How to improve Alexa ranking

How to Improve Alexa Ranking quickly

Alexa website ranking system is widely acceptable system among all over the glob. The other system such as Google Page rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Quantcast are known to be more accurate than Alexa ranking system but the problem behind these traffic ranking system is that they don’t get updated frequently. There for if your try to improve these ranking by following some methods you will not know quickly where you stand. You have to wait for a longer time which is quite uncomfortable in the blogging world.Whereas in case of alexa ranking it is not the same. You can follow some strategy for improving your alexa ranking and check your current alexa traffic rank. Alexa system updates it all website traffic data daily and you can see the changes in your Alexa rank by daily. The importance of other traffic rank checker or measure of standard such as Google PageRank has been decreased over the time. As you will see there are plenty of good blogs in the web which are getting good traffic and have good content but they don’t get good Alexa rank. That is the main reason why Alexa page ranking is now preferred over all ranking system among all bloggers. So you should also try to improve your alexa ranking as quickly as possible. This article will answer your queries like

  • Why you should improve your alexa ranking
  • What is Alexa rank?
  • Some facts about Alexa company
  • How alexa ranks various site on the web?
  • Tips & Tricks to improve or increase your alexa ranking quickly?

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how to improve alexa ranking of your blog
Improve Alexa rank of your blog

Why you should Improve your Alexa Ranking?

While reading this guide on improving alexa traffic rank quickly. This questions can come to your mind,

Is improving alexa traffic rank is necessary?

Well certainly answer is Yes, Improving Alexa traffic rank is very necessary for any blog. If you are in the blogging world you should have a good alexa rank of your blog. There are many factor why you need to have a good Alexa rank of your blog such as Better authority, Good impression on advertiser, Better revenue for your blog etc. Advertisers will first see your alexa rank. If they found it good then you will get better deal for making revenue from your blog. Therefor improving your alexa rank for getting a good rank in alexa is very necessary for any blog.

Check Alexa rank of your site:

Check alexa rank of TechGeekers.

replace “yourdomain” word with your own and check alexa traffic rank of your blog on the official alexa company website.


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About Alexa Ranking Company

Alexa Company founded in 1996 is now subsidiary company of Alexa Ranking company defines itself as a Web information company. It provides commercial web traffic data and rank the website according to the traffic received by the Alexa system by globally and nationally. As lesser ranking number you got for your website, higher traffic you are getting. Read here what alexa has said about its Ranking system.

Although this is not true for all the cases, why? Just Follow the next heading.

How Alexa Ranks various Sites on web?

I have written a full guide on how Alexa ranks various sites on the web.


What’s Alexa and How it works ?

Alexa ranking system uses various tool to collect the traffic data of all sites in the world and uses its algorithms to rank a particular site. Alexa company uses all the collected traffic information and compares them. It uses some other factor as well for ranking your website on the world.

Improving alexa ranking checker
Alexa Traffic Ranking of

However there is quite confusion to the accuracy of ranking provided by Alexa traffic system and seems unfair because Alexa only count the traffic which gone through their system. Nevertheless it has become a major for webmaster to give importance of your site. Even when you apply for advertisement or Google AdSense they generally ask you for Alexa rank of your site. So the bottom line for Alexa ranking is

If you want to get some advertiser for your blog you need to have a good alexa ranking.

Top tips for improving alexa ranking

Improving Alexa ranking is necessary for any blog. Please do remember that never use alexa ranking booster software. There are a kind of alexa booster script available in the web, my suggestion is never make use of such boosting thing. The truth behind such booster software is that they will boost your alexa ranking for sometime but when when you will stop using such alexa booster software you will see a sudden fall in your site’s alexa rank From there you will find it quite difficult to improve your alexa rank again and get back to your previous Site ranking. This is my personal experience. They were offering free service to improve alexa rank so I decided to give it a try. In the first month I used it regularly and found great improvement in my  alexa ranking. But later I saw that their visits are not organics. So my alexa rank started to fall down quickly. But by the experience I recovered my alexa rank back on the track after some times. So my suggestion is never make any use of such software for improving alexa rank.

Below I am giving you practically proven tips for improving your alexa rank. Just follow these tips without spending a single penny because these all boosting tips will improve your alexa ranking in no time. That’s too for free. You will definely see great improvement in your alexa ranking.[My personal experience for improving alexa rank]

1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser

First thing you have to do is to install the Alexa toolbar in your browser and recommend other to install the same on their browser. Alexa toolbar sends data to the Alexa server each site you visit through your browser. The alexa traffic system counts only those visits which goes through their system. If no visits will go through their system you will not see any improvement in your alexa rank. You must visit your blog regularly for your blogging work. If you have alexa extension installed in your browser then it will pass data of your site to alexa traffic rank system. Suppose if you visit 20 times a day your blog then it will see these states to alexa. It will certainly show positive impact on your alexa ranking. This is the baby step to improve your alexa ranking. Without this it is very hard to improve alexa rank. I have seen many blog which gets huge amount of traffic on their blog but with no good alexa rank. So this step is must.

Download Alexa toolbar

2. Put Alexa widget on your site

If you put Alexa widget in your blog or in site. That will encourage your visitor to click that. Each time a click is done you get benefitted. We have also put an alexa rank for our site. You can see it in the footer area of this site. Every time a visitor visits your site it will increase the visit counter of your site in alexa traffic rank system by 1.

Put Alexa Widget on your site

3. Write Review article for alexa

Writing articles on Alexa can also do benefit to you. As Alexa is common keyword search today. It will help to link your page. If your article have quality contains than it is more likely that you will ranked higher on search engine results. You will thus receive traffic to your blog which will increase your alexa rank. Because these people who search for the keywords like how to improve alexa ranking quickly are mostly from the blogger community and have alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Although some exceptions are always there. 🙂 Alexa toolbar will send your traffic data to the alexa traffic ranking system. When you write a review about alexa give a backlink to alexa. Alexa surely loves backlinks to its system.

4. Make quality Backlinks for your blog

If you comment on websites which gets good traffic than you should leave there, your own your URL too. This is called back linking. However if you do this too much search engine like Google can penalize your site. Make backlink in a way that they look natural. There are many ways for making backlinks. Its better if you go through my previously written article on how to make quality backlinks.


How to make quality backlinks for your site?

The summary for backlinks is that they should come naturally. If you try to build excessive links for your blog then you may get instant boost in your search engine ranking but soon they will hit a manual penalty. Its necessary to have backlinks but dont overdo the things. You should focus on writting good quality articles. Backlinks will come naturally.

5. Share your article on social networks

It is important to share your posts and site linking many popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.These site will help your site to get more traffics improving alexa rank of your blog. Google counts social signal while ranking on various sits on search results. Matt Cutts from the Google has officially confirmed that Google now counts social signal of a website to rank sites in the search results. Although in the early 2010 they didn’t use it but now Google use it for sure[Official]. See the official video below.

6. Write quality posts

Having quality posts to your site is much more important because content is the first thing for which visitors are coming to your site. If the site contains quality posts than others will link to your sites for getting quality contains. This will help to get more backlinks to your site and improve your Alexa ranking. In this way you can build natural backlinks for your blog. Don’t ever try to copy paste any article from the web. Google algorithms are now smart enough to filter out the duplicate content. See what Matt Cutts said about how google handle duplicate content.

7. Claime your site on alexa

Claiming your site Alexa gives more control to your site. This will show others that you are the owner of the site. These factors can also increase your Alexa ranking. Do provide your contact details on your site alexa page. This will adds some point to your authority. Also many blogger have claimed that after claiming their site on alexa their blog alexa rank has increased. But do remember this will help only a little. Ulimately you have to give what your blog is made for. 🙂

TechGeekers Improving Alexa ranking tips
TechGeekers Improving Alexa ranking tips

8. Post on webmaster forum

While posting on web forum, you should also post your site’s URL there because these webmaster have the Alexa toolbar installed in most of the cases. This will increase possibility of visiting your site.

If you are getting more number of visitors for your blog from webmaster forums then your websites Alexa rank will increase quickly.

This method will improve you in many ways: first it will improve your alexa rank obviously.

Second bonus things here is that it will bring referral traffic to your blog. If you comment on relevant blog then you will get organic visitors. If they have alexa extenstion installed on their browser it will further improve your alexa ranking.

Third thing is it will maintain connect you with other webmasters. You can do some favour to them by sharing their articles. In the return they can also share your article to their circle. If you get more number of visitors who have alexa browser extenstion installed it will again improve your alexa ranking.

9. Update the blog or site regularly

In this world of competition if you don’t write frequent quality posts, your Alexa rank will decrease. Once your Alexa rank get decreased, it takes time to get back to your previous ranking. So it is highly recommended that you should update your blog regularly. Try to post atleast 3-4 posts daily on a niche blog. Although it is quite hard to write article frequently if you run many site at once but try to maintain a good frequency rate.

The truth is:

If you post articles regulary, your alexa rank will increase by some amount irresepective of your site traffic.

This tips is practically verified by me. Although my alexa rank improve by a smaller amount but it did increase on continuous basis.

10. Use Alexa redirect

This is mostly used trick for improving your alexa rank. Alexa redirect means putting In beginning of your website’s URL. Alexa also takes consideration into those links those are redirection links. In this case visitor don’t need to install the Alexa toolbar on their browser. I dont recommend this method for improving alexa rank.

11. Buy Alexa pro subscription

As perviously said Alexa web information company uses only those data which has passed through the alexa system. But If you want to get more accurate ranking for your blog go for alexa pro package. Alexa will provide some code just paste it on every page of your blog. In this way everything on you blog when visited will also pass through alexa system. However this thing is not recommended for every blogger. The blogger who are getting good traffic but not have good alexa rank should only consider this option. Otherwise you can see a dramatic rank fall for your site in some cases.


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Conclusion : how to improve alexa ranking quickly

There are both pros and cons to Alexa ranking but it is hard to ignore Alexa ranking system because for advertising and to make good profit from your site, it really matters. Because of Alexa’s limited method of collecting traffic it is mostly possible that it gives inaccurate results. For getting much considerable traffic for Alexa, the most of the traffic should come from bloggers. So you should target for bloggers to come on your niche. This is the only guaranteed way of improving alexa ranking.

However the Alexa ranking system is very useful for highly targeted websites. Visitors are more important to Alexa than the how much links a site gets. So in this world of internet advertising Alexa ranking is the available right solution.

I hope you liked this post for improving alexa rank for sure. If you did please share this article in your social circle and please let us know what you think about this post for improving alexa rank.

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Pushkar Kathayat is the Chief Editor of TechGeekers. His passion is towards SEO, Online Marketing and blogging.


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    • Thanks Ravinder for stopping by. Yes, these tips are really helpful. I myself implemented these strategies for my blog. I have seen a lot improvement in my alexa rank since then. Hope these works for you too. Do share your results for your blog Blogail. keep visiting 🙂

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    • Thanks David, But these are fake. After discontinuing them You will see a sudden decrease in your Alexa Rank. My suggestion is dont use them. Rest on you. 🙂

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