content delivery network (CDN)

6 Key Advantages of Using A CDN for Your WordPress Website

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network that refers to a group of servers that are geographically distributed throughout the globe.

These servers work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. You can get amazing web hosting services on hostiserver.

When a person visits your website, the user’s browser requests the data it needs from your web server. Your website then responds back with all the data that has been requested.

A CDN does all the work in a shorter time period. Having a CDN for your WordPress website has many advantages, six of which are written in this article.

1. Speed

Improved speed is definitely the best advantage of using a CDN for your WordPress website. CDN is a significant performance boost for your website.

content delivery network (CDN)

When you use a CDN, every user will have a close server from which his or her website can access the information. Your visitors will experience faster page loading times. Users are unlikely to visit a web page that is slow, and if your website is fast, more users will visit it, and it will reduce the bounce rates.

2. Improved uptime

CDN reduces the load on your host which generates consistent speed. At times of high traffic or total failure, your website can crash which will have negative consequences. CDN smoothly handles traffic spikes and can withstand hardware failure better than many other origin servers, as the network is optimized specifically for this purpose.

3. Higher SEO ranking

All people want their site to load faster, and Google ranks the websites based on their uptime and speed. CDN has you covered when we talk about faster speed.

Slow sites get lower rankings in search results, and fast sites get a boost.

Not only will your user experience improve, but your high rating will result in more visitors.

4. Data integrity

All website owners want to use latest tools to render their content. CDN will help in preserving the integrity whenever you make any changes to your assets.

For instance, if you update your CSS or JavaScript files on CDN, the changes will be mirrored at once across various servers, and your integrity and consistency will be preserved.

5. No geographic boundaries

The Internet is so vast now that it does not matter what our location is, everyone has access to the internet and the content available on it. CDN is a web of globally distributed servers, and users, regardless of their geographic location, will be able to get access to your website with the same facilities as if they were located close to your server.

6. Cost-effective

There is no setup required for WordPress websites when you use a CDN. All the CDN providers offer their users a custom setup plugin for WordPress. There are more plugins in WordPress directory as well, which are useful for setting up a CDN for your website.

Also, you save money on buying extra computing resources because CDN already improves the performance of your website.

Using CDN for your WordPress will definitely improve your website’s overall performance because CDN helps reduce the load on your main host.

I hope it helps you out. Have a great day!

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