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When will Artificial Intelligence(AI) beat Humans At Everything?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a trending news from past couple of years. If AI world seems jargon to you. Let me give you a sweet introduction to it.

Artificial intelligence or AI is an area of computer science where we deal with creating machines that are able to perform and reacts like humans.

In Layman terms, it is an idea to build a computer which can do everything that humans can.

AI has already gained some success in fields like speech recognition,  decision-making, accurately translating between languages and many other. It all started way back in the early 1950s. During the past 20-30 years, AI has gain exponential success, although it is far below than its actual potential.

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artificial intelligence


Many companies have started working on it extensively, including the big tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft. AI’s small success has completely changed the game for big companies. If you are looking for a solution of how to use dual whatsapp account in a single phone then read about GbWhatsapp Apk . Amazon has vastly improved its product recommendation due to machine learning & artificial intelligence. In one of the recent interview, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) said,

I would say, a lot of the value that we’re getting from machine learning is actually happening kind of beneath the surface. It is things like improved search results, improved product recommendations for customers, improved forecasting for inventory management, and literally hundreds of other things beneath the surface,

Feras Antoon founder of Feras Antoon Reports believes

There is a reason behind making movies like Terminator, If technology is not under control then the movie thing will soon become a reality.

On 5th June 2017, Elon Musk said that AI is soon going to beat humans at everything. Here is his tweet for the same.

However, not every big mind have the same opinion about AI. Hollywood movie Terminator , Transcendence has already shown us how dangerous too much technology advancement can be, if it is not controlled. Jack Ma (Chairman of Alibaba) in a speech at China Entrepreneur Club event said

In the coming 30 years, the world’s pain will be much more than happiness, because there are many more problems that we have come across.

He did not stop there, & went on to say

30 years later, the Time Magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot. It remembers better than you, it counts faster than you, and it won’t be angry with competitors.

Elon Musk is a big fan of Artificial Intelligence technology. He also agrees with the fact that if it should be under control otherwise situation can be very dangerous.

the unwanted effects of artificial intelligence

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He is also the founder of Neuralink, a startup which will work towards the goal of merging human brains into the computer. If you have seen the movie “Ghost in the shell” then you will be able to relate it.

Elon Musk thinks that sooner or later AI is going to take over the world. The only way by which human can survive is that they become one thing. If human brain gets emerged in the computer then there are chances that human can keep pace with the AI’s pace. AI is growing exponentially from the last few years. Elon doesn’t want humans to be a slave of computers. It seems quite logical but only if it works out. Apart from this Elon is also working towards making colonies on mars.

According to a terrifying research from boffs from University of Oxford,

It’s not looking good for humans.

If Elon Musk is true in estimation about the AI, then this is really a critical situation for humans. We need to find a way to control all things. So that we remain safe in future. However Seeing the exponential pace of Artificial intelligence, it will be hard for anything to battle with it.

Be prepared for 2030 humans!!

Only 13 years are left.

Tic toc tic toc….

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