Apple AirPods – Are They Really That Good?

The ultra-lightweight Apple AirPods are all rave in the tech world. It’s a fully wireless headphone with a reliable wireless connection, decent sounds, good call quality, and simple pairing. Even the battery quality of the headphone is much better than that of an ordinary headphone.

Apple AirPods - Are They Really That Good? 1

With the introduction of Apple AirPods, the craze for everything wireless doubled in a matter of months.


What’s inside the package?

You will receive a pretty standard Apple packaging. The box is all white with a beautiful image of the product on the front. Open it and you will see the headphones, a charging case, warranty booklets, and some instructions too. There is a lot to like about the AirPods, especially the comfort and fitted. Let’s begin with the features:

Build & Design

Apple is still the best-known company when it comes to building quality and design, and the same goes with AirPods. The charging case is made up of plastic; still, it feels great in hand. It is lightweight and portable enough to be tossed in your bag as well as pockets. We would recommend you to keep the case with you all the time as when you are not using them; it is better to place them inside the case.

On the bottom of the case, you will find a single lighting port for charging and a Bluetooth button. The lid of the case is built with a magnet which will open with just a flicker, making the lid safe and secure. There are magnets on the sides of the case too, keeping the earbuds intact and safe. To alarm whether the earbuds are paired or not, LED lights are fit on the inside of the wall.


The Air Pod fits around pretty well, making it better when you are sitting or walking around. As they are super lightweight, they stay on the ears without causing any sort of discomfort. The pod works well in both conditions stereo as well as mono, use only one bud left or right, and you will realize what we say.

As these are true wireless earbuds and won’t come with any wires with mess with, it’ll be very comfortable for you to wear them on while jogging, walking or working out. But, one thing you need to keep in mind is that these pods are not waterproof but are splash proof.Meaning, you can easily wear these in rains and for sweaty training sessions without worrying about longevity.

Don’t assume that the AirPods are waterproof due to the fact that your iPhone is waterproof

Battery Life

Apple claims the battery to work at least five hours on a single charge. When connected to Android, you get four hours of battery life, but with iOS, you will squeeze as much as 4.5 hours. Even the charging capacity is quite high allowing you to get 3 hours of charging with 15 just minutes in the case.

Sound Quality

AirPods takes just the one-size-fits all approach, so you could find it a bit difficult to sit in your ears. Eventually, if you are trying to use the air pod sitting next to someone, you will have to lower the volume; else it might be audible to the person on the side. Still, the Air Pod sounds great in every environment, which makes it desirable at all places. Even though the buds are not tightly sealed, the sound will be quite clear.

The sound is impressive with a lot of clarity in the sound. The gadget is especially good with electronic beats, which you would not easily get with other ear pods. The mids are considered the best with the AirPods, and you would get a huge boost in the vocals. Also, this is one of the best headphones we have used till now to make a call, despite the fact that the call was done through the wireless device.

Considering how good the highs could be, then we must tell you that you are going to be impressed with the highs. All over Apple justifies the price with an excellent sound quality.


The AirPod comes with W1 chip connectivity which allows automatic pairing with Apple devices. You just have to place the device near to the headphone, and it will be connected automatically. As far the sound is concerned, you can quickly toggle between the sound of the computer and the iPod. However, some users complain about a little disturbance when you put them inside the pockets.

Bottom Line:

A good choice it is to have these tiny headphones in your pocket. Light weight, stylish, and good sound quality, you will have it all with this purchase. Still, we would recommend you to use it in a little quieter place.

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