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What’s Alexa and How it works ?

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Alexa is site which ranks all the websites on the internet based on various factors such as popularity, view and many other. I hope most of you know it but still most of us are unaware of How Alexa works and produce site ranking.

Knowing about Alexa, can help you improve you Alexa Site ranking but can also let know it’s impact on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on you website.

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How Alexa Works ?

What are page views ?

Page views are the url requests for a website’s page by users. If a user views a page multiple times in a day then that page view is counted as 1.

Page views are counted through Alexa Toolbar

Alexa collects data about websites through it’s Alexa Toolbar plugin for web browsers. The rank of a website is mainly based on 3 months of collected data about website by Alexa Toolbar plugin. So the rank of a website is based on the average of 3 months total pageviews and daily page views does not decide the Alexa Rank of a website.It also counts the number of unique visitors and page views of all the sites on Internet.

Why is Google ranked number 1 ?

It has highest unique visitors and page views for period of 3 months. Everyone dreams to get that rank, yes you can get it but you have to get better idea than facebook or google, your website should make people addicted to use it(you can share your idea in comment).

Is Alexa Rank correct measure of website’s traffic ?

NO, as traffic data is mainly collected through Alexa Toolbar which is installed on website by its owner.That means if a website hasn’t installed Alexa Toolbar on their website then their pageview aren’t counted accurately therefore we can say that Alexa Rank is not a 100 percent to compare traffic among various sites. Alexa toolbars are mainly installed by those website owners who wants to improve their Alexa ranking.

Is Alexa ranking related to Google SEO ?

NO, absolutely not ,as you know that Google ranks websites on the basis of maximum backlinks. If you have good Alexa rank that doesn’t mean that your google SEO is very good as you know Alexa only measures traffic through it’s Alexa Toolbar. It’s just a myth.

I hope you might have got an insight of how Alexa works,

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  • Thank you Pushkar for this information.

    Can you suggest me , how can i gained quality traffic to improve Alexa? In how many days Alexa update ranking status?

    • You have to atleast wait for 1 or 2 week to gain alexa improvement.

      You have some premium options too.

      Like you can go for website for sponsoring your site which includes paid advertisement and post.

      If they can drive referral traffic to your blog then it will be great for you.

      Make some blog post which are based on blogging. But as you are not in this niche.

      You can avoid giving direct link to those post from homepage.

      Hope these things will help you.

      Let me know if you need more help.


  • Thank you Pushkar for this information.

    Can you suggest me some activities by which I can improve my traffic? In how many days I can expect positive results on my website’s alexa status?

  • I have one question regarding alexa ranking. One day before alexa shows my country specific ranking is 9,125 and today it is showing 10,321. What is the reason behind this instant rise in ranking ?

    • Hello there,
      Alexa ranking is not consistent because it gets updated daily.

      Based on the number of visitors (alexa specific) you are getting, Your alexa rank will vary accordingly.

      I have seen many bloggers having alexa rank below 50,000 on a 1 month old blog.

      The reason behind their sudden alexa rank was the type traffic they were getting.

      So if you want to consistently improve your alexa ranking then try to gain quality visitors in a consistent manner.

      Hope this clears your doubts.

      If you have any further query then tell me.

      I will be happy to solve them.



  • You have provided a detail description about Alexa. Although the algorithm of alexa is quite doubtful and suspicious but it is the only company in the world which provides ranking for most of the site in the world. So I have to improve my alexa rank whether i like it or not.

  • Most attractive terms in the blogging world is alexa rank. Thanks for sharing the exact info which i was looking for.

  • Hello, could you help me to increase my alexa rank? I am really frustrated after doing all the hard work there is no improvement in my alexa rank.