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  1. Nice tips bro, every blogger want to increase alexa rank to attract more advertiser. This post is helpful for many newbies. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I am really happy that these tips are helpful to you.

      Do implement these strategies on your blog.

      And let me know the results about your alexa ranking.

  2. Hi Pushkar,

    I’m new to blogging and all of these thing so now struggling for alexa ranking that is not even showing fro my blog I do not know why.

    1. Hi Emi
      First thing don’t worry about the alexa rank!
      Because it doesn’t signify the amount of success you are getting.

      Second thing, If you are doing blogging in a niche other then blogging then you are likely to have less alexa rank.

      You can follow the above methods to improve alexa rank.

      Let me know your progress then.

      If you have another queries you can ask here. I would try to help you.


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