The Most Difficult Computer Games in History 1

The Most Difficult Computer Games in History

If you are a gamer, then you probably like challenges. However, these days it is not that easy to find a game that offers a high level of difficulty. They are usually carefully tested, and their developers want you to experience the whole thing from start to finish.

In every computer game, you can select a difficulty mode. If you like pushing your playing skills to the absolute limit, then you need to go with the hard mode. There are some that are really difficult, some that can easily make you cry. You can even break a few controllers over them. To beat these games, you need to pay attention, learn and not give up. But just imagine this good feeling when you finally succeed.


Here is our top 9 pick of the toughest of the tough computer games.

1. Dark Souls

It is usually rated as the hardest video game ever, but it is a genuine masterpiece. The game is punishing, and you will die for every small mistake you make. But dying here is a part of fun since you learn a lot from your mistakes. Dark Souls requires patience and a good understanding of a game mechanics. It often takes a hundred tries to complete the level. There is no shame in using guides or hints that you can easily find online. Once you get addicted to Dark Souls, it is really hard to play any of the other games. Prepare yourself and embrace The Darkness! Don’t break a controller over this though.

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2. Ninja Gaiden

This one is just insanely hard. It is the only game best players give up on.

What makes it worlds hardest game?

Brutal bosses, insane enemies and limited save points. Every enemy in it will destroy you if you aren’t careful enough. Ninja Gaiden Black is a whole other level of brutality. No matter how good you are, they will kill you again and again.

3. Myst

It is one of the most famously challenging puzzlers ever released. The player solves puzzlers and travels to the different worlds. This game has several endings that depend on the player’s actions. It was reported that people lost their jobs back in 1993 due to spending so much time solving the Myst’s puzzles.

4. Jurassic Park

It is a very long game with no save system. Mistakes result in a lower medal ranking or even character deaths.

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5. Dwarf Fortress

This one is about loosing. Dwarf Fortress is for people who love frustration, and your goal in this game is to simply survive. You need to learn from your mistakes and be prepared for the next time.

6. Super Meat Boy

Just one tiny mistake and it’s over. It is a game of failing over and over again and it can takes hours to recover. This game just wants you to die. You will spend all your time running and jumping to get from point A to point B. Super Meat Boy is one of those addictive hard games which make you believe that just one more go is enough to beat the level and move on. It has 300 levels designed to make your blood pressure rise.

7. Battletoads

Seems like it is the hardest game ever and adding a second player only makes it harder. Even if you somehow managed to complete the level, remember it is just a beginning. It is only going to get more difficult from there. The developers just throw some truly nasty obstacles and enemies your way, making it an impossible game. And did we mention that there is no save system? If you lost your three lives, then the game is over. Start again!

The Most Difficult Computer Games in History 2

8. Spelunky

This one is really tough. When you die you lose all the progress that you’ve made and need to start back at the beginning. It is a very long game that takes several hours to complete. Most people spend weeks or months playing before they have a chance to fight the final boss.

9. God Hand

It is not the hardest game, but it is really challenging. There are insane bosses and just too many enemies on your way at once. As you progress, the enemies and bosses become more powerful. Give this game a try!

Above is a list of the best challenging games that will eat weeks of your life. Some of them can be super hard; they can be hell. But give them a shot and challenge yourself a bit. It is worth the effort!

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