Know all about Boston dynamics latest Atlas robot

In this era that we live in, technology is slowly taking over. With self-driving cars on the lookout, what will we be doing for ourselves? Our lives have been made easier and more efficient with the gadgets that are going around. By now, you must have heard of robots as companies, especially from Japan are producing some pretty amazing robots. Sounds like a movie? Well it’s not. Robots have been created and showcased especially in some parts of the country. The development of the robots is growing rapidly as the robots are slowly starting to be useful. Robots have even been taken to the offices for testing to help out with customer care. This has only been seen in some parts of the world but very soon, this is predicted to be the norm. Robots were initially created in order to help out in disaster stricken areas but they can also be useful in some other ways. Watched the movie humans? If you have, you will get the sense of what I am saying as the robots are used in the houses to cook, clean, run errands and almost all other house chores. Today, we will be talking about the Boston dynamics latest Atlas robot.


Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992. The Company engaged in robotics engineering. In 2013, the company was then acquired and bought by Google X who have taken the company to a higher notch. The company is known for development of some very advanced robots and its research and development is financed by DARPA. Over the years, the company has made some very remarkable robots and some of them include: Cheetah, Big dog, Little Dog, Atlas and many more. Most of these robots have done really well in the DARPA competition.

The company has recently made an addition and has launched a new robot just recently. The company was showcasing the family of robots that they have done over the years in a video. The new robot is not as tall as the old Atlas robot as it is some inches shorter. The robot is about 175cm and it is more efficient with some fantastic tricks. The older robot had been doing pretty well as the robot could clean a room and some other unusual things. People could not understand why they had to develop a newer version. His new robot has got some incredible balance and from a video uploaded that showed a member of the company pushing the robot to the floor, the robot can stand back without any assistance. This had not been achieved in the older robot. This is nothing short of world news as it is fresh and educative news.

On top of that, this new robot can walk in dreadful terrain, snowy grounds and is also able to avoid obstacles. The robot can work both indoors and outdoors hence taking it out is no problem as it can operate without difficulty. Some sensors enable the perfect balance that it has been equipped with. The new robot is also electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. With this new features, this robot can be able to quickly adapt to new situations without any problem. The robot weighs around 180 lbs. Making it lighter than the older robot. This is because it was created with some lighter materials.

The robot may look the same as the older robot but actually a lot of changes have been made to it.75% of the components and body parts have been modified with only the legs and some other parts remaining the same. The robot is also very helpful as it can be bale to carry a box and neatly arrange it on the shelves on its own. The robot was created to enable it work and help out in disaster-stricken areas. The most surprising part of this robot is its balance as before every time a robot would fall, it would not be able to reset hence, it had to be reset manually. The features of this robot are supposed to increase its efficiency and resilience. This is the latest tech news so be on the lookout.

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