The most wanted game for iOS: Flick Home Run

Flick home run is one of the most popular games on iOS. The game was launched in 2011 and since the launch, it has retained high rating among players and developers. It has been referred to a game of both luck and accuracy.

To play, flick your finger to make a home run. As you flick your finger you can experience various throws that are based on a pendulum. A single flick launches all the balls into a blue zone, thus improving your score. If the ball flies further, you can hit it directly with a flick to gain even more points. This game has been referred to as a “real-life batting simulation”.

The most wanted game for iOS: Flick Home Run 1


The game explanation seems complicated, but it is really simple. The challenge in the game is for you to hit the balls as hard as possible. When you do this, the balls escape and land somewhere else, thus inflicting damage on houses and cars in the game. This will force you to find a creative way of getting the balls out of the park. This way, you earn points for every ball that gets out without inflicting damage, and you get a bonus whenever you get your balls out without hitting any buildings or cars or any other objects.

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To replenish the balls, try to get as far as possible in the game. For every distance you travel, you get extra balls.

Remember, there are several different balls in the pitch and as you play, you might not be in a position to know which ball is coming. Thus, use power-ups to know the pitch. The different types of balls that you are likely to get include fast drops, curving balls, fastballs, regular baseballs among others.

The trick to winning the game is understanding the balls better. If you know which balls are heavier and which are lighter then you can know which balls have the ability to travel faster.

The most wanted game for iOS: Flick Home Run 2


The game modes exist to keep things more interesting. One such game mode is to always touch the “sunglasses” to identify the balls heading towards your direction. Every step of the game only allows you three balls, understand how to make the most of the balls to earn the highest number of points. If possible, avoid using the balls at the start of the game when things are simple. Save them for later stages of the game when things become really complicated. Thus, take the few seconds to check what’s coming, and decide if you want to use the balls or save them for later.

Another popular game mode is to learn to keep your life from depleting by hitting the balls at 100 feet or more. Tricky and confusing as the balls might behave, when you do this, it can help you cover shorter distances. Ensure that at this position you flick with the strongest force, and be attentive to the director of your finger’s movement.

Remember, the game has two modes, the major and the minor challenge. To get to the major challenge, you have to master and do exceptionally well in the minor challenge. Thus, replay your steps in the minor until you earn enough points to upgrade to the majors.

Watch out for the minor challenge. This is a series of objectives that are presented to you that you must meet at every step of the game. In this challenge, the farthest distance to the ball can hit is 1000 ft., hence when you hit this speed the balls stop automatically.


The game gives you experience points at each step. These points will enable you to upgrade to power, the bat’s efficiency or the ability to make previews.

If you upgrade your power, it simply means that more power is added to you. This way, you get the chance to hit the balls at a further distance.

Improving the bat’s efficiency means that you get better quality balls. In simple terms, you will get less foul balls. Also, improving your bat’s efficiency means you get additional ability to get bats. Also, improving the bat’s efficiency implies you get improved ability to make reviews.

Getting these upgrades in the game can prove to be frustrating sometimes. Also, to most players, it is hard to tell which upgrade is the best. Thus, to pick the best, choose the one which enables you to overcome your weakness skill in the game. For instance, if you are accurate in hitting the 100 feet and beyond, then in your upgrade, pick the batting efficiency upgrade. This is because the batting efficiency will enable you to understand what is coming your way, and this way you can position yourself to collect points.


To recap, the Flick home run is one of the most fun games you can play on your iOS device. However, what can give you a headache is the in-app purchase option. Also, it can be quite complicated. There is a need to improve it and make it more user-friendly. For a more in-depth review about Flick Home Run, you can read the review on

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