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Hostinger Review: A Web Host that Truly Delivers on its Promises!

Hostinger offers 1 free domain with the subscription. Imagine buying a domain name separately from web hosting. With this web host, you can buy hosting services and get a free domain with it for prices starting at just $3.49 per month.

According to existing Hostinger evaluationslike this in-depth review from Satori Webmaster Academy, Hostinger seems like an undervalued eye-candy!”

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The comparative savings can be big when you consider the annual cost of maintaining a website and web hosting service separately.


Free domain registration is available with its Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting plans.


Easy & Quick Setup

It takes not more than 2 minutes to create and setup your website with Hostinger. It is also extremely easy to setup. For someone like me who was a beginner when they started their website, this web host offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that makes it a breeze to create and setup a site.

There are hundreds of free templates and sophisticated customization abilities. The drag-and-drop site builder eliminates the need for dealing with code. Again, it is a single-click installation for any template.

Hostinger has a slightly different control panel from the standard cPanel. There is a customized control panel that simplifies backend management. All the key metrics and information is available at your fingertips. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced webmaster, you will find this control panel extremely easy to use. Creating sub-domains and databases and parking domains is no longer complicated.

Some of the key features offered within this control panel include:

  • FTP account
  • Email accounts
  • File managers
  • Database management
  • IP blocker

You can choose from hundreds of CMS scripts. There is a single-click installation feature that makes things much simpler and quicker for newbie users. If you want to install WP, all it requires is a single click. Installing new software and managing your website or blog is also a breeze.

Quick support

Hostinger follows the best-possible contact modes that exist for hosting services. I found their live chat and ticket system to be the most beneficial. Their live chat support feature puts me in direct contact with the right professional and get instant resolutions to my queries. It is worth mentioning that you should choose the paid service to be able to avail live chat support.

Even when it comes to tickets, the response is exceptionally fast. I don’t think may web hosts out there offer this much speed in their ticket system. Hostinger also has a knowledge base for those who want to fix issues on their own.

Faster Processing Means Faster Loading

The Premium and Business plans come with faster processing features. This is the reason why I see my pages loading faster. It doesn’t need to be mentioned how important this is to the success of a website or blog. When my visitors see my pages loading faster, it helps create a more positive impression about my site and also increases my site’s retention rates.

Daily Backup

Any website owner can understand the importance of daily backups. Weekly backups are good, but imagine losing your website data or database information for almost a week. Hottinger’s daily backup feature ensures that all my data is saved in the backup servers the very same day I made any changes. If you have ever lost data, you would realize how much difference it can make.

99.9% Uptime

Almost every web host promises a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. But most will never be able to keep up to the promise. I have been using Hostinger for years and I can claim that they have never failed on that promise. The only time there were downtimes when there were scheduled maintenance. And it was never more than that 0.01% margin.

Hostinger has over 29.6 million clients. That speaks volumes about the quality and reliability offered by this web hosting service. Ease of site setup, easy site-building and customization, fast servers, affordable web hosting premium plans, free domain, support for hundreds of CMS scripts, true 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and daily backups are just a few of the reasons why I would recommend this web host to others. If you are looking for the perfect web hosting service for your website or blog, Hostinger is a trusted host. It is hard to come across any other host that delivers so much at so affordable prices.

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