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6 Advantages of Hosting on a Linux Server

If you are on the market for a new server, you have to figure what Operating System (OS) will best handle your requirements. In order to make an informed decision, you have to think about why you should probably lean towards a Linux server. For starters, Linux has experienced consistent growth and popularity over the years, making it an attractive choice for many businesses.

While Linux doesn’t hold a significant portion of the market share now, it doesn’t mean that it is not a potent competitor in the server dominance world. Below are six advantages that come with using a Linux server as your hosting option.

Open Source

One of the biggest advantages of using Linux hosting is that it is an open-source software. In fact, Linux is the only OS that brings open-source solutions to its clients. This is possible because the OS does not belong to a single person; rather, it is a collaborative system where everybody can contribute.

The Linux open-source nature helps in encouraging more innovation in the server space. This, in turn, means that the server continues experiencing rapid growth as new minds bring in more ideas to the fold, like how to capture and send Linux system logs.


In the recent past, many people have criticized Windows 10 for its lack of privacy as it collects more information than ever before from users. For some, this translates to better usability, but for others, this means that they do not enjoy privacy. On the other hand, Linux collects little, if any, information on its users.

Since this is a customizable system, you can get rid of software that collects your info.


Linux is not only a useful operating system for your brand-new devices; it is also a valuable OS for your older machines. If you still have an old computer gathering dust in the storeroom, you can install Linux into it and use it as a low-power server for your home. While this is not an optimal solution for businesses, it is a great way for programmers to sink their teeth into hosting.


One of the biggest problems people using Windows have is that it tends to slow down with time. Some of the contributing factors include spyware, adware, other benevolent issues running in the background, and the internal registry getting in the way. Fortunately, Linux does not have a registry, meaning that your server will never be as sluggish as Windows with continued use.


Just because you are shopping for the best server on the market does not mean that you shouldn’t take into consideration how much it will cost you. Linux is a great OS solution if you are budget-conscious since you don’t have to install all the extra software that comes with a Windows server. The open-source nature of Linux also means that you have access to all the necessary software required for the perfect server OS.


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You might already know that no operating system is immune to software attacks completely. However, Linux has remained unscathed by some of the biggest cyber-attacks in the world for a long time.

Further, open-source means that Linux has a great support community that helps in the fast identification and fixing of vulnerabilities, while proprietary systems have in-house teams that release regular patches. On a whole, Windows and Apple are the giants in the OS world, which also makes them huge targets for cyber-crime.


Deciding on the web server you use for your application is an important decision when it comes to hosting. Most people prefer Linux server hosting because it is an affordable and secure system.

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