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What is the Dark Web?

Internet is one of the most preferred go to place for someone who is seeking the information. However, more than 90% of the internet is still unexplored and yet to be discovered by ordinary people. The unexplored internet consists of deep web. The Deep web is a rich source of information that is often hidden from most of the internet users.

But, there is bad side of deep web as well, and we call it the dark web. So, what is the dark web? Obviously, dark web is the part of deep web that is famous for not so good things. Let us explore more about it in details.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark web is the small part of the deep web that is popular for all the illegal things you can imagine.

dark web

Its content only exists on the darknets and overlay networks which are present on the internet, but actually require special software like Tor browser and special configurations with authorizations to get access to it. This ensures that the users can share different things on the dark web hiding their geolocation and IP address.

What is available on the Dark Web?

So, after getting the glimpse of what is the dark web, you might be curious to know what exactly is available on the dark web links. A number of illicit activities are happening over the dark web and some of them include illegal trades, operation of illegal forums, and media exchanges. Some other forms of illicit activities include Botnets, gambling, hosting bitcoins, hacking, drug trades, and much more. Here is the list of a few illegal activities that takes place on the Dark web.

  • Bitcoin Services: The Tor Browser is the home to a number of Bitcoin services including Grams and Tumblers which offer users the dark market integration. One of the most common money laundering acts that happens on using Tumblers is that the Bitcoins are converted to online game currency using the digital media currency exchange. The online game currency can later be converted back into money.
  • Botnets: Botnets are specific commands that are capable of creating a large bot-related traffic in just no time to help a website grow its audience rapidly.
  • Hacking Groups and Services: Dark web is also one of the biggest platforms for hackers like dark0de, xDedic, TheRealDeal, Trojanforge etc. They sell their services to the buyers in return of money. These hacking groups are indulging in cyber-crimes and there is no stopping on them. Many of these groups keep on recruiting more hackers to their team depending on their skills.
  • Darknet Markets: Dark web is also the place to trade drugs. A number of people order drugs through dark web. Moreover, the people can buy the software exploits from this marketplace. These software exploits hurt the organization financially. You can even find a few groups on the dark web selling weapons.
  • Illegal Pornography: Dark web is the biggest base of illegal pornography which constitutes of a number of forums, websites, and blogs distributing the child pornography using the complex systems. This illegal porn market even constitutes of revenge porn, sexualized torture on the animals and their killings.
  • Terrorism: The Dark Web also provides homage to a number of fraudulent and real websites which are operated by terrorist groups like ISIL. Even the Rawti Shak Islamic group is operating a website on the dark web.
  • Hoaxes and Unverified Content: Dark web also becomes the platform where people can order assassins and ask the killer to show them the live streaming of killing. They can even hire kidnappers and ask them to take revenge from the culprit.

How you can Access the Dark Web?

You might have got to know what is the dark web. It is a hidden place on the internet that can be accessed using special software and configurations. You can use the Tor browser to go anonymous and access the dark web. The Tor Browser bundle can be downloaded from the official website –www.torproject.org. It provides you all the tools to access the dark web securely.

Tor Browser comes with Vidalia Control Panel that can help you in configuring the randomized network to access the dark web. It is also suggested to put a tape on the camera or laptop or webcam to prevent people spying you on the dark web.

Over to You

We hope that this comprehensive guide on what is the dark web helped you to gain some knowledge about it. It is advised to be careful while using the dark web. Use a VPN or TOR browser to access the dark web sites. Do not fall in trap of the attractive offers and useless websites that might try to steal your private information.

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