5 Best Music Streaming Websites to Listen Music Online

Life without music is boring and unimaginable. It has also become an integral part of our life. Listening music is something that we all like. On the other hand,  the Internet has made it more convenient for all of us to find different types of music under one roof. Therefore, listening on-line music is very convenient and best way to spend time.

Music is the only thing which keeps us away from daily routine worries and that’s why it is very important to listen to quality music. There are various online platforms due to which now we can easily able to listen from thousands of artists all over the world and that too within a fraction of seconds. With these music streaming websites, you can easily stream and listen your music from any computer or Smartphone directly with the browser.  Sometimes it becomes little difficult to choose one best music streaming website, but these sites will definitely help you in this.


Online music streaming websites are in fashion now and with these music streaming websites, you can easily listen to free music online. The revolution of the internet has changed the whole old scenario of listening music on cassettes, then CDs and now everything is online. With this change, people don’t even bother to store their music on a computer or mobile phone. Now a day’s most of the things are going online and music is one of them. Now everyone just depends on a strong internet connection to listen and share their favorite music tracks. You can also entertain yourself by these websites of free movies.

Here are the 5 best music streaming websites for you, where you can go online and listen to your favorite music easily.


This is one of the popular and very first online music streaming website. It is a great site for both listening online music and downloading your favorite songs. Similarly, it also has a huge collection of songs which can be easily accessed by all users from all over the world. Also Read out best apps for saving snapchats . It basically provides music services which let you explore new songs and further get in touch with other people who share your passion in any specific genre of music.

2. Gaana

This website was launched in 2011 and has a huge volume of all types of music. Therefore, it is one of the commercial online music streaming website which provides free, licensed and dynamic music.

If you own an android phone or iPhone (Which mostly of us do) then you can also go for these music streaming apps for android & iOS.


This is one of the most common and popularly used music streaming website with all old and latest collection of songs. Its full form is digitally imported. It provides a multipurpose internet radio service which primarily focuses on electronic music. Further, it also has a unique web design which has all features on its home page including information on upcoming shows, radio stations and popular songs.

4. Slacker Radio

Next in the list is the slacker radio on which you can listen to different types of playlists created by various experts. This is a free music network where you can listen to more than 13 million song tracks. It provides anywhere, anytime access to world’s best music you want to listen. It also comes with two types of subscription plans out of which one is plus and other is premium. So, now you can listen to your favorite music with its customized and offline listening features.

If you want to download music for offline listening then go for these best free mp3 music downloader apps for andriod.

5. Spotify

This is one of oldest and best music streaming website among all. It has a vast collection of about 20 million popular song tracks and artists with access from almost all major platforms. This site has various features for their users like creating playlists, sharing music and much more. Once you are logged in with this site, it provides you with an ever growing variety of music catalogue with various playlists and amazing features. So, just enjoy your favorite music with this fast and superb website.

So, this is all about the best music streaming websites available today. Today, everyone prefers to listen to their favorite music online and by these websites, it becomes really very easy to listen to music online and that too without any hassle. Now no need to download or store every track you love to listen. Just go online and rest these websites will do for you.

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