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Best Video Player for Your Android Smartphone [FREE]

We all are fond of watching videos on our phone and we all know that android video player sucks at playing videos. But thanks to Google Play Store which provides us with many video players options but the problem is choosing the best out of it that suit our requirements. No need to worry we will be guiding you with the best available video players for android and choosing the best among them as per your needs.
Let’s see the best Video Players for Android one by one:

1. MX Player- Best among best video player for Android

It’s the best available video player for android, and cool thing is that it’s free. But the free version will show some ads when you play videos. If you are offline i.e you are not connected to the internet then adds won’t be displayed. However you can upgrade it to Pro version for $5.99 where you won’t get any new functionality but adds won’t be displayed, that’s the only advantage

Price: Free/ $5.99

It has Hardware acceleration i.e it would be using your phone’s hardware for smooth playback of videos on your Android device.
Its supports plugins which help add some more functionalities to the video player such as playing uncommon video and audio formats such as DTS and AC3.
With Kids Lock, you can watch videos without messing around i.e all the touch buttons of your phone would be disabled while watching videos. It’s a necessity while watching movies on your phone believe me.
Along with Subtitle support, it has a new feature called Subtitle Gesture which allows you to sync subtitle with gestures. Also, it supports multiple subtitles on a single video.
It also supports background video playing that you can do other stuff on your phone like checking your WhatsApp while simultaneously listening to your video.
Get MX player on Google Play

2. MoboPlayer

It’s one of the best media player for android which provides many other features along with stable video playback.
Price: It has a free version as well as pro version. Pro version is of $4.99 and has new features compared to free version such as improved UI design.

1. Almost all video formats supported
2. Subtitles support
3. Good Interface which provides easier navigation to our videos
4. Floating Video which allows multitasking i.e watching videos along with some other task on your phone such as reading SMS or checking WhatsApp.
5. Video Streaming support i.e watch online videos on MoboPlayer.


1. The free version UI is not good when compared to MX Player and VLC Player. Although paid version is pretty nice.
2. There are few bugs noted on some devices which are yet to be resolved.

Download MoboPlayer on Google Play

3. RockPlayer 2

Along with supporting almost all video formats it can play HD videos smoothly and without any lags. It’s has pretty cool features that you won’t find in other video players such as hiding files, sharing videos on wifi and many more.

Price: It’s completely free and I love it.


Supports every video format on Planet(They said on their website).
RockShare, you can share videos over wifi to other Android and IOS devices which have RockShare installed.
Lets you hide videos by selecting and shaking the desired video. You can watch your hidden videos in Konami Code(Contra) in RockPlayer.
Customizable Control Bar i.e you can adjust buttons in the player as per your choice.
FreeSeek, you can seek video to anywhere at any moment.
Supports Streaming and Subtitles

The UI is little heavy i.e consumes more CPU and may be laggy on slow devices.
Again, it has some bugs which are yet to be resolved.
It’s currently not available on Google Play but you can directly download the app below.

Download RockPlayer2 from GooglePlay

4.VLC Media Player

V LC Media Player was launched 14 years ago for PC and it’s still today best video player for PC. And Now it has also retained its 1st position in Android Also.

Price: It’s completely free, same as the PC version but you can donate money to them. They accept donations.

Advantage: VLC not only plays almost every video format on Android but supports watching HD videos without any lag or delay on most of the Android Devices.


1. VLC player needs, at least, Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and above.
2. It’s a beta version therefore, there will be bugs which may annoy you.
3. Get VLC Player on Google Play

5. Gplayer

With pretty simple UI, it has cool a feature of playing multiple videos simultaneously. Watch multiple videos simultaneously while doing some other task. Although this feature one would rarely use as its too much multitasking but still it’s a unique feature of GPlayer.

Price: It’s completely free so no worries.


1. Video Floating: Watch single or multiple videos in floating mode.
2. It has many themes and you can choose the one you like.
3. Group Play, which allows a single video to stream on multiple devices.


1. Some bugs such as crashing on some devices.
2. High RAM consumption on some devices.
3. Download GPlayer on GooglePlay

Conclusion about best video player app for Android

Well among many available video players on android we have chosen the best video player apps for you and now it’s your choice to select among them. But I personally like MX Video player among all as its has a simple interface and supports all media codecs.

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