How To Make Your Computer/Laptop a Wifi Hotspot on Windows 8/7 and Linux and Share Internet With Others

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Many times there is the situation that you want to share your internet with your friends, on Android sharing internet is not a very hard job, one just has to open wifi-hotspot and then another person can access internet through that hotspot. But I think that most of us are unaware of how to create that same(as on android) internet sharing wifi hotspot. However, you should also consider sharing your wireless VPN to ensure WiFi security.

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Things Required: Your Laptop with wifi support

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Sharing Internet on Linux

In Linux, it’s very easy to share internet, just a two step process.

Step 1:Go to wifi-setting on your right of your taskbar

Screenshot from 2014-08-13 09_39_39

Step 2:Click on use as Hotspot and Wifi Hotspot will be created. It will display the password of wifi hotspot created, use that password to connect to the create hotspot.

Screenshot from 2014-08-12 21_44_35 

Sharing Internet on Windows 8 and 7

Step 1: First open command prompt

Press “Windows” key, and then type cmd, right click it and select Run as Administrator(this is very important otherwise you won’t create your hotshot). You would like to know the funny wifi names for your router.

 Step 2:Check whether your Wifi supports Hotshot capability

Write the following command on cmd:

netsh wlan show drivers

Screenshot - 8_13_2014 , 8_51_15 AM

Check whether your wifi has hotspot support, In todays computer all of them have this capability.

Step 3:Write following commandon cmd to create a wifi hotspot

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<network name> key=<passkey>[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Administrator: Command Prompt cmd 8/13/2014 , 8:52:28 AM

Here network name is the name of your wifi hotshot created and passkey is the password for it.

Remember that passkey should be minimum 8 digits long. If you want to read interesting and amazing facts about computer then follow the link.

Step 4: Turn on your created Wifi Hotspot

Type the following command in cmd to turn on the Wifi Hotspot:

  Screenshot - 8_13_2014 , 8_52_55 AMnetsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step 5:Enable Internet Sharing capability in your created Wifi Hotspot

Go to Control Panel and select Network and Sharing

Now Select Change Adapter Settings from left hand side

 Now open properties of the connection that’s having internet facility.Screenshot - 8_13_2014 , 9_12_42 AM

Go to sharing tab and then tick mark

“Allow other network users to connect through this pc internet connection”

Now below it you select your wifi lan that you created in earlier steps.

Screenshot - 8_13_2014 , 9_14_21 AM

Wow you did it, now you can share your internet with anyone. Read another interesting article unblock youtube at school

If your face any problem in it just comment it.

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