What Is VPN Cascading and What are its Benefits?

The privacy over the internet is totally a myth. You can never get to know that if you are being watched by someone while browsing through the internet. Your ISP, several government authorities and obviously a number of spies who might have got hold of your network can monitor your each and every activity. You need to take proper measures to preserve your online privacy. Using a VPN can turn out to be a good measure to protect your privacy online. A VPN replaces your original IP address with a random IP on its servers making you untraceable by any government authority or hackers. Check out this list of best free providers of VPN.

After switching to a VPN and getting a random IP address, you can check here and find your random IP address. You will see that the original IP address has been changed after connecting to a VPN. Earlier, TOR was used by a number of government authorities to transfer the information from one department to other. Gradually, the technology advanced, and the VPN came into the existence. It came with better speed and made it easier for the people to access just any website around the globe. Still, many people are using the internet without a VPN. It is really important to use a VPN that doesn’t store logs.

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A number of VPN providers who claim not to store logs are actually storing them. Also, a single VPN is more vulnerable as compared to VPN over Tor or a double VPN. A double VPN is a VPN in which the server is connected to another server so that the data gets encrypted twice. The process of doing so is called VPN cascading. So, the data is encrypted twice before reaching the exact destination from the sender’s end. Let us have a look on it.

What Is VPN Cascading and What are its Benefits? 1

VPN Cascading – A Knowhow

VPN cascading might appear to be a complicated term, but you can easily explore more about it. VPN cascading refers to the creation of encrypted VPN tunnel(s) that can carry the data to other end safely. It is created in such a way that all the web traffic passes via two or more encrypted VPN tunnels before reaching the receiver’s end. VPN cascading ensures that an extra layer of security is added to the VPN to provide better security to the user. It is very important for the organizations that are looking for a powerful security solution.

There are not many VPN providers offering this service in their VPN packages. There are only few VPN providers that offer you cascaded VPNs. One of them is NordVPN. It offers VPN over Tor to add an extra layer of security to its VPN. The cascaded VPNs can be used by financial institutions, governmental organizations, e-commerce websites, downloaders, and journalists.

How the Cascaded VPN works?

You need to connect two or more servers together to cascade a VPN. When you only connect one VPN server, there is a secure tunnel which is created between the server and you. It keeps you away from the prying eyes and protects any sort of data leakage. Now, when you connect to the second VPN server, another encrypted tunnel is created. You can create tunnels using as many servers as you want, but practically, you should only create two tunnels as a time for reducing the latency.

What Is VPN Cascading and What are its Benefits? 2

The VPN connections may be using different encryption techniques and different protocols. If any spy tries to intercept the current secure tunnel, he/she has to adapt a number of encryption methods identify the plain text information. So, when you use a cascaded VPN, it becomes next to impossible for a spy to intercept the security of both the tunnels.

The Ultimate Benefits of VPN Cascading

  • VPN cascading is good because if the spy is able to breach the security of first VPN tunnel, he/she may not be able to breach the security of second tunnel. The cascaded VPN makes it impossible for any spy to steal your private data passing through the VPN tunnels.
  • When you make use of cascaded VPN servers, a good level of anonymity is maintained. You ISP might be able to detect that you a connected to a VPN server, but it won’t be able to learn about your destination because the data is carried through the second VPN server.
  • The second VPN server connected to the first server will never know about your original IP address as it would be hidden by the VPN server 1. The change of IP address at every stage creates layering of anonymity minimizing the risk of data leakage.

However, the only hard to digest fact about the cascaded VPN is that it can have an impact on the speed of connection if the servers are cascaded poorly. Ensure that the cascaded servers are closer to each other by distance. This will help you minimize the latency and you can surely get better speed with advancing technology. The latency is one of the reasons why only two VPN servers are cascaded together, not more.

So, try to make sure that the servers are cascaded properly to reduce the impact of latency. It is not made of regular users, but the users who want more security of their data can go for cascaded VPN providers. It is better to ensure the security of the data shared among the employees of the organization so that no important data is leaked to the third-party.

The Bottom Line

The VPN cascading is one of the safest ways to access the internet without any breach. The only breach can be your VPN storing the logs. Avoid such VPNs that store your logs and ensure that you go with some affordable VPN providers. Though there are only few VPN providers that provide cascaded VPN services, the number will increase with time. It can be slower at times, but surely safer than many other VPNs. Go for it now and feel the difference.

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