WeatherBug App Review: Accurate Weather Information on Your Fingertips, the weather across the whole world is changing due to the varying climate. Everyone faces problems in their day to day life because of the changing climates and due to insufficient news about the weather of a particular place. To solve this issue, a company based on New York came up with a brand called WeatherBug.

The company was founded by Bob Marshall and his partners in 1993. It started by engaging in the educational market by setting up stations in the schools and then use the data collected from them to produce results about the weather and forecast them perfectly. The company gained popularity and partnered with the TV stations so that the TV stations could use their forecasts and broadcast them to the people. Soon, the company also started working on a particular website of WeatherBug and also came up with an application, both for the iOS and the Android platform.


WeatherBug Success

The weather app received positive reviews from the people who used the app. The app is specially designed to forecast and give news about weather conditions of a particular place. The company was originally owned by the Earth Networks, but now it has been acquired by xAD.

Expansion in iOS app Store

The company developed the application and it was made available for iOS, Android and Windows market. The app made its appearance in the iOS market in 2007 while in android market, it was 2008. The smartphone app also detects one’s location using the GPS of the phone. It makes the user aware about a lightning strike in the nearest place from the user’s location. The WeatherBug does it with the help of data collected from Total Lightning Network based on the previous company, Earth Networks.

Computer Application

The application can be used on computers also as Microsoft has flagged the app as a low-risk application. The company uses many lightning detection sensors on all over Africa and has over 50 sensors in the country of Brazil. The company was even awarded by a Corporation of America in 2014 for its outstanding services towards Meteorology and developing sensors that can detect lightning perfectly at a place nearest to the user.


Weather plays a big role in businesses and sports. In terms of tourism, it also plays a vital role. The tourists can take news from the app and can set their plans according to the weather reports. Many people do business according to the climates of a particular place and it can be now done efficiently with the help of this app. Many sports played can take help of the app to get the news about the weather reports and can even change their schedule due to bad weather conditions, if happens to be any.

Many businesses get affected due to insufficient data the weather, which can be resolved with the help of this app. In terms of productivity, adjusting the work environment in adverse climatic conditions can help workers to work more efficiently and keep up with the productivity as well. Many tour vacations done in Europe can be changed in adverse summer conditions to reduce uncomfortableness  of the tourists and reduction of their enjoyment.

How WeatherBug is different from Normal Weather Apps ?

The app is also developed with a special Animated Doppler Radar which helps the user to detect storms and other adverse climatic conditions beforehand and can even predict the speed and the direction of the storms, where they will head.

WeatherBug App Review: Accurate Weather Information on Your Fingertips 1

Compared to normal forecasts, Doppler Radar provides real time picture of the storms and which it comes of much help to the people who are planning to go on a nice long drive or on a business trip. The app also shows us that if there will be any breaks in the bad weather or not. It will also help predict the fate of a sport match happening outside or waiting to happen for the weather to clear up.

Another awesome unique feature is Spark lightning alert. This feature is one of the most powerful feature in the WeatherBug App. It can deliver lightning strike alert for your own or preset location.  The best thing is the backend mechanism behind spark lightning alert. It takes data from word’s largest Total Lightning Network (TLN)

WeatherBug App Review: Accurate Weather Information on Your Fingertips 2

On the whole, the WeatherBug app is of uttermost importance to the people all over the world as it enables them to get proper news about the present and a predicted 10-day weather report beforehand.

Given below is the link to the download of the app from the android Playstore: