Top 6 SEO Tips For Beginners To Get Started

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is hard. SEO is not an open-website-rank-tomorrow type of technique.

I know you want to rank above the Google search bar(although that’s not possible).

I know you can kill anyone on planet earth to get into the first three sweet spots.

But wait…

You don’t need to kill someone to rank higher in SERPs. (SEO is not that hard either). In fact, it’s way to simple than that.

Well, if you are still wondering how then stick around with me and I’ll give you the top SEO tips for any beginner to see their website in Google search.

So let’s get started

If you are a complete beginner and don’t even know what SEO is than I’d recommend you to go through this 70+ SEO Interview Questions to hone your skills.

Content is King

I know you have heard this more than 100 times so what listen it one more time 😛

It’s good if you fit in your mind that for ranking higher in Google the first thing you need to refine is your content marketing.

Content is the best asset which you can create online for you. It will work today, tomorrow and even after an year.

So, first of all start writing good content which is both user friendly and search engine friendly.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Now before you start writing awesome content you need to find out on what topic you’ll write, right?

But there must be a proper way to figure what you’ll always write that’s when we introduce “Keywords”


You need to master the skill of keyword research and find out highly profitable low competition keywords.

This is will take some time but over time with consistent effort you can become a keyword research master.

User Experience

Believe it or not, but Google is focusing more and more towards the overall user intent after the Rankbrain update.

To stand out from this boring crowd, you need to first optimize your content for the users before you optimize it for search engines.

The more time a user spend on your website, the better are your chances to get visible on Google.

Treat your traffic as a gift from God and try to make them stick around your website for long.

Terrific Headlines

It’s what 80% of people read at first place and decide whether to go further and read or leave and do something more productive.

If the headline is what force the reader to click it again and again than this increase the overall Click Through Rate (CTR).

Now comes the fun part, if your website attracts more clicks than your competitor and the users spend more time on your website BAM you rankings will go up at the speed of light.

Create A Sitemap

Google loves sitemaps.

Google reads Sitemaps first whenever you publish or update something new on your website.

It’s like what is the first thing you do a waking up in the morning? Brush your teeths, right?

Similarly, Google first and foremost checks the sitemap of your website.

Short And Sweet URLs

Easy to read clean URLs are preferred more by Google compared to the kilometer long URLs.

One tip here is to always try to include your keyword in the URL and keep it as short as you can.

Example of a good short URL:

A kilometer long URL Example:

The whole point try to avoid long URLs.

Wrap Up

I hope you liked this article on SEO tips for beginners to get started. If you learned something new today from this article than don’t forget to leave a comment below.

If you have any doubts or want me to add any new tips in the list feel free to comment down below.

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