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6 Key Points of Producing Valuable Content

Any idiot with a brain can write, but if you want to produce content that matters, you need to create arguments that provoke people to react. This is the main point of your assignment, aka essay. Following, we are giving you some insights to help you succeed.

Criticize Your Own Argument

Once you have studied your material, return to your original argument. This helps you to highlight developed points. This will help you present both sides of the argument in a better light. You can also make use of different web scraping service . Instead of siding with one side of the argument, you need to find strong objections in both of them, and even in your own view.

Content writing

Write and respond to these points, this will help you point out the mistakes in how you reason. Limit every argument to explore them. It will be worth your effort.

Stand with and Against Your Point

This is what an essay writer supposed to do. You have to discuss every point with an objective and go into details. The intro para has to put your topic under consideration and open up room for future arguments.

You are suggesting a solution to a problem, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go against these solutions. Sometimes, we can’t improve without criticism. This approach will help you find loopholes in your theories. Analyze the problem with its causes and consequences.

The main body of your essay should find suggestions with possible solution and consequences. Just summarize your opinion.


  • Write in a formal and impersonal Style
  • Introduce every point with a separate para
  • Use topic sentences for every para
  • Develop your paragraphs with great writes
  • Give reasons and examples with every point
  • Sequence everything
  • Add linking words and phrases
  • Reference other sources and assure you follow the proper citation style
  • Identify the sources you used


  • Avoid short forms, write full words
  • Never use informal or casual language
  • Don’t use over-generalization. Don’t insist on your opinions, don’t refer statics, not at least without references, and never put personal examples

How to Nail it?

  • Remain neutral, stay in the topic but maintain two opposite point of views
  • Choose your sources carefully after looking at various sources and craft your attitude once you studied both sides of the argument
  • End with a conclusion, not opinion. But don’t forget to add your opinion of both sides in it

Poke Holes

The idea of writing is to show others you can think critically. The material is not your lead; you need to go beyond regurgitating what you read. Stop repeating other’s argument and learn to create your own. This is the purpose of creating an essay.

You will need higher cognitive abilities. You are not going to show your understanding. Instead, you will analyze and synthesize ideas from various sources before you start evaluating them. This is where the magic happens.

You need to poke holes in the theories you read; it means you need to find mistakes and get evidence to support your claim.

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