5 ways to distract yourself with your phone Smartphone

“You can stay away from food, but not from a smartphone. “

Above sentence perfectly sums up today’s generation. Smartphones have made their own space in people’s life. They are with you from early morning to late night. From checking the weather, stock price, latest news to traffic analysis to real-time communication, a smartphone can do all for you at your fingertips.

But these are the common things which everybody does. There might be some tricky situation or say the boring situation in your life when you want to distract your mind. The smartphone can prove handy at that time too.

So here are some great ways to distract yourself with your smartphone.

Play Games

Games are your best partner if you have got bored. They can entertain like anything. Modern smartphone games provide you a real life like experience. If you are a fan of racing then asphalt is your choice. If you are a fan of strategic games than the clash of clan can come handy. Smartphones have games in all categories. You can go for skiing, racing, biking, adventurous, fight and what not within your smartphone. You can spend hours without realizing on today’s smartphone games.

Measure a distance

Believe it or not, you can measure the distance from your smartphone. Also read out FRB bypass apk. Well, I will not exaggerate, the accuracy of the smartphone can never match with the actual measurement instrument but it will give you a rough idea about the distance.

5 ways to distract yourself with your phone Smartphone 1
Which in my opinion is more than handy in emergency situation? This app uses your camera to see the objects & uses trigonometry to find the distance between the objects. You need to enter the height you are holding your camera from. Rest this app can do its work.

Try your luck on betting sites

Your smartphone can come help you to distract your mind in a great way. You can try out your luck on betting with Ladbrokes on your favorite sport event. If your stars are good enough then you can earn a good amount of money along the way. Here are some of the best betting site collection to help you to find the best among the best.

Work as sci-fi camera

Earlier the thermal technology was only available to military persons, but recently things have quite changed. You can now access thermal technology. The tiny thermal camera needs to get attached to your smartphone. Using this thermal camera you can get the thermal image of the environment around you. Just click a snapshot through it. You will get the temperature snapshot needed.

Reverse Search Images

Well, this is quite a handy feature from Google. You are getting bored or feeling to do something other than the traditional one, then reverse search image is a cool way to do things.

5 ways to distract yourself with your phone Smartphone 2
You have got a pic & want to know more about it. Then do a simple reverse search image using Google Googles app. It works like a wonder.


So above were some cool things you can distract yourself from your smartphone. If you know some other cool way to do other things, do let us know in the comment sections. If we find them interesting, we will add them in the next update of this article.

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