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  1. Alexa has always been a mystery to me. Followed all the steps you’ve mentioned and now looking forward to the next Alexa update. Hope to see a positive result soon!

  2. Andrew Khoo says:


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    It will help someone who want to increase alexa rank very quickly.


  3. How to use alexa widget on my site
    url : not based on wordpress. so please tell me which code i use for above website.
    Also , my alexa rank goes down even many visitors visit my website and visitors also increase day by day.

    1. You are alwayz welcome.

      Hope these tips helped you.

      Keeep visiting techgeekers. 🙂

  4. crackorsquad says:

    your website is awesome , greets from
    and , your website is the one of the best website i have ever visited .

  5. Ravinder Dande says:

    Hi Pushkar,

    You shared what other blogs are leaving and I’m not getting good answer to my queries from there so stumble on here and got which can help improve ranking.Thanks for tips.

    1. Thanks Ravinder for stopping by. Yes, these tips are really helpful. I myself implemented these strategies for my blog. I have seen a lot improvement in my alexa rank since then. Hope these works for you too. Do share your results for your blog Blogail. keep visiting 🙂

  6. hi thanks for sharing good information , i am following all activities
    but why my indian alexa ranking going back day by day ? can suggest me
    best for ?

    1. Thanks for dropping by Brijesh.
      These are the proven tips for boosting alexa rank. Even if you have 100 visitors having alexa toolbar installed, your alexa rank will go down below 1 lac in almost 15 days. I checked your site. Nice initiative. Keep following the tips and your alexa rank will improve

  7. Hey guys.. You guys are doing a great job.. Loved your Blog, UI and the content.. Keep up the good work (y)

  8. This article is really useful alexa rank improvement!
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    It includes traffic exchange between members of our system, so it absolutely legal. All you would need to to is to visit other sites, earning point and then spend them for alexa rank boosting of your own website.

    1. Thanks David, But these are fake. After discontinuing them You will see a sudden decrease in your Alexa Rank. My suggestion is dont use them. Rest on you. 🙂

  9. Kaitlyn Meriweather says:

    Really a great article for improving your alexa ranking. I will follow all mentioned steps and tell you whether these are working or not

    1. Thanks for praise Kaitlyn. These are the practically tips. I am sure that these tips for improving alexa rank will gonna work for your blog.

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