Serviced Offices and their Benefits to Tech Companies

Serviced offices are often rented by a variety of different companies, as they usually offer a number of benefits which allow any given to operate smoothly and effectively. They are often owned and rented out by specialist companies like Be Offices, and come with a number of different features which benefit the companies using them. Here is some further information on serviced offices, and why tech companies in particular can benefit from them.

What Are They?

A serviced office is an office which is owned and managed by a third party, and usually rented by a business/company. They are often situated in a building which holds a number of different offices, in which different companies operate under one roof.

The price of a serviced office depends largely on its size, the facilities available and how much maintenance it needs on a regular basis. Many are also state of the art, offering companies unrivalled facilities and the means to house multiple different teams.


One of the main facilities which serviced offices have in abundance is desk space. The quality of the desks is usually high, with enough space for monitors, phones and paper. Many also come with a kitchen area, as well as having maintenance staff and cleaners to help keep it in working order.

All offices are different, though, and each can have its own unique range of facilities. Larger offices are likely to be more comprehensive, but all should have decent internet connection as well as good toilets and a reception to direct visitors and answer queries.

Tech Companies

Many tech companies start off as small startup businesses, so it is impractical for them to buy their own office space. Serviced offices come in many different sizes, meaning that they cater to a wide variety of tech businesses.

Tech companies are also known for their ability to grow quickly, meaning that they often need to upsize the space in which they operate. The availability of serviced offices to such companies is truly invaluable, as they can choose the perfect office for their requirements without having to buy space outright.

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Ultimately, serviced offices allow tech companies the flexibility and mobility they need, especially when transitioning/upsizing from one site to another. With more and more offices becoming available across the country, tech companies of all sizes are catered for, and they can effectively run their operations from their own serviced office with all the resources they could ever need.

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