Free movie websites to watch movie online -featured

Top Free movie Websites 2018: Best Movie streaming sites to watch movie online

In entertainment industry movies play a big role. Movies are the best things for entertaining your mind and refresh your mind. There are some sites which lets you watch free movies without registration.You can choose movies for just passing the time or learning new things too. Life is busy these days. It is quite difficult to watch movies only by going theaters.

So what are the options you have left with?

One option is that you can just simply purchase that movie online or offline and watch it on your DVD player. Although this option for watching movie seems to be great but think about it you are getting your favorite movie for free. Most people now days loves to watch movies online on Free movie websites.

There are lots of free movie streaming websites present over the internet but most of them hardly works.

Free movie websites to watch movie online -featured

Gone are those days when you need to download the movies from torrent websites first for watching in your pc or DVD player. Now best option is to watch all your favorite movie online that is also for free. Is not this a great idea? I guess, it is.

There are lots of movie websites which provides facility for online streaming of your favorite movie. If you are not believing me just go to movie streaming online on free movie websites and see their statistics on Alexa or some analytics. To watch movies from TV channels around the world download UKTVNow apk. One thing you need to watch your favorite movie online is that you need to have a good internet connection. If you have it already then no worry:).Also, if you live in a country where the ISPs block access to some movie streaming sites, then these two VPN products will help you to unlock any restrictions by the ISP and allow you to watch any multimedia online.

Other then these free movie streaming websites you can also go for free movie streaming apps to stream movies directly to your smartphone. In this way you don’t need to open your laptop to watch free movies.

harry porter movie- watch movie online

They are many free movie websites in which you can watch free movies, watch series online and many more just as on hotstar app. But for watching online movies you need to go to that particular movie streaming site which provides free movies. The real pain is in finding best movie streaming sites list.

Many free movie websites are fake and they only need money from their site and only want you to click on their irritating adds. You can also try Showbox APK download for watching movies and shows. So here in this article I am going to share some free movie streaming site list to watch movies online. So sit back and relax. Just choose your favorite free movie websites to watch free movies online.

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Top Free movie websites to Watch Movies Online For Free

Here in this list I am going to share only selected top Free movie streaming websites which are working nicely. These free movie websites are the VIP members in the list of Free movie websites. So let’s dig into the list.

Featured Sites


Gomovies is one of the best alternative sites like 123mvies & Putlocker which provides a wide range of movies for streaming online. You can find a good number of old as well as the new trending movies on this site. If you are looking for a single platform that contains a good collection of movies. Then this site is the one you are waiting and watching for.

Deciding an entertainment spot online is a little complicated. The internet is full of lies and idiots. However, there are a lot of trustable resources that offers an incredibly fine piece of services without harming the user experience. GoMovies is one of them. If you are looking for HD quality movies with seamless streaming, then GoMovies should be your first choice. Basically, it contains a huge collection of exclusive movies in collaboration with 123movies. Let’s find out how to watch high definition movies with

The homepage is simple and straightforward with nice clear-cut search functionality. Important links are placed at top navigation. You can explore the site by navigating links such as genre, country, TV-serries, top IMDb, A-Z index, news, and request. Let’s see how can we find the desired content using GoMovies portal.
(i) is great for all movie maniac. You can also find country specific movies. Not only this you can also short and view movies with top IMDB, genre, years wise, trending and many other. User Interface is eye pleasing. You can search for your favorite movie from the search bar. Apart from providing high quality movies they also have news section.


Movie streaming market is certainly making a big noise currently. Putlockertime is a website that you should definitely use for watching movie online. This site provides dedicated section for featured movies, trending movies, 2017 movies etc. This is all, we want whenever we visit any movie streaming site. The UI team has done a great job to keep things pretty simple & as per user need. PutLockerTime also comes with infinite scroll. So you don’t need to click every page to see the results, again a great time saver.


Putlocker is one of the site that you must save in your list for great movie sites. This movie streaming portal has a vast collection of movies which you can watch for free.

1) PrimeWire free movie websites

PrimeWire comes on the top because of its quality of movies and frequent updation. Prime wire has a huge collection of Hollywood movies. For watching all movies for free go to the prime wire. Now create an account for you and watch unlimited free streaming of movies.

2) Crackle

If you are user of prime wire regularly then prime is of course best solution but if you are newbie to prime wire it is a bit of hectic process. What if you directly want to watch movie online without registration? Is it possible? Yes it is possible to watch movies without registration. Crackle has a solution for you. Crackle is also one of the topmost movie streaming website in the world. In crackle you can watch movies without a registered account for you. However if you want an account for you, it can also be done. Your preference will be remembered if you make an account crackle. One of the benefit I see of having a registered account is that whenever a new video is published I will get updated in my mailbox. So if the video looks interesting to me, I will follow that video on crackle. Apart from movies you can also watch popular TV shows for free here. That is main advantage of using Crackle. Just search your favorite video and hit the play button. Now you can imagine that your lapi/pc contains all your favorites’ movie without occupying a single space. Go and watch your favorite on this free movie websites.


3) Hulu

Hulu site is bascally US centred. It offers free streaming of TV Shows and movies from US. The main problem you might see while accessing this site is that if you are not from the us region then you will not able to access this site. One solution as I have previously mentioned is to use list of proxy sites.

4) Veiwster

Veiwster is known for providing unlimited free Hollywood and Bollywood movies on a single platform. You can watch all your favorite movie on Viewster free movie websites. It also provides you the facility to search movie by their genre. Genre includes action, romance, horror, adventures etc. so now enjoy movie online without any downloading

5) Streaming-Movies

Streaming-Movies is also one of top sites for movie lovers. Watching movies without registration and frequent updation of movie collection are the features which everybody love to have affair with. That is the main reason this site is so popular among all age group.  Just search for your movie and start watching that online. One notable thing I observed in this streaming site is that while I was trying to access movie from my iPhone Opera browser, I was not able to watch movie online. Later I discovered that you need to have a flash player to watch movie on Streaming-Movies. If you are on PC then no worry thing. But if you are on a smartphone make sure the browser you are using also have flash player in it. Otherwise you will not able to access your favorite movie online.

6) Vumoo free movie websites

Vumoo is known for its good user interface along with the quality. It also provides high level of customization and filtration for its users. All search results will appear on a single page i.e. infinite scrolling facility. The collection on Vumoo is quite huge. Almost every time you will find your favorite movie on Vumoo. Just search, play and enjoying free streaming of movies on Vumoo.

 7) Movie4K

Movie4K comes another topmost movie streaming website to watch free movies online. It also includes TV shows along with the movies that you can watch for free. There is no restriction on watching movies on Movie4K. Name itself shows that Movie4K even provide free HD streaming of your favorite movie. One thing you should have is that a good internet connection. It supports all popular platform. So now you can watch movie online not only in your laptop but also in any device like iOS, android, windows, linux, Macintosh etc.

8) LosMovies

LosMovies is becoming popular in US countries and other countries which has English as the natural language. LosMovies always try to update their site frequently. So everytime you visit LosMovies you will find the fresh content on the site. It website design is also eye attractive. You can go to LosMovies to watch your favorite movie online for free.

9) Movie25

Movie25 stands different from other in this race of watching movie online. My favorite free movie websites to watch movies. The reason behind is that it has a unique function which most of free movie websites for movie streaming site are unable to provide. Generally what happens is that whenever we go to any free movie websites/movie streaming site we will find a single link to watch movie online. It is fine as long as that link works fine for us. But what will happen if that link doesn’t work? Are you going to waste your time by searching that movie in other free movie websites  platform? I am sure you will never. Movie25 has a solution for you. It not offers link to a particular movie for watching online but also provides alternate link. In case the primary link doesn’t work you can use the alternate link to watch movie online for free.

10) Popcornflix free movie websites

Popcornflix is also loved by a lot of movie lover due to its various ranges of genre which includes short, comedy, Drama, action, adventures, documentary, horror and list continues. One of the advantage I found while using this is that Popcornflix does not require registration for watching movie online. You can simply search for your favorite movie and start streaming of your favorite movie online.

11) Watch-movies-online

watch-movies-online  provides topmost facility for movie lovers while watching movie online. Also there is no need to register for watching movie. Just go to this site and enjoy free streaming of your favorite movies. You can also browse movie according to their genre like horror, sci-fi, romance, adventure etc.


12) My Download Tube

MyDownloadTube is also best free websites to stream movies online. You many get confused by seeing the name my download tube and may believe that it is a movie downloading website, but trust me it is not so. Although there are method by which you can download movie from My Download Tube without sign up but that is a topic for another day. So you can also stream movies online in MyDownloadTube without sign up or registration.

When you will open MyDownloadTube then you can find latest and most popular movies on the homepage. You can view the all information related to the movie along with its streaming link. It has lots of pop up ads too, so sometime you may get irritated by these popover. But all these ads don’t appear after the streaming of movies get started. Overall, it is one the best movie streaming sites. You will find many movies in the HD format too. I have watched and downloaded lot of movies from the Mydownloadtube. I would definitely recommend you to opt for this site for watching movie online without downloading.

13) New Movies Online

NewsMoviesOnline is one of the best online movie streaming sites. It doesn’t host any streaming link for movies rather it provides streaming links for movies that are hosted on different server across the world. For finding your favorite movie, just type your movie name in the search box and hit enter. It has categorized movie according to their genre. So you can find top movies of in every genre listed on the appropriate category. User interface is also very neat and clean. Go for new movies online website if you have not found streaming link of any movies. You will definitely find the streaming link for the movies you are looking for.

14) HugeMoviesDB

HugeMoviesDB is a new movie streaming website. It collects mirrors for streaming. You can find the latest movies on the homepage of HugeMoviesDB. HugeMoviesDB has a large collection of movies in its database, as its name suggests. You can find movies from 1940s to present day in the HugeMoviesDB. For finding any movie just search it through the search box provided. It provides multiple mirror link for a single movies. So if one streaming link fails then you can try another streaming link for watching movie online.

15) HouseMovie

HouseMovie is another top sites for watching movie online without downloading. This movie site provides streaming links for mirroring. Apart from the regular movies your can also watch tv shows and serials in this free movie site. This is best sites to find latest released movie for free.

16) Fmovies

FMovies is very famous site to watch movies online. There are no irritating pop up ads in this site as you may find on other free movie sites. It provides direct streaming link for movies. You can find movies from the search bar. This movie streaming site has categorized movies according to their genre. So you can find all the top movies in their genre under their categories. However if you didn’t find your favorite movies then you can request fmovies for making that movie available. User has got really good respond from the fmovies in the past. Usually they make available requested movies within 3-7 days.

17) Wolowtube

WolowTube is another big name in free online movie streaming website. This is the best sites to watch free movies. I am saying this because of the interface and their arrangement of movies. It is very easy to find streaming link for any movies. You can also find latest released movies in wolowtube on the front. You can also watch tv shows and serials in this free movie website.


Tube+ is a top name in best website to stream movies online. It provides various mirror link for online streaming of movies. In this site you can watch full length movies online for free. I would recommend you to use adblock plugin before visiting this site as it has lot of pop up ads. One unique feature of this site is that it also gives its users to contribute to tubeplus. If you know any working streaming link for a movies then you can submit it on this site. If the moderator find true your clain then they will list your given link on the appropriate movie.

19) Youtube Movies

Youtube have a good collection almost all new movies but most of them are paid. However you will find most of the movies uploaded by some users. Youtube is free video uploading site, so anyone can upload movies, vidoes or anything in video format. Personally I have have a great experience with youtube. As it has really smooth streaming service. You can find free full length movies in the youtube movies section and stream them for free.

20) is another sites in this free movie website list. New movies  are added regularly. Snagfilms has over 10,000 movies to watch them online for free. This streaming site is also available in the iOS and android apps. So if you don’t want to visit the site every time then you can simply download their android or iOS apps and can enjoy full length hd movies for free. SnagFlims also provides rating facility for movies. Users can vote movies after watching. If you are new to this free movie websites then you can select the movie which has a good rating. Overall this is top notch free movie streaming site.


If you are fan of old movies then moviesPlanet free streaming site is for you. It has a really great collections of free movies online. You can choose any movie and watch it directly for free without downloading. It provides streaming link for movies. You can get information about the movie after click on it. MoviePlanet is get  upadated daily. So you will find new movie every time you visit. It also provide reporting feature to its users. Suppose you searched for a movie and found it. But when you try to stream then either its link is not working or say broken. Then you can report it on moviesplanet. They are good at updating the database, so link will be updated within 24 hrs.


JustMoviez is another good name in this free movie website list. You  can select and watch movies from different genres like adventure, comedy, drama, action, romance etc. JustMovies also provide free online tv shows. For every movie you get on JustMovies, you will get lot of streaming links. You can select any link and watch movie online. If you are looking for latest or newly released movies then you can get them through the navigation bar.


Huluwood as is name suggest is inclined towards providing towards quality Hollywood movies. You can stream any movies for free in this free movie website. It also categorized movies according to archieve by year. It is one of the top movie site for providing quality Hollywood movies.

23) provides latest released movie which you can stream for free. This site provides a quality user experience. If you are fan of watching movie online then you should visit this site atleast once.

24) is known for its great quality and user interface. It also provide navigation through their genre. Most popular movies can be found on the homepage of movies-online, the free movie website.


Another top sites to watch full length hd movies online for free. It has neat homepage which has been appreciated by lots of users. You can browser famous through their genres.


Veoh is good free movie website which provides free online streaming of movies. The best thing about this site is that it has dedicated section where you can find most popular videos in the last week.

27) Movie Flixter- Free movie site for free online movie

Movie Flixter is a complete movie website. You can find all movie related information like director, cast, release date etc in this free movie streaming site.  It collects links from the various places spread across in internet and provides them for free. However you will need to sign up for registration. However sign process is completely easy and free. Overall it’s a very good site to watch online movies.

28) HouseMovie- Find best free movies to watch online

HouseMovie is best sites to watch movies online without downloading. Housemovie has a clean user interface as you can see in the below pic. Apart from movies it also provides tv shows and derails. You can choose movies from different genres. If you are looking for a particular movie then you can get it through the search box.

It also provides commenting and rating system. You can comment and rate a movie after watching. It is very useful for other user who are newly landed on the site.

29) Movies Tube Online

Movies Tube Online is big name providing quality movies and tv shows. Everything on this site is free to stream. If you are fan of new generation movies then this is perfect free moive website you are looking for. The quality of the movies provided in the free movies tube online website is too good. Almost all the movies you will see in the movies tube online site are in hd. Apart from this you it also shows rating for movies. You can select highly rated movie to watch online for free.

30) New Movies

NewMoviesOnline is a free movie websites which provides free online streaming of movies. This site is known for providing newly released movies. Apart from watching movies you can also know information about the movies by simply clicking on them. Information provided is storyline, cast, writer, release date, director etc. You can first get an idea about the movie by this before watching them online.

New movies online also doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign up. User interface is quite clean as you can see in the above pic. Newly released movies are put on the homepage of the site. You can choose movies from the different genre like Action, Adventure, Animation, biography etc.

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31) Watch New Movies

There are too many free movie streaming websites are coming these days. Watch New Movies is next generation movie streaming site which provides free streaming of online movies. This site is dedicated towards bringing newly released movies as soon as possible. This site doesn’t host any movies by its own but it collects links from the various sites. You can select the site by which you want to watch and stream the movie onine for free.

The best thing about watch new movies website is that you will get a lot of links for a single movie. So if any link is not working then you can watch the movie with another link. It is highly impossible that all links will not work. You can also view movie description before actually watching it. This site also doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign up for watching the movies.

32) Watch Movies Free

Watch Movies Free is another big name in the free movie streaming list. This is equally good for streaming movies as well as tv shows. This site has a great collection of tv shows and movies which you can stream for free. This site also doesn’t host movies on its server. It gives you direct streaming link from various site. It also provide multiple links to stream.

Watch Movies Free also doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign up for viewing. This site also has a good user interface. Movies are organized according to their categories. At the end it is one of the best site to watch full length movies without sign up.

33) Movie Plus

Next is Movie Plus has a great collection of movies for online movie watching. it also provides link for streaming of movies. It has neat user interface as you can see in the below pic.  You can choose movies from various genre available.

In this list almost all the site doesn’t ask for sign up or registration. However if some site ask for sign up please don’t give them your credit details. This site also gives users to review a particular movie. Apart from watching movie online you can also find good tv shows. Alll things are free to watch and stream.

34) Alluc- Free Movie Search Engine for Free Movies

Alluc is one of the very old site to provide streaming of movies. You can find link by searching movie by its name or any movie related keywords just like in google you do. it is basically a search engine which search for active streaming link. You can also search for movie download link if you want. It has great indexing capability and every time you search you will get your movie for sure.

Alluc has a good index database of free movie streaming websites. So you will find best streaming link for everytime you search for a movie.
Go to Alluc-

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35) OZO Movies- Watch free HD Movies Online

If you are looking for best hd quality movies then OZOMovies is the best free movie streaming site for you. It doesn’t require any sign up or registration. You can just select the movie and choose any streaming link provided. It will start playing immediately.

If you are looking for latest movies then you can find them on the homepage itself. You  can also browse movie by their archive. If you are looking for a particular movie then you can search it by its name.

36) Top Documentary Films- Watch Top Documentary Movies

If you are people who appreciate the real work or say documentary then this is the best documentary sites for you. Most of the documentary movies are based upon the real life stories. They gave us an inside story of this world. is best free streaming site to view documentary movies.
Watch Documentary Movies-

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37) Watch Movie Stream- Watch Free Movies, TV Shows and Movie Teaser

Watch movie stream is another top name in this list of free movie streaming site for watching movie online. You can browse movies by their genre as shown in the picture. Apart from the famous movies you can also watch tv shown online for free. It also provides web series and latest trailer and teaser of movies.
Stream Free Movies Online-

38) Putlockers2

Putlockers2 is known for providing quality movies for free. It updates its database regularly. You can watch movie online by this site. This site doesn’t host any movie on its server rather it provides streaming links from various other site. This site doesn’t ask for any registration or sign up. This site is also optimized for mobiles. So you will get equally good browsing experience on browsing through mobile device. you can also filter movies by various factor in putlocker2.

39) Putlockers0


This free movie websites is dedicated toward bringing latest released movies. So if you love to watch and download latest released movies then you can go for putlockers0. This sites also provides mirror links for streaming. There are no pop up ads in this site. So you will get a good user experience. It is also optimized for mobile device. you can also filter out movies by only available for stream. In this way it will show only those links which provides streaming of movies for free. This site is very good if you want to have quality user experience along with good hd link. Just select any streaming link provided and watch full length movies without doing any sign up.

40) Top Movies Online

topmoviesonline is another sites for watching movies online without downloading. You can stream any movies in this free movie site. You can also search for a movie if you are looking for a particular movie. Movies are also categorized according to their genre. You can also browse movie by A-Z or newly released movies. TopMoviesOnline also provides good quality shows. It provides link from other sites for streaming.

41) WatchOnline-Movies

watch online movies is rated among the top free movie websites in the world. You can easily watch movie online for free in this site. It also provide good number of tv shows to watch. You will not asked for any kind of registration or credit card details in this site. Overall it’s a really good site for watching movies online.


Movies Online provides movie according to their rating. You can enjoy watching hd movies for free in this free streaming sites. You don’t need to sign up or registration for accessing it. Just go to this movie sites and enjoy watching full length movies.

43) WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStream has great collection of movies to watch from. This sites get updated daily. The unique feature of this site is that you can filter movie by its release date. This is really a great feature as it is not commonly found in movie streaming site.

44) NyooTV

NyooTV is another good name in this free movie streaming site list. This sites provides both Hollywood, Bollywood movies. You can also watch indian regional movies in this site. NyooTV site doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign up for watching movies online. Apart from the movies you can also watch favorite tv shows in this site.


In this Free Movies Onine site we can stream online movies for free. It doesn’t require any kind of registration. It has nice user interface to work with. You should atleast try in once if you are a fan of watching movies online.


Free Online Movies another good name in this free online movie streaming sites. This site also doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign up. Also you don’t have to provide credit card details. Just go to this site and enjoy watching full length hd movies for free.


The Solar Movie is free movie streaming site for those who are die hard movie fans. If I would say this site only free streaming site that I will be wrong because it is not just about movies it also provide further details about the movie. You can see release date for any upcoming movies. You can also get to know about the cast, storyplot etc of the movie. Visit this site and enjoy watching movie online.

48) iMovies Tube provides free online streaming of movies for free. You don’t need to sign up or registration. It has a great collection of movies. All the movies provided here are in the hd format. So you can enjoy watching these movies without any interruption.


Best Free Movie Streaming WebSites

If you are landed on this article that means you know the value of your time. It is very difficult to download the movie first from internet and wait for it to download for watching offline.

f you choose watching movies online then you can save a lot of your time. In downloading you need to download first but here there is no such requirement. You can watch movies whenever you want as per your comfort on free movie websites. You don’t need to start downloading hours before you want to see. Everything here is online at that moment. Apart from saving time watching movie online on free movie streaming websites also saves your pocket money.

streaming-websites-free movie websites

If you download movie from some torrent sites then I want to warn you that these sites mainly full of malware and most of the time downloaded movie will contain virus in it. Virus is not visible while browsing but they will keep showing their effect after a long date of movie downloading. At that time you probably have no idea where the malware come from. Downloading from torrent is also time consuming as you need to first find the link and then on zbigz and all blah blah blah. Really hectic process for a newbie computer geek. Also the limitation on zbigz is that you cannot upload movie size greater than 1 GB on free version. So you don’t need to worry now I am going to share Free movie websites list in which you can watch your choice movie online for free.

How to watch/stream movies online for free?

  • Go to your chosen Free movie websites from our list
  • Go to search bar and search for your favorite movie in the appeared free movie websites.
  • When results come simply click the play button.

Holla! Is not this wonderful to watch movie anytime? One thing you need to have a good internet connection like broadband or 3G.

All Free movie websites sites also have option to watch trending movies, latest movies, and also a filter which filter movies by their genre such as action, fantasy, romance etc. Choose your favorite genre and watch movies under that genre.

Best Free Movie Streaming websites without registration/ downloading

If you have searched for free movie websites for movie streaming sites to watch movie online then you know how hard it is to find the list of movie streaming site. If you don’t have this list then everytime you need to find the download link to watch your favorite movie. Many torrent sites are blocked now due to restriction imposed by ISP or government. Earlier I have shared the list of proxy sites to access blocked sites you can use them too. If you specifically need to watch movie from YouTube and if YouTube is blocked in your country then you can see techgeekers guide on how to unblock YouTube at school, office and university. Really great guide must read.

I will share the list of sites to free movie websites for free streaming of your favorite movie. Almost all these free movie websites are portable or say mobile friendly just like YouTube. So these live streaming of movie sites can be used on any devices like your lapi, pc, smartphone or anything which support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) protocol technically. Almost all platform support this proto

Conclusion: Best free movie websites to watch movies online

I have compiled top quality free movie streaming websites for you. Although I have done a lot of research before reaching to this list of free movie websites but If you find any useful free movie streaming websites which let’s you stream movies for free, please let me know. I will update this list of free movie websites asap. The most notable advantage I found while compiling this list is that they are all free and fast too. All above free movie websites for movie streaming supports almost all popular major platform. I hope you liked this list. You can tell us your favorite free movie websites by giving your valuable voice in comments. Till then sit back and enjoy watching online movies for free.

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