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  1. Surely hike is better than to whatsapp because due to both i use currently ..
    features in Hike Messenger:
    File sharing upto 100MB,
    Offline Usage,
    send message to without hike account as sms
    Stickers update regularly,
    Secure Files
    Speed of Transfer file from one to another place…

  2. Hike is better because the main reason i am using is because of offline message and my friends dont have enough data so i use this and also it gives rewards and wallet option,stickers etc. You havent mention hike direct where we can share files without data and many more.this is the reason i am 24×7 on hike

  3. Add me on hike… +917219488389.
    Only for likes…?

  4. Muthukrishnan says:

    Nice article about Hike and WhatsApp…I am using Hike only…

  5. Abhishek Sharma says:

    need improvement regarding themes otherwise it is awesome and it is a very demanding messenger and deleting hike history is very easy and similarly deleting snapchat history has been made easy check the link

    1. Yes, Completely agree with your point. Additionally improvement is needed in the speed as well.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Elton Simoes says:

    Aftrall Hike is far btr thn whtsap…nwadays ders whtsapbis bcum boring compared 2 Hike. I shall rate whtsap 2.5/5 whrein 4 Hike I shall giv 4.5/5
    Hike hs mindblowing features n speed of msgs…u havnt mentioned d feature of Hike tht gives u 2 put effects for ur pics whn u upload thm anywy doesn’t matter coz d Hike features list is endless n if u write all d features I don’t think reader wil hve tym 2 read evrytng!!! Inspite of Hike m also using whtsap oly reason bcoz most of my frnds r on whtsap! M oly waiting nw whn Hike wil bcum international app so tht it is available 2 use in d world wide.

    1. Yes Elton,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      People are now settled with WhatsApp these days.

      It is not that new apps are not providing these features,

      The problem is people don’t want to migrate from WhatsApp to hike.

      They are comfortable with WhatsApp.

      Even though hike has a number of the advanced feature over hike but they still prefer WhatsApp.

      Hike has currently more 30 M users.

      It will take some more time for the hike to get considerable popularity.

      Tech Geekers

  7. Agar hamare pass kisi insaan ka mobile no. h lekin us insaan ke pass hamara mobile no. nahi h and wo dono hi insaan hike pe h, to kya us insaan ki hike application pe hum show honge???

  8. Hey, you forgot about Natasha the personal assistant on hike. It’s in comparison to Siri and cortana!!

    1. Hey Namna, Thanks for letting us to know about Natasha. We will surely update Natasha in coming update of this post.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Keep visiting 🙂

  9. I think infront of Hike the WhatsApp is nowhere,it is the best app I have ever experienced in my life. This will takeover all the apps in future 100%,and thank God it is made in India because when we use this it leds to the development of that country with many reasons.

    1. True said Sting, but the main problem I see why people don’t use Hike is that they already have whatsapp. What are your opinions on hike vs whatsapp?

  10. maticseslar says:

    Installed on my windows phone and now I’m going to use it regurarly. I really enjoy your site. It has similar content as mine so I can relate to it.

    1. Thanks Maticseslar for dropping a comment here 🙂 . Yes Hike is clearly competing whatsapp now. All it need an oppurtunity from people to use it. Clearly Hike wins the battle over whatsapp.

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