Best iOS Emulator For Android – iEMU APK

iOS Emulator For Android:-  You have an android device. You are also a fan of apple’s I device. You want to use ios apps on your android device.

What will you do?

Certainly you will buy an iPhone or iPad.

But do you think that it will be feasible for all.

Leave only about feasibility.

Is it really worth to buy an iPhone at such a huge price?

What if I say that you can use iOS apps on your android devices?

Many of you might be knowing about this advance feature called iOS Emulator for android.


Android has highest share in terms of smartphone users. Android devices are more popular than the iOS devices. I have used both android and iOS devices.

Android devices are comparatively cheaper than the apple devices. They provide the same functionality at lower cost. So it is feasible for more users for buying. If you want to take a feel of apple devices then you can try emulators of ios. These emulator will really make you feel that you are working on an ios devices. You can run ios apps on android.

This ios emulator for android is free to download.

So you can easily download and install it on your device.

How To Run iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulator For Android:

Ios emulators will help you to play ios apps on your android devices. In this tutorial I will guide with everything you need to know about emulator for ios. You can use these emulator on your android device. This will answer your query for ios 8 emulator for android.

emulator for ios

I will provide you an apk file of this ios emulator for android device. It will help you run ios games on android.

First of all I would like to tell you some features of ios emulator for android. Then I will give you direct link of its android apk file.

Main Features And Requirements Of iOS Emulator For Android iEMU APK:

  • Install and play ios apps and games on your android devices.
  • All ios apps run smoothly on this ios emulator.
  • This emulator for ios needs atleast android 2.3.
  • This iOS emulator size is 61MB.
  • For smoother operation and functioning of ios apps your phone should have atleast 512MB of RAM.
  • This ios emulator supports Xperia play built in game.

Steps To Download iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS App On Android device:

  • Here I am providing you direct download link of iOS emulator. This emulator of iOS is known as iEMU. ios emulator for android apk download from the below link.

iOS Emulator Apk iEMU APK

ios emulators

  • You can either download the apk file directly in your android device or you can download it your computer first. Then after you can transfer it to your android device on which you want to run ios games and apps.
  • Locate the apk file of iEMU ios emulator in your android phone. This is the best iOS emulator for android.
  • Click on to it for installing.
  • Installation process takes some time. Be patient!!
  • After it gets installed you will see a padiod icon on your app list.
  • Click on this padiod app.
  • Now you can easily run iOS games on your android device with the help of Padiod.
  • Supported file format for Padiod ipad, zip.

I have provided you the exact thing you need to know for downloading ios emulator. these emulator for ios are really helpful to run ios apps and games on your android device. If you are getting any problem regarding to this ios emulator for android then you can easily put your query in comments.

Thank you.

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