploads. It is one of the largest torrent sites. The site has large torrents which can be a bit annoying. The website design is very creative and elegant.

Features of

  • Global-Alexa Rank:73,187
  • It has more than 4 million torrent uploads
  • Creative and Elegant website design

So these were the top best torrenting site. I am adding some more top best torrenting site in the list in case you need more.

Torrent Portal:

This torrent site is best suitable if you want to download high quality movies and software. Torrent portal is a great torrenting site which can satisfy all your need for premium stuff.


It is commonly acceptable fact that your business website looks is your first impression to customers. Sumotorrent took this saying too seriously. 😛

Sumotorrent site is known for its attractive user interface. This best torrent site has large number of categories for variou topics.  Their arrangement of all torrent file is remarkable. It has made a quite easy for users to find things only related to their need.


If you are a movie maniac then this is the torrent site you look for. This is the top best movie torrent sites in the world. You will almost everytime find the movie you are looking for. Latest movies are listed on the homepage. So you can find them easily.

If you are looking for a particular movie then just type the movie name in the search box provided and boom!. 

Movie Magnet torrent sites will show you all the available torrent for that file within seconds. You can choose which file you want to download considering their seeders and leechers.

Below I am sharing some top best torrenting site for ebooks.

[table id=6 /]

Top best torrenting site for e-books

1. EBook-Share

This site is totally dedicated towards providing free ebooks in every category. You can also select the taste of ebooks to choose from. This is a unique feature among torrent sites for ebooks.

2. Extra torrent EBooks

Amazon kindly is really doing in ebook reader market. But for this you need to have ebook. Most of the time you will not find good ebooks for free. So here is the solution extra torrent Ebooks.  It has a very large collection of ebooks in different subjects.

If you are looking for a specific book then just type the name of the ebook in the search box. Extra torrent Ebooks will then show you the available best top torrents. You can choose ebooks from any available links. Choose the file which has high number of seeders for greater download speed.

3. KickAss ebooks

Recently you would have hearld a lot about KickAss. It is one of the oldest sites for torrent downloading. It is currently blocked. But I am sure they will come with a different domain name soon as other sites did in earlier. kickAss torrent site has 1.8 milliions of ebooks to download from. This is really a Wikipedia for ebooks. You will almost everytime find ebook you are looking for.

4. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is another top ebook torrent sites for all book lovers. It has a large collection of ebooks. You can download premium ebooks in any category for free by this best top torrenting sites for ebooks.

5. Ebookee

I am fond of ebooks rather then the physical copies. And my recent hunt for what are the top torrent sites for ebooks has really helped me in this direction. Earlier I used to spend money for buying ebooks. But now don’t even spend a single penny for them. These top best torrenting sites for ebooks has really helped me to save few bucks in pockets.

Ebookee is a torrent site which has a great collections of ebooks. It has a good user interface. You can find top ebook torrents on the homepage of Ebookee.

So these are the top best torrenting site for ebooks.

As now as you are very well aware of torrent sites, now here are things you need to know. There might be many reasons when you are denied access to these sites. This is due to country rules you belong to or your ISP might have banned those torrenting sites. 

How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites

I have received many emails regarding how to access blocked torrent sites. Because in many countries, a large number of torrent sites are blocked. So here I am going to explain some quick way by which you can unblock any torrent sites when it is blocked.
Hola Extension if you are in chrome browser
You can use hola– free unlimited VPN extension available for chrome. This is the same VPN which I also use to access blocked torrent sites. Just simply download this plugin from the chrome web store and activate it.

It is completely free to use. You can even select the country you want to visit the site from.

So suppose if you are from India and you find that a torrent site is blocked in India then you can click on the Hola chrome extension and choose any other country. It has worked like a charm for me most of the time. Hope it will work for you too.

Tor Browser
Tor browser is mainly famous due to its anonymous feature. It doesn’t store any of personal user information. If you are using tor browser then no one will know who you are. It just simply doesn’t leave any traces. Here are anonymous feature of tor browser you must know about.
Apart from the anonymous feature of tor browser, we can also use it to unblocked torrent sites. Because it has a large pool of IPs and every time you visit from tor it will dynamically assign you an IP from a random country.
I Hope if the hola method didn’t work for you the tor browser method to access the unblocked torrent site will surely help you.

You can also go for premium VPN services for getting better service. You can download torrent at faster speed if you use idm to download torrent from internet.

Apart from it you can also make use of Torch Browser. I have recently came to know about it. And Man! it really helped me from wasting my time on copy pasie things. You just install this browser on your system. Then Visit the torrent page and it can automatically provide you direct download link there.

TechGeekers Conclusion- Best Torrent sites

Hope you like this collection of the Top torrent sites. We have tried our best  to bring out the top best torrenting sites for downloading movies, music, software and many others. We strongly believe that these torrent sites will be helpful for you.

What are your favorite torrent sites?

Did I  miss any useful best torrenting site?

You can tell us about your opinion in the comments section.

We would love to hear  all.

Cheers for this.

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