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Collection of Best Chrome Extension of All time

Google Chrome is one of the best browser in present days. It is preloaded with Google search engine. Its extension collection is so large that it is hardly possible for anyone to find the best one among all. Here we have collected some of the best chrome extension of all time.

1. Disconnect

This extension will block any thing which are tracking your information. You have all the power whom you want to allow and whom not. It has other features in its package too viz. Wi-Fi, Bandwidth Optimization. This extension is great for you security. It also prevents hackers for stealing your cookies file. It also helps website to load faster than usual.

2. Feedly Mini

Google has closed its Google Reader. Now feedly has become the dominant in its field. It provides best features among all and easy to use interface.

3. Hola Better Internet

This extension works on the VPN technology. It lets you browse the site which are blocked on your country. It gives an option of selecting your country. Then browse the sites which you want to surf. Such as if you are in china then facebook is blocked there. You can use this extension to access Facebook from China.

4. Black Menu

if you are a fan of google’s services then this extension for you. It gives you a menu to access all the popular Google popular services.

5. Save to Google Drive

This extension will let you save any content on your Google Drive. It has different option to choose the way you want to save your page.

6. Awesome Screenshot

Capture and Annotate:: if you are a internet geek then you must have a need to capture the all visible portion of a page. In this case this extension is made for you. It can also has the option to selectively select the specific region of a webpage.

7. Google translate

well, you guys must have heard the name of this google products. This service of google lets you translate from one language to another. By this extension you can translate the whole page or selectively some words on page. But it only translate to some extent. I mean to say it convers but results are not always as they should be. But it is the best one in its field.

8. Add to Amazon Wish List:

As its name says, by this extension you can add your favorite item from any website to your Amazon wish list.

9. Chrome Curreny Converter(CCC):

This is the must have extension for peoples who love to shopping. When we are browsing a international website, then it is possible that prices are mentioned in a different format then your National Currency. This extension is able to convert the prices from one currency to another.

10. Google+ Notification:

This is the Google+ extension which gives you notification from your Google+ Account. So you don’t have to check for the updates every time.

These are some of the best plugin I have found for Google Chrome Browser. If you know about some other useful extensions, please let us know in comments.

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