The Best Free VPN of 2022

Browsing on the Internet can be fun and exciting since there are plenty of websites that provide quality entertainment and a lot of information to study and learn.

However, the fun ends when your computer gets hacked, or you come across blocked content that you need to view.

Nowadays, you can make your Internet activities private from other users and easily access geo-locked contents by using a free VPN. With a quality free VPN from a reputable website, which you can find by searching from the Internet’s search engines, you can ensure your IP address, together with your location and Internet history, will be kept safe from other people who can cause harm or be tracked. There are plenty of free VPNs waiting to be found on the Internet. The following are some of the best VPNs you can utilize in 2022.

Privado VPN

One of the many reasons people do not go for free VPNs is that they are not reliable when providing quick Internet speeds. However, Privado VPN is a free network that is reputable for giving users fast and reliable speeds and adequate privacy needed while browsing. The network is situated in Switzerland, where there are excellent laws about privacy with flexible data retention policies.

Also, most people have reported the interface of this network to be straightforward when used on computers or smartphones. Using the VPN is convenient since you will not have to connect to different lops, and all the network features can be found in one tab.

Hotspot Shield

Most users of devices with both Windows and Mac operating systems have reported great use of the free Hotspot Shield VPN. Users of this network enjoy up to five hundred megabytes of data every by refreshing the data allowance of every user within twenty-four hours, which recharge to five hundred megabytes despite using fewer data the previous day.

Other than Windows and Mac computers, the network works appropriately with smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. This network has been favorable to many individuals since it connects to the Internet at an astonishing speed of fewer than five seconds. Most free VPNs generate revenue through ads.

However, Hotspot Shield changed its current policies with the ads for smartphone users. People using the network on Windows or Mac computers enjoy the network’s services without any ads.

Atlas VPN

Most private networks provide Internet browsing privacy for their users. However, Atlas VPN takes it a bit further by delivering quality tools to aid you in tracking your digital health. It contains a necessary tool for blocking hackers known as Tracker Blocker, which most users find convenient to use.

In addition to the privacy provided by the network, users also get to enjoy quality streaming services from utilizing the VPN from different streaming services. If you consider using a free network plan, you will not be required to create an account as a user. With multiple servers around the world, this network is reputable for providing fast connections to the Internet with reliable and stable speeds and connection.


Though the network Surfshark allows people to utilize its services for free, they are temporary, and once the trial period of the VPN is over, you will have to pay to receive more services.

However, after the trial ends, the services charged for the VPN are cheap compared to most networks making it affordable to many users, especially those on a tight budget. The network has managed to gain fame among users globally due to its unique features that allow connection through multiple devices. The network has also been noted to be compatible with many operating systems of both computers and mobile devices. Streaming services usually do not work well with Netflix. Nevertheless, Surfshark has defied the odds of many networks and provides Netflix streaming with quality ease.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear VPN is the most suitable network for beginners, especially those who do not know what to expect from VPN services. The network has a simple-to-use user interface that is intuitive and fun to use. You will receive an encrypted connection to the reliable Internet with just a simple click.

The network allows users to have up to five simultaneous connections making it reliable across different gadgets. Another advantage of using this network is that it can be used with other operating systems, allowing users with different devices to connect using its encrypted network. Also, most VPNs have a limited number of server locations, especially for the free VPNs affecting most of the users’ connections to the Internet. However, Tunnel Bear has over twenty server locations worldwide, making the Internet fast and reliable.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is suitable for use with browsers, phones, and computers since it functions appropriately across different operating systems and browsers.

Another factor that has made this free network popular is its ability to block ad content. Ads can be annoying when they constantly pop up when browsing or engaging in serious work. With such a feature in this network, browsing the Internet will be more comfortable and convenient for your needs and enjoyment. The VPN also provides encrypted connections keeping your Internet movement private from people other than yourself. The network has over ten server locations, making it efficient to deliver reliable links to the Internet.


VPNs are highly beneficial for anonymity, performance, security, and access to restricted content, to summarize the article. In addition, these networks are affordable and help in saving data charges.

Many accessible networks provide plenty of advantages for users like secure connections, unblocking of restricted web content, and fast, reliable Internet speeds. Also, a good VPN network will benefit you immensely when it comes to both bandwidth and Internet data throttling. Before you start using one, you must check with the regional VPN policies to avoid getting into trouble with the law since some regions ban people from using these networks or have stringent policies for their use. Consider the networks mentioned above to enjoy the best free private networks have to offer.


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