How to buy Real website traffic in India 1

How to buy Real website traffic in India

In online world getting traffic to the website is the main hurdle for any webmaster or companies. You need to attract visitors to your website for making handsome revenue. It is quite hard for a new website to attract visitors. You may be a blogger, internet marketer or a company but getting more visitors should be your first priority.


TrafficBot- The only thing You need to get traffic

If you are from India then you can try TrafficBot company to buy quality real visitors to your blog. The company is in the operation from last 3 years & has bane-fitted thousands of customers. If you are thinking that how can we trust the company then don’t worry, TrafficBot offers free trial for their service. So you can first test their service & later can decide whether to actually go for their paid plan or not.

How to buy traffic from TrafficBot?

First thing head over to TrafficBot sites.

You will find a similar page like this.

How to buy Real website traffic in India 2

Click on the sign up option.

Provide Your email id there.

You will get a confirmation email with a password associated with your account.

Click on the verification link and enter the credentials for login.

On the left side you can find an option for adding the project. Click on it. You will see following screen.

Adding a project

Fill the appropriate details in the boxes.

Finally click on the Add project & you are done.

Just sit back & let TrafficBot do its magic on your site.

Here is the proof for real traffic generated by TrafficBot.


I am sure you are. 🙂 I was too 😉


There are many things which make TrafficBot popular than others.

1. You can buy traffic in millions. That too with a affordable plan.

2. If you want to a country specific traffic then this can be done with fair ease. So if you are from India just select the option of traffic source to India & you are all done. Easy!! Is not it?

Pricing Schemes

TrafficBot comes with a good pricing schemes. The price are pretty low, so that maximum people can take benefit.  You can see the all their plans below in the following pictures.


Referral Program

If you are an internet marketer & looking for some affiliate program then this is great opportunity for you. You can sign up for their affiliate program without subscribing to their plan. You will get the commission according to different levels. In short the more people you bring your commission skyrockets.  affiliate rates


TrafficBot is really heaven for those who want to bring quality traffic to the site with ease. My own experience with them are pretty good. I have bought traffic for some of CPA campaign and getting good results. So if you are looking for a similar opportunity then you must opt for TrafficBot.

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